Hardwood flooring has rocked the interior designers. New trends and designs have challenged the designers. Hardwood flooring makes the home look more classy, elegant and rustic and eye appealing. Hardwood flooring has gained popularity and gained good amount of market share. There are plenty of choices of hardwood floorings, but the one that appeals is the Brazilian Cherry Hardwood. Brazilian Cherry Hardwood is one of the exotic species that’s imported from Brazil.

Brazilian Cherry Hardwood is nowadays very popular as it sets the ambiance of the room by giving it a romantic feel. Brazilian Cherry Hardwood is twice as hard as open grained Oak. Brazilian Cherry Hardwood comes in dark orange or reddish brown with features like dark brown or black streaks in the background. This wood tends to darken giving it a rustic look after several months of installation. Brazilian Solihull Cherry is hard and moisture resistant therefore it’s good if used in kitchen, hallways, baths and entryways. You should always order ten percent extra during installation because it tends to split. This is absolutely essential and should always be carried out, or else you will be left short of materials.

Brazilian Cherry Hardwood comes from trees that grown 120 feet and it looks great even after wear and tear. Its strong therefore it’s highly resistant to scratches, breaks and other blemishes that are usually associated with hardwood flooring.

Your Brazilian Cherry Hardwood looks great if used in making banisters, cabinets and furniture’s. Hardwood flooring should be polished well and cleaned as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Water can damage it like in any other hardwood. Therefore if you have used Brazilian Cherry Hardwood near the sink then you should place a rug or a dry cloth […]