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How much should I expect to pay to have brazilian cherry hardwood flooring installed in my 16×10 den?

-live in nj
-carpet need removal
-need new sub-floor

Brazilian Cherry is a beautiful hardwood. It is also one of the more expensive hardwood species you have to choose from. If your room is 10 X 16 (160 SF) you will probably need to buy about 175 SF of hardwood. The additional wood is called the “waste factor” and generally you can expect to need 10% over what your actual square footage is. Brazilian Cherry Hardwood will range in price because like most hardwood products there are various “grades” to choose from. Even a low grade Brazilian Cherry Hardwood is usually more expensive than a domestic hardwood like Oak. In Atlanta GA the average installation labor for hardwood flooring is around per square foot. You will find Brazilian Cherry Hardwood starting around but going as high as . There are also miscellaneous cost to consider like shipping, moving furniture, removing old flooring and any trim pieces necessary to finish the job. All things considered 175 SF X per square foot = ,625 is an average cost of Brazilian Cherry Hardwood, installed with all materials.
Oh, and your subfloor problem. Generally subfloor demo will cost around per sq ft. New subfloor installation will also be around per sq ft. of course you will also need to factor the cost of new plywood, $.75 per sq ft. let’s say your total subfloor cost will be around per sq ft X 160 = 0

How much would it cost to install Brazilian […]