My sons helped me build this 6 shelf lazy susan pantry cabinet into the closet.I bought two 4 by 8 foot by 3/4 inch oak panels to a make the new shelves for the pantry. We cut each panel into four 2 by 4 foot pieces. We needed six pieces to make the six shelves. We cut these six pieces to fit inside the pantry closet from our template.We transfered the template design onto one of the 2 by 4 foot plywood pieces. We used the center point of the door as the pivot point for the router to route out a 14.375 inch radius half circle out of the plywood to make the back shelf. We then shortened the radius of the router to 13.625 inches to make the half circle 3/4 of an inch smaller so that it would easily fit into the half circle of the back shelf.We added a 1.5 by 1/4 inch oak lip around front of the back shelves and the half circle shelves so that food items would not fall off as the lazy susan is rotated.We fabricated a pivot post out of three 1 by 4 inch by 8 foot oak boards. The three boards were glued together as a 3 by 3 inch post 8 foot long. We drilled 5/8 inch hole in the bottom end 3 inches deep and fit a 4 by 5/8 inch steel rod in it and drilled a 5 inch deep hole for the top and placed a 7 by 5/8 inch steel rod in the top hole. The lazy susan pivots around these rods which are anchored in the floor at the bottom by a thrust bearing which we […]