There are so many choices in the floor covering industry that choosing the right floor covering for your home may be a challenge. By looking at all the choices available and weighing the pros and cons of each product, you should be able to pick a covering that works best for each room in your home. Keep in mind that each room in your homes serves a different function, so your floor covering should compliment each room’s function and style.

The first decision you’ll need to make is whether you want to have your room done in a soft surface such as carpeting or a hard surface such as hardwood, laminate or ceramic. Then you’ll need to consider these factors – durability, longevity, cleaning ability and moisture resistance. Here’s a list of today’s most popular surfaces:


Carpet comes in a wide variety of styles and constructions to fit almost any decor from formal to casual, ranging from berbers, saxonies, textures, friezes and patterned cut/uncut styles.

Berbers are made-up of a loop pile construction that are available with a pattern or without, and patterns can range from small graphic designs such as diamonds or squares to larger, more intricate patterns that resemble floral motifs.

Cut pile style carpets range from velvety saxonies, which are very formal and elegant, to more popular textured styles, which are more casual in appearance. A characteristic of a saxony is that it shows a natural shading of light and dark streaks – the kind made by footprints and vacuum cleaners. Some people are fond of this natural shading, because it adds a rich lushness to the overall appearance. There are a lot of casual styles on the market which minimize these characteristics if you’re […]