A very popular option for house improvement projects due to its functional and aesthetic characteristics is Oak Flooring. It adds an incredibly rich appearance to the room, a perfect option for private rooms much like the bedroom, your family room or the den. Oak has two different species that is Red oak (red oak has a reddish color) and White oak (white oak is more of a brown, but even within the species color variance exists)There’s two main forms of Oak Flooring readily available in the market:* Solid oak flooring is created from planks which may have square edges, or might have tongue and groove edges.* Engineered oak flooring is created from about five glued layers of wood, or fiberboard, with the top layer being of premium oak.The advantages of Oak Flooring* Highly sturdy and easy to take care of, combined with the beauty of real wood, your solid oak flooring offers you pleasure for years into the future.* Oak Flooring is high-priced in comparison with other products for example laminate, carpet, or tiles, but for the life-span and durability, oak costs less and looks wonderful and elegant and as well hygienic, non-allergenic, hard-wearing, easy to clean.* You can find oak in a wide range of tones and hues. So, you do not need to worry about matching the flooring to the fixtures or the theme of the house as there are numerous options offered for you.* if you intend to show classiness and style through your renovation designs, then Oak Flooring, as no other modern or more traditional flooring material would provide help to attain your goals.* Oak Flooring is really a natural insulator, very soft on your feet and gives you sheer […]