There are few things that make a home look more beautiful and add more value than wood floors. They are more popular among homeowners than flooring of stone or slate. Beautiful wood adds a lovely color and warmness a home that you do not get from any other flooring.

There is a wide variety in choices of wood flooring. You can choose anything you like, depending on your taste or the kind of decor you have chosen. Wood flooring looks good in any area of the house, except perhaps the kitchen or bathroom where there is a lot of moisture.

One of the most popular choices for wood flooring is hardwood. Hardwood is a certain kind of wood that comes from trees that are more dense than others. These include bellawood, walnut, maple, hickory, cherry and oak. You can stain hardwood to just about any color you like, or you can leave the wood in its original. There are hardwoods, like walnut or cherry that have such a rich texture that you do not even have to stain them.

After you choose the type of wood you want, you have to decide upon how you want it finished. You can purchase prefinished wood, which has been pre-stained and covered with a coating of polyurethane. It is more expensive than unfinished wood, but it saves a lot of time.

Or, you can install the wood and do the finishing yourself. In this case, you have to do the sanding, staining and finish coat such as urethane. You let dry and sand the wood between coats, so this whole procedure will take several days. If you decide to put on extra layers of polyurethane, the process will be lengthened, but […]