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How do I maintain my Brazilian Hardwood Floor?
Hello. I am new to hardwood flooring so bear with me.

I have Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Floor laid in my room and I have a few questions about maintaining it. The wood has replaced the carpet in my room for a couple of years and I don’t really know how it originally looked like since I wasn’t there when it was first placed and only rarely come back to my old folks’ home until now.

Anyway, I’ve seen Brazilian Cherry several times on TV and it looks a lot redder than the floors they have here. Also, the wood here is very dull and worn out looking and NOT shiny at all, like there’s no protective coating. Specifically in my room, the area under my office chair with wheels is getting gritty like sandpaper, which is concerning me.

Is there a way to make the floor any redder or is this a different kind of flooring and my old folks got jipped? Also, why is it worn out and not shiny even though its a couple of years old? How do I get it to look better and protect it at the same time? Next, what would be the best way to smooth out the gritty floor in my room and make it so I don’t have to worry about pushing my chair around and scratching or eating away at the floor under me?

If you can, please be a bit detailed about the methods or items used because I really have no idea what these stains and sealers and waxes do and don’t know anything about wood care beyond chopping a tree down and cutting […]