Your Floor is Unique and Special

Every home’s hardwood floor is unique and special. That’s why we suggest Bona Cleaning Products. Their  cleaning formulations are designed to be safe, residue free, non-toxic, and fast drying. They clean effectively, safely and  are designed to meet your every Wood Floor Care need.

  • Vacuums are not suitable because  “Beaters Bars” and wheels cause damage and scratches.
  • Mops are not suitable because they introduce excessive moisture into the floor leading to swelling and premature finish failure
  • Never use Vinegar, since it is an acid and may dull your finish over time
  • Never use waxes and Murphy’s Oil Soap as this waxes will build residues that attract dirt and grime over time.
  • Never use a Steam Cleaner, too much heat and excessive water will ruin your floor.

Giving your floors a good dusting with a reusable microfiber pad or disposable dusting cloth will be your best daily defense against scratches and surface damage.  After dusting your floors, you may use any combination of the many Bona Hardwood Cleaner Products, from Wet Cloths to a Wet Mop System, with each choice delivering superior cleaning and protection for your floors.

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How to Clean Hardwood Floors

How to Use the Bona Wet Mop

How to Use the Bona Wet Mop