When you hear the term “hardwood plywood”, the first thing that you may think of is a flimsy board where you can see every bit of wood that was glued onto it while it starts to peel from the uppers because it was soaked for five seconds.

However, hardwood plywood is much, much, much sturdier than your everyday plywood. In fact, plywood itself is much sturdier than you may have thought originally! But the question is—where exactly does this come to mind? How do you know what plywood you should use?

First of all, you need to understand that plywood is made out of wood and glue. The process in which plywood is made, however, is a bit more complicated.

First, you start off with a log. The logs usually made into hardwood plywood are maple or oak. They are some of the hardest woods and are exclusively used in this type of plywood.

Next, the log is cut—but not in the old-fashioned way. Think of a Swiss Roll and how it is unpeeled. The log is cut in the exact same manner. Then, each of the pieces is laid flat and then glued together. Each piece is laid with the grain perpendicular the previous and next piece of wood, to make it stronger. They are then baked afterwards to harden the materials.

After that, they are shipped to your local hardware store or warehouses. The thing about hardwood plywood is that it is much harder than the flimsy board that you may have previously had in mind.

Hardwood plywood is good for a variety of things, including flooring. If you want to have good, sturdy flooring, using this type of plywood is a great idea.

However, you need to keep […]