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Nailing pattern for luan over 3″ T&G boards?
I am laying down 1/4″ luan over my 3″ wide T&G sub-floor. On top of this I will be nailing down Brazilian Cherry hardwood flooring in the same direction the sub-floor boards are running. I am using ring shank nails for the luan and want to know what kind of nailing pattern I should be using. Should I be trying to nail through every T&G board, every other T&G board, etc? Also, should I be concerned about making sure my luan seems center over my floor joists or is this not as critical since I am using the luan to to simply keep my sub-floor boards tight together to keep the finished floor from separating?

I hope this makes sense. Thanks.

Check your sub-floor for squeaks first, you may have to add a few screws to tighten it up 3″ inch wide boards can work loose over time. Nailing 4″ apart is proper for 1/4″ underlayment, I would definitely recommend a 1/4″ crown flooring stapler, depending on how much you have to do. It is not necessary to use anything over 1-1/4″ long if nailing into 3/4″ boards, the extra length just sticks out the bottom. Make sure you lay down some type of paper before putting down the hardwood flooring, this eliminates the wood on wood squeaking as the floor expands and contracts, I generally use Rosin paper but some flooring manufacturers don’t recommend that type with their product. Hardwood flooring should be nailed every 5″-8″ with a “T” nail or something similar, there should be an instruction sheet in every box that will say […]