As manufacturing processes continue to improve and chemical treatments become more effective, the cost of hardwood floors goes down. Today, there are a variety of styles of hardwood flooring for homeowners looking to add some charm to their home.
However, some homeowners are unsure about what type of hardwood floor to choose. Traditional solid wood flooring was once the only option, but now engineered surfaces can provide greater stability at a lower cost. The type of flooring that should be chosen is completely dependent on the wishes of the owner and in what capacity the floor will be used.
Solid Wood Flooring
Solid wood floors are planks of wood usually 3/4ths of an inch thick that are hewn from a single piece of lumber. They can be made from a variety of woods, including oak. These floors were used in all homes with hardwoods before the invention of engineered floors. They must be nailed or stapled to a wooden sub floor because glue would not withstand the shifting the wood does in different temperatures.
This kind of flooring is attractive, but it has some restrictions. The wood is susceptible to moisture and temperature. The wood expands and contracts based on the weather. This can cause cosmetic damage to the floor if it was not properly installed. The installation techniques used with solid planks also means that they can not be put directly over a concrete foundation. Also, they require more maintenance than engineered floors.
Solid wood flooring comes pre-finished or unfinished so the homeowner may choose which shade of stain they would like. Solid hardwoods are very resilient to refinishing, so the homeowner can change sand and re-stain them many times. They are also likely to add more value […]