If you thought that installing that awe inspiring and exotic Brazilian hardwood flooring in your house was all that was there to be done then think again. Although hardwood flooring is considered the best (though somewhat expensive) flooring option available it requires proper care and maintenance for it to really prove its worth. However, there is no need for worry, as taking care of your Brazilian hardwood is simple and easy; all it needs is regularity and diligence on your part, a bucket of water, some mild cleaning agent (generally recommended by the manufacturer) and a towel.As a first, you should know all about the details of the species of Brazilian hardwood that you have installed in your house and the different chemicals that were used in giving its finishing. The care and maintenance regimen varies greatly from species too species and the type of finishing used. Next, you should contact the manufacturer for details on the type of cleaning procedure that has to be used for your floor. The company should ideally provide you with a detailed cleaning protocol, along with a list of reagents that are suitable for your Brazilian hardwood floor, and a list of reagents that are not. Once you have in your hand the complete list of Dos and Donts you have to ensure that you follow them strictly if you dont then you have no right to complain later about the loss of shine of your floor or other defects that may crop up.A typical cleaning procedure should go something like this: take water in a bucket, add X amount of reagent Y to this, put in a clean towel, wring it dry, and mop the floor with […]