Growing Popularity

That wood flooring is gaining popularity is well known. When home owners see just how beautiful and inexpensive a natural wood floor is they are keen to get it installed in their own home. Hardwood flooring is the first choice for most when they are looking at installing a wooden floor in their home, Oak and Cherry because of the variety of colors and shades are two popular choices, sometimes a more exotic hardwood like Bamboo is the hardwood of choice. But one environmentally friendly choice is also available and that is cork. Cork has been around for centuries and used for floors for a very long time and for a number of reasons,among those reasons is the fact that it is a very long lasting product and that it comes from a renewable resource.


Cork is harvested from the bark of cork trees, which are a variety of Oak The cork is gathered through stripping off the bark on the outside of the trunk,this regenerates in about six years ready for harvesting again. This means that rather than cutting down a tree just once for material,cork farms can strip the bark away again and again; there are still trees being used in bark harvesting that are around 200 years old! For for those of us who care about the environment, this makes cork flooring an ideal material, since it comes from a renewable resource. Even for those who have not considered the source of the material, cork flooring is a wonderful alternative for hardwood floors.


Often when we think of cork, we think of the soft material used in cork boards but in reality Cork is one of the strongest materials used. Not only […]