Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the quick housecleaning tips for busy people?
    -Bathroom Cleaning
    -Kitchen Cleaning
    -Hardwood Floors Cleaning
    Also, which chores I can do for daily ,biweekly, monthly,etc.

    Need to know the start and the end areas to clean.

    • ANSWER:
      For one, I would NOT recomend for you to take a day to clean. Do the cleaning as you go, and maybe set a room a day so it is varied. Also, to put things away, just think of throwing/putting away i dk, 5, 10, 15 things a day (and/or per room). So it isnt that much, but everyday, at the end of the week, it adds up.

      Depending on how messy it is, you need to keep in mind that unless you have a place assigned for each thing, it will be very messy especially with big and bulky things that although they may be few, they take a lot of visual space.

      Keep a sponge by your sink, a squeegee by your shower and some cleaning product (your choice) for the toilet as well as its brush. When getting out of the shower squeege the walls so no water residue stays and no buildup forms. When you brush your teeth or wash your face at night, use the sponge or scrub to clean the sink. For the toillet, pour some of the liquid (gel or liquid) in the bowl while you take your shower so when you come out it will already be easy to scrub and clean, then just flush. The best is to have lots of storage there so you dont have a mess with the lotions, the brushes, toothpaste etc, and it would be easy to clean and mantain. Clean as you go.

      Dishes, pots, pans, put them in the washer or in the sink asa you are done with them and soak them, just pass water on them or fill the sink with warm soapy water. When you are done eating and it is time to wash them the food will come off easier and faster. Blenders and food processors you can use also the soap and hot watter and just run them so the food will come off. If you use sponges to clean, microwave them for 15-20 seconds in a glass bowl with water so you dont spread the bacteria that is in them. For the counters it depends what material you have, but if you spray them with soapy water while you are washing the dishes, it will be easier also to clean. Stove, ovens, counters clean them daily. A lot of bacteria can grow otherwise.

      I recomend you sweep, then if you have a sweefer or something like that use it. One picks up all the dirt, and the other the minor dust. Then, for wood you dont want to use a lot of water, so a dry mop is good. Sweeping i do daily specially if you like to have the windos open, there is a lot of people, live in a city, or go in and out a lot. You can do it during a comercial break, one room per break. The swiffer, i dk, once, twice a week, specially before moping, that way the water and mop stay cleaner. They sell many oils for wood, which are really good. You can also use some pledge on the broom or on the dry dust mop to pick it up and prevent it from sticking to the wood, just not too much and not directly otherwise it will be VERY slippery and you can fall.

      I dk, laundry i guess depends on the weather and how much one sweats and if you go to bed after taking a shower or not. Dusting you can do also once a week or byweekly depending on how dirty it gets. But make sure you dust everything, dust is dirt, small bugs and dead skin cells… you dont want that on your pillow do you?

      Just remember that it is easier if you have less clutter, or less things that you dont use that often. For that, keep them in a closet or in a box, and just have out whatever you use so it wont be such a chore.

      I hope this helps!

    What is the best way to clean hardwood floors?
    I clean them daily, but I just can’t seem to make them shine. I use “orange glo” but that doesn’t last long.

    • ANSWER:
      There’s a great product out there for cleaning hardwood floors (And other floors too – just have to buy the right cleaners for it). It’s called the Bona Hardwood Floor Mop. What I love about it is that its a mop so you dont hurt your back, it works and works SOOO well, and its safe for pets and kids because its eco-friendly (and always has been). I use this on my hardwood and not only does it clean but it makes my floors shiney without being slippery!! WOOHOO! Finally!!!! :) HAHAHA!

      Here’s an article called : Bona vs. Swiffer. See how much better it is than the swiffer… Plus – it comes with washable mocrofiber clothes so you dont waste money and energy on disposable clothes (what a waste right?)

      Here’s some more info:

    how do you keep dark hardwood floors clean?
    how do you keep darker hardwood floors clean?? I have to clean my floors daily..and its annoying..after i clean them, the second theyre walked on it creates footprints all over the place, cloudy looking(even with brand new clean socks on it does this)..and it looks horrible! its very frustrating getting them all nice and clean, then theyre ruined the second theyre walked on..a little thinking maybe its a residue left behind..or maybe thats just how dark hardwood floors are..i dono. but if anyone has any thoughts or suggestions, that would be awesome! – ive tried using a pledge multi-surface cleaner(for hardwood floors), pine-sol and windex..they all seem to not keep my floors clean..does anyone know of a cleaner that wont leave a residue?

    • ANSWER:
      I always used Murphy’s Oil Soap with a string mop and it worked beautifully.

    Can I use 409 on cherry hardwood floors?
    My parents and I got into an argument about whether Formula 409 spray cleaner can be used to clean a sticky hardwood floor. The kitchen floor is cherry (Brazilian cherry to be exact.)

    I swear you can use it and it won’t damage the floors. I’d like any opinions on this because even though I’m no wood expert, I’m rather certain I am right.

    • ANSWER:
      use a no waxed floor cleaner .If your floor is really hard floor and it ahd been waxed dust mop it twice and dust mops cost 19.00 and up but buy one and get a flate cloth mop to sray on wood floor cleaner on it and it will help you on daily clean-up . I am custom cleaning service and I use neutral floor cleaner that has a product for hard wood floors and other tips of floors. you may think it will cost a lot but it will keep it nice and beautiful. daily mopping big hint.

    What is th e best cordless handheld vacuum cleaner?
    I am looking for a cordless vaccum cleaner that works well on both hardwood floors and carpet for daily cleaning in betweem the saturday magor cleanups.. any advice??

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, don’t waste your money. None of them have sufficient power to do the job.

    What’s the best cleaner for wood floors?
    I have wood floors and am having a hard time keeping them really clean. I sweep daily and use Orange Glo Hardwood Floor cleaner once a week. It shines the wood great, but doesn’t seem to really clean it. Please help!

    • ANSWER:
      Murphys oil soap

    How often do you move your furniture for a deep clean?
    I’ve recently moved out of my parents’ house and have my own place. I have all hardwood floors. I also have a dog (terrier that sheds a lot!) and a cat (long hair, also sheds), and therefore I sweep daily and mop every other day. But how often should I move the furniture out of the way and clean under the furniture? If you have pets and hardwood floors, how often do deep clean? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      I just have to say how wonderful it is to have the option to deap clean with pets and hard floors !! I HATE carpet. I would say just dust mop every week and deep hands and knees type mopping once a month should be ok??

    What is the best way to clean hardwood floors?
    I have hardwood throughout my house. I sweep almost daily, but they always seem to have something on them. I usually sweep with a regular broom, then dry swiffer then wet swiffer. But still not everything is gone. How do you get the best results?

    • ANSWER:
      Go to your local hardware store and get Bona, preferably the whole kit. You’ll get the cleaning spray, a mop handle, a cleaning head for the mop and a dusting head for the mop. The dusting head will do a better job than your daily sweeping, then you just use the cleaning spray for when it’s dirty.
      Never steam clean or wet mop hardwood. Never use products like murphy’s oil soap, sudsing ammonia or any product that leaves a residue behind. Bona is all we sell at my flooring store to clean hardwood.

    What is the best way to clean hardwood floors?
    What are the best cleaning products to use?

    • ANSWER:
      I grew up with hardwood floors…and it’s best to just use water, unless you have some dirt you can see. My mom made us girls sweep daily, vacuum every day or couple of days to pick up any loose dirt, becuse dirt, small gravel, etc. can scratch the finish on floors.

      If the floor is dirty, a small amount of dish detergent mixed into your mop water is enough to get the dirt off the floor. Be sure to NOT let water stand on the floor….it can ruin the floor, seep under the boards and cause problems. Do not use most chemicals that are for general cleaning, as they can penetrate the finish, and then you will have to have all the finish removed and the entire floor re-finished.

      Also, it is best to use a soft cloth, or better yet, use an old t-shirt, attached to your mop handle in place of strings….when I was a teen, I had to scrub the floors on my hands and knees, like Cinderella…but i have risen in the world, my friend…it’s a t-shirt mop for moi!

      (Vinegar, which is natural, and one would think is OK, can also ruin the finish on the wood.)

    How can I get my cats to stop peeing on the carpet?
    I have two cats, one is a male who is 6 and a female who is 5 and both are fixed. I have had a problem with them peeing on the carpet for the longest time. We moved into our newly built home almost two years ago and they have been peeing on the carpet since we moved in all along the base boards on the first floor. Their litter boxes are cleaned daily and I have been cleaning up their pee religiously with the enzyme cleaner Natures Miracle, but they continue to pee…They have both been checked and are in perfect health. My worry is that we are about to put new hardwood floors in and I am afraid that they are going to ruin that. Is there anything I can do to get them to stop peeing on the floors?

    • ANSWER:

    How long does cat dander last in a house once cat is gone?
    The cat was a longhair Manx mix. My mom groomed him regularly and also had him groomed professionally. She also wiped him down daily with a mixture of white vinegar and water. He was never on the furniture, never went upstairs. The downstairs is all hardwood floors with 2 rugs. She vacuumed regularly including the furniture “in case cat hair flew on it” and used the HEPA filter on the vacuum.

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like mom cleaned the house well and groomed kitty well. She did an over all good job so there’s nothing to worry about.

      If you think there still may be dandruff in the house then do the same thing mom did. Re-clean if that will make you feel better. However, I do believe mom beat you to the punch. She took care of things. Give mom a little trust that she took care of things.

    How to keep dogs from tracking in stuff?
    We have a fenced in back yard and let me out regularly to use the bathroom and to play. However, we keep them inside for the majority of the time. We have hardwood floors and the dogs are constantly tracking in grass, dirt, etc from the yard. My husband and I both work full time and try to sweep as much as possible, but does anyone else have any ideas on how to cut down on this problem?

    • ANSWER:
      I keep a mat on the deck in front of the doors so my pup has to walk on this before entering, and then I make her stop and wipe her feet when it is muddy out. Of course she still brings in dirt, so the only way to really stop this would be to have them stay on a mat at the door till their feet are dry, but this is not feasible at my house. I have hardwood throughout my house and have to clean daily. Just part of having an animal, but the mat outside and in can help a bit.

    How often do you clean these things/places?
    ust want to compare my cleaning routine to everyone else out there. How often do you clean these please:

    Kitchen worktops
    Bathroom including all accessories
    Mop floors
    Pollish furniture such as tv unit etc
    Oven and hob
    hoover your carpets and flooring

    I always clean my work surfaces daily, my toilet around every 3 days, although i put bleach down daily, i clean my whole bathroom around every 3 days too.
    I mop my wooden floors around every 2-3 days, i hoover all floors and carpets daily sometimes more than once a day, although not always upstairs everyday.
    I clean my carpets not oo often at th moment but usually every couple of months.
    I pollish around every 2 days. I clean my fride not very often unfortunately around every couple of months it gets a thorough clean. My oven i clean not too often but my hob usually daily or every 2 days.
    Do you think my cleaning routine is ok? Taking into consideration that i have 2 young girls and im also pregnant.

    • ANSWER:
      It sounds like a fine plan… EXCEPT, depending on the sealant on your hardwood floors you might want to consider not wet mopping them as much.. Water + Wood = Warping which is a bad, bad thing… Instead get a microfiber pad mop and use that to pick up any dust/dirt w/o using water… Good luck…

    How much cleaning is a safe level of cleaning your home?
    I’ve heard so many people lately say that too much cleaning is bad for your home and children’s immune systems. But then, you get warnings to clean countertops daily because of food/meat germs. What is a safe level (a good balance) of cleaning your home without going overboard?

    I vacuum regularly (house every 2-4 weeks, every week in kitchen) I only wash my hardwoods maybe once a month or two months, or longer. But I wash/vacuum the kitchen floor more often (son eats things off floor if I slip up). I wash countertops almost daily with METHOD cleaner (easy on lungs and environment). Sink every 2 weeks or so w/Ajax with Bleach. The only thing I use Clorox wipes on is the diaper pail maybe once a month because my son teethes the handle. I use Palmolive original soap for dishes. These are estimates.

    Am I overdoing anything? How do you find a balance?

    • ANSWER:
      I don’t know who the people you’ve been talking to about cleaning too much, but that is a lot of bad advice. When children are involved, you can never be too clean. You most definitely want to keep counters and bathrooms clean as possible. It doesn’t take much to disinfect those things. A little, and I mean a little bleach in water will disinfect bathrooms, sinks, counter tops and even kids toys. You don’t have to disinfect floors, that’s impossible to do. But counter tops should be a several times a day, especially if you prepare meats a lot. Even a very little bleach in dishwater does the trick also. The vacuuming routine you have and floor washing seems to be good enough. Why buy wipes, if you keep bleach in your house, that is plenty good enough. I did with my kids growing up and kept illnesses down to a bare minimum. But when they get to school age, they seem to bring it home with them. And there is nothing you can do about that, other than what you already do at home.

      No one could call you a fanatic and if they do, I would ignore them. Just do what you are doing.

    What are the advantages and disadvantages or installing a whitewashed hardwood floor?
    My husband and I have decided to replace the old floorboards in our living room, which are old, mismatched and not levelled. Looking at some of the wood samples we received, we like the whitewashed lacquered solid oak finish. But I’d like to understand what are the implications of choosing a whitewashed flooring.

    Is it easy to clean? Does it become dirty quickly? Is it hard-wearing?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you all for answering. All the advice given are valid and helps me a lot.

    • ANSWER:
      Colour does make a difference pertaining to dust and pet hair showing and anyone who says it doesn’t does not clean their house. The darker the flooring colour, the more dust and hair will show..dark floors will need to be dusted/vacuumed daily as opposed to a natural coloured wood which hides the same amount enough you would not *need* to dust daily. A white washed colouring will show dirt and hair more than natural coloured wood flooring, but not as much as dark coloured flooring. Pre sealed/finished flooring will have a good hard coating. As for the wear factor..that totally depends on your daily living. Shoes should not be worn on wood flooring as the grit from them ruins wood finishes. Pets will scratch wood flooring..just a fact of life. Furniture should have felt pads on the bottom of the legs. You already have wood flooring, so you know what is involved with the general wear and tear of it. Cleaning is easy..vacuum to keep any grit off the floor and wash as needed using a wrung out cloth or mop (little water as possible, leave no standing water on floor) with warm sudsy water.

    Which is the best vacuum for pet hair on tile and hardwood floors?
    I have hardwood and an area rug in the living room and tile in my kitchen. I also have a German Shorthair Pointer who sheds year round. I need a good floor vac that I can use daily to get up the dirt he brings in and constant supply of dog hair he leaves me. I’m also looking for a steam cleaner for the floors so if it happens to come in a 2 in 1 type of thing that’s great too!

    • ANSWER:
      For bare floors, canisters work best. The long wand with a wide, non-powered floor brush will gently loosen dust and debris to be vacuumed up. You can use an upright with an onboard hose and wand, with the same wide, non-powered floor brush just as well, though uprights don’t follow along behind quite as well as a canister will.

      I’ve personally got a Dyson upright, and when using the hose, wand, brush as described above, it works beautifully on all hard surfaces. I’ve used and can recommend Miele canisters like the Ariel or the Vita Vac brand canister, but to be honest, it will be hard to replace my Dyson with anything else. If you’ve got carpeting as well, you’ll want a canister that has a powered brush roll to work the fibers of the carpet for maximum dirt and hair extraction. I would also recommend purchasing a vacuum that has a turbo hand tool, which is invaluable for removing hair from pet bedding, furniture, and other fabric surface.

    how often should you clean your hardwood floors?
    We usually wet mop once a week but I am wondering how often we should. Since when we had carpet we used to vacuum on a daily basis. any suggestions? and does it matter much if just wet mop it instead of sweeping everytime? reason I ask is because I am thinking maybe we should sweep everyday or every other day and on a weekly basis use a mop.

    • ANSWER:
      As for me, it is best to clean it everyday. There are some things you also need to consider in which I think will also work. Try to consider this. The secret of everyone’s grandmother that really works well is to clean your hardwood floors with tea. You can’t use instant; you have to brew it. And you have to brew it strong. We are talking anywhere from 5-20 tea bags in 2 quarts of water. Experiment with the number until you find a solution you like. If you’ve never heard of cleaning wood floors with water, you’ll probably be amazed with the results. It cleans, brings out the grain of the wood, and adds a nice shine. No rinsing with water is required and remember – damp mop only.Do use a floor-cleaning product recommended by the floor finisher or opt for plain soap and water. If the recommended product is hard to find or costly, and other floor cleaners contain ingredients that violate your floor’s warranty, try soap and water. I add a quarter cup of mild or pH-neutral soap (like liquid dish washing soap) or Murphy Oil Soap (despite the name, it doesn’t contain oil) to a bucket of water.Don’t rely on water alone or a vinegar and water solution. Mopping with water will result in dingy-looking floors and won’t-budge dirt buildup. Vinegar and water is not as effective as soapy water and some suggest may dull floors sooner. Cons: Waxing may limit some refinishing and re-coating options down the road. If not properly stripped, the wax can cause adhesion problems when re-coating the surface.

    What is the best vacume cleaner for no carpet floors?
    I have no carpet in my house. But I have a dog and have to vacume daily to keep up with his shedding. What vacume cleaner is best for picking up dog hair on no carpet floors, that won’t clog easily?
    Thanks in advance. xx

    • ANSWER:
      I have the same problem house is all hardwood execpt two areas rugs….I had been using a shop-vac but decided to go get a “real” vacuum…..I am sure the person above is correct that the Dyson Animal <-- that is the one that is for pet hair works best. However, I am never spending $ 600 on a vacuum.....So at Wal-Mart only I did not see this model at Target or anywhere else there is a blue 74-75 dollar Dirt Devil specifically made for pet hair

      I am constantly battling it because we have a dog as well as himalayan cat.

      The main spinning brush is amazing and it comes with an attachment that also has a spinning brush so that it pulls pet hair up.

      It is also bagless and you need only push a button and the bottom falls out, so you need not touch anywhere near the dirt

      I can not say enough good things about this model....go check it out

    How can I clean my bedroom so that it would last?
    My parents are constantly griping about my disasterous pig sty of a room.
    But, everytime I attempt to clean it, it stays clean for about 2 days and now my parents are breaking out the big guns.
    So, what I am asking is how i can efficiently clean my room and how I can keep that up.
    Thankyou; any tips, tricks or advice are greatly appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      Please, get some trash bags, a laundry basket, the broom, vacuum (depending on if there is carpet in your room or not), and some furniture dusting spray, and rags.
      Next, get to your room, put on some music you like, and start:
      1) Closet. Please put dirty clothes in the laundry basket, put the clothes that belong in the closet on hangers, etc. Putting them where they belong. Remember your slippers, shoes, etc. as well.
      2) Dresser: Please declutter the top of the dresser, dust, and then put only the things that belong on the top, on the top. Dirty clothes in the laundry basket, clean clothes where they belong in the dresser.
      Please Note: Any clothes that are too small, or you (with parents okay) don’t want to keep, see about donating them to goodwill, etc..
      3) Table/Desk: Please declutter the tops of these surfaces, and put things where they properly belong. Things that go in the trash, go in the trash. Then, dust and put the proper things back where they belong.
      4). Chairs: Also, please declutter, and put where they belong.
      5) Bed. If the sheets haven’t been changed in the past week or two-time to change them. Then make your bed properly.
      6) Floor: If hardwood, sweep it clean. If carpet, please vacuum the carpet.
      7) Take out the trash. Take the laundry basket where it needs to go, for the items to be washed, etc.
      Tip: A place for everything, and everything in it’s place. Once you get your room organized (you might also want/need to talk with your folks about some organization stuff, bins, etc. for your room). If you need it.
      Routine: Every Saturday morning, clean your room–dusting, vacuuming/sweeping, change the sheets on your bed, and remake your bed.Daily: make your bed when you first get up.
      When you change your clothes, put the dirty ones in the hamper or laundry basket right away. When you have a basket full of clean clothes, put them away in their proper place right away, then it’s done. Daily: declutter your room.
      Please, don’t throw things on your bed that you will have to move later-if it belongs on your desk, put it there right away.
      Just please remember, a place for everything, and everything in it’s place. Put it back where it belongs when you are done with the item. and Your room will stay picked up.
      Take care.

    Do you have a schedule for cleaning your home?
    I am just wondering if you have a cleaning schedule and what works for you? I am a stay at home mom.

    • ANSWER:
      In my opinion, if you are wanting to find what works best…I am a stay at home dad that works on computer early in morning to start my work load..7am feed child and do sesame street,abc’s, colors, shapes, numbers, days of week and months of year. 9am fruit snack…clean up kitchen til lunch time. Collect a breath and ask child to put toys in room toy box…play time in room. Hit chore list(house work)12pm Lunch…1pm nap…finish what I can before 3pm. Snack. It looks like alot, but thankfully at night/weekends my wife does her best to take some load, but although no payment for my extra load, having that and work…i keep hardwood floors, walls, kitchen, laundry 3,000sq ft. and 3yr. old Clean daily,as well as, web designing(sometimes late nights, but no office to report to helps) My thought…What else would i be doing besides being lazy…plus, a support cast does help.

    Cleaning hardwood floors?
    We are buying a house that has mostly hardwood floors. Having pets I know I will have to use the swifer quite a bit. However, for quick buffing and shining what is the best way to achieve a nice shine.? Also, when dirty, what can I use to throughlly clean it?

    • ANSWER:
      The correct way to clean urethane-stained floors is to mop them with a damp mop. Using vacuum and bristle brooms daily will help keep the floor clean. But when it comes time to really clean the floor, use a damp mop. Allowing dirt and grime to collect on the floor, and walking on this grime over as period of time can damage the finish. Using a small amount of water shouldn’t hurt the finished wood, but don’t pour out water and mop it like you would with kitchen tile. A damp mop or dust rag is all that should be needed, and it should be light enough in water that it will dry in minutes. Be sure to understand what type of finish your floor has, and what the suggested cleaning methods are. Using soaps and oils can void manufacturer warranties on many floors.

      There are two primary finishes on hardwood floors: urethane finishes and wax. You should never wax a urethane finished floor. If your urethane floor is extremely worn, you may need to refinish it which will involve sanding and applying sealer.

    How do I clean my room?
    I know how to clean my room but its destroyed this time

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like it needs to be reorganized to be clean?
      Well, please start with your closet, putting clean clothes away where they belong, dirty clothes in the laundry basket (clothes hamper). Put shoes, slippers there too.
      Next, the dresser — same thing about the clothes, dust and straighten the top of the dresser (things that belong on top only — not everything). Same with tables, etc. in your room.
      Change sheets, make your bed. Take out the trash. Vacuum (or sweep the hardwood floor).
      Great! Now, back to keeping it picked up daily, and once a week cleaning —dusting, vacuuming, or sweeping, etc.
      Take care.

    How do I get rid of all the dust in my house?
    Already tried steam cleaning, duct cleaning, changing air filters, and vacuuming every week.
    However, the house hasn’t been lived in for about a year or so – could this be part of the problem?

    • ANSWER:
      To dust-proof your house as much as possible, you first need to remove items that retain in. You’ve obviously done a thorough cleaning job…but have you removed all your carpets? You’d need hardwood or cement floors.

      Then, I’d suggest getting leather furniture (as it’s less porous), and mattresses that are sealed in plastic. When it comes to bedding, consider light bedding that has to be washing daily.

      Make sure all the seals on windows are in excellent shape, especially on the bottom of exterior doors. Also make sure vent holes (like for the exhaust from your dryer) and any piping that goes outside, are well sealed or caulked.

      Try to make sure immediate landscaping adjacent to your home is as dust free as possible. (Meaning, a heavy layer of gravel, moist, healthy grass, or cement.) Obviously, don’t leave windows or doors open for any length of time.

      You’ll never get away from dust completely…even if you were to live on an ocean liner. For more information, you can contact any allergy doctor’s office for free pamphlets on how to remove allergens such as dust.

      Good luck & take care.

    What is the best/most effecient way to clean real hard wood floors?
    Most of my house is hardwood. It always looks dusty, and takes along time to sweep and mop. We also have children, one is about to crawl, so this is a task that needs to be done daily. HELP! What products, types of brooms/mops, vacums, etc. are the best and most efficient? This is hardwood red oak. Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      i have hard wood i like the orange glow system . It is work but it looks nice and lasts a long time ( the shine) . You can also clean your floor with Murphy’s oil soap them get a cheap sponge mop and use floor wax not mop and glow actual floor wax the clearer the wax the better it works . That will give you a shine that lasts then daily or so that a floor duster spray it with a SMALL amount of endust or pledge to attract and dust and lightly dust over the floor

    How do I clean/organize my bedroom?
    How do I clean/organize my bedroom? I’m a teen, and want to make it so I can keep it clean.

    • ANSWER:
      Do you have some music you like to listen to while doing your room? Good. The key is: A place for everything, and everything in it’s place.
      Do you have storage bins, or have need for them? Extra storage is what I mean. Maybe you might need to talk with your Mom about getting some. But, let’s get your room done first.
      Let’s get going. You will need supplies: Trash bags (big ones) at least three-one for Trash, one for Give Away, one for Keep (maybe you will need the third one), cleaning supplies like furniture polish, rag for dusting, Windex and paper towels for cleaning your bedroom window, etc. Also, you will need a vacuum for the carpet, or broom and dust pan if hardwood floor. You will need a laundry basket or hamper for dirty clothes.
      Ready? Got the musice going? Good! Please start with the closet. Make sure all dirty clothes are out of the closet, clean clothes that belong in the closet are properly hung up, put away, etc. Got your slippers there too? Okay. Oh yes, in case of emergency, please have a pair of shoes (socks too) under your bed with a working flashlight–for “just in case” emergecies–like earthquake, flooding, etc.
      The next thing to do–the chest of drawers/dresser. Yep, time to declutter and dust off the top, sides of the furniture, please place the items back in their proper places that belong on top. Also, please make sure all dirty clothes are put in the hamper/laundry basket, and all clean clothes are put in their proper drawers, etc. Now that’s done–on to the rest of the furniture-desk, chairs, table, etc.. Please declutter the surfaces, put things where they properly belong, after dusting the surfaces, etc. Got a headboard/footboard to your bed to use ffurniture polish on as well? Once that is done, please clean the inside of the bedroom window with Windex and paper towels (or newspaper if needed).
      Now that everything else is clean in your room, let’s get the bed taken care of. Have the sheets been changed on it in the past day or two? If not, please put clean sheets on your bed, remake your bed. Take out your trash, get the Give Away bag (s) out of your room, to give to a local charity–Goodwill, etc.
      Give your room a once more look over, and then vacuum–sweep if hardwood floor. Done! Hurray!!!!!
      Please put all the cleaning supplies back where they belong. Good job!!
      Now, to keep your room up, daily please make your bed, change the sheets once per week. I like doing it on Sat. mornings-along with cleaning your room. As long as you declutter all surfaces each day (night before bed) like put papers where they belong, dirty dishes in the kitchen, etc., you will only need to “clean” your room on Sat. mornings–just dust, vacuum (or sweep) take out the trash, have the clean sheets put on your bed, and your bed made. Also, always put your dirty clothes in the hamper/laundry basket right after you take them off. Put clean clothes away right away, that way they won’t wrinkle, take a chance getting dirty before you wear them, and also, that is then a done thing.
      Now, if you need extra hangers for your closet, or a storage bin or two for your room, please let your Mom know what you need. Always feel free to put on some music to “help clean” by. By the way, unless you want to clean your window once a month, about once every 3-6 months is good.
      Take care.

    How can I keep my room clean?
    I can never keep it clean but I can clean other places in my house

    • ANSWER:
      A place for everything, and everything in it’s place. Organization works. Honest.
      Think of it this way, yes, the rest of the house is clean, things where they belong. Same with your bedroom. It should be a place of rest, relaxation, etc. for you to go to for sleeping.
      Okay, let’s get started. First, please get three trash bags/or boxes to put stuff in. One for trash, one for give away, one for keep. You might/might not need to Keep bag. Depends on how it goes.
      Got some music you would like to listen to while this gets done? Good! Let’s go!
      First, please start with your closet, get all dirty clothes out of there-put them in a hamper/laundry basket. Put all clean clothes that belong in your closet in there, in an organized fashion. Got your shoes, slippers in there too? Good. Oh yeah, do you live in a earthquake, flood, etc. area? If so, please put a pair of shoes (Tennis shoes-etc.) under your bed, prefereably with a flashlight that works for “in case”.
      Now, to move on to the dresser, please put clean clothes where they properly belong in the drawers. Declutter and dust the top of the dresser, put the items that belong on top back in proper order. Same with desk, table, chairs, etc. Good, now onto the bed. Have you changed the sheets yet this week on the bed? If not, please do so now. Then, remake the bed. Next, please vacuum (if you have carpet) or sweep (if hardwood floors). Take out the trash. The get rid of items can go to Goodwill or some other charity in your area. Done!!!! Hurray!
      Now, to keep your room up, please do upkeep daily–decluttering surfaces (put papers, etc. where they properly belong), make your bed every morning when you first get up. Make sure any dirty dishes/glassware in your room goes out to the kitchen asap-or the next morning at the latest.
      Please remember to always put your dirty clothes in the hamper/laundry basket, and put our clean clothes away where they properly belong once they are clean, then it’s done. And, once a week pick a day (Sat. mornings is best if you have a busy schedule) to change the sheets on your bed, dust, vacuum (or sweep) take out the trash, etc. Once you get everything how you want it in your room, and keep it up, you will find that every week for about an hour, is all it will take to clean your room. Keeping it organized is a daily routine.
      Take care.

    Who has a big house with a lot of tile?
    How do you clean it? Anyone use Hoover Floor Mate, Bissell Flip It, or Lysol Steam Cleaning Mop? It seems there’s got to be an easier way than sweeping and mopping but I don’t want to waste my money on something that doesn’t work and just ends up taking up space.

    • ANSWER:
      I have a big house over 3,000 sq feet and only 2 rooms have full carpeting, acres of tile and lots of hardwood. I use a Hoover FloorMate for quick clean up and certainly for heavy cleaning.

      Here’s my kitchen routine and my tiled kitchen is LARGE:


      Quick Run With Large Dry Mop (you can get them at Lowe’s and they are washable)

      As Needed/Sometimes Daily

      Grab FloorMate (kept close by in Laundry and ready to go) and clean up “sticky stuff” by refrig, stove, sink, dishwasher and under table.

      Every few months I do the whole house and it does take time, but well worth the effort. If you dry mop and vac often you don’t need to be washing your entire tile floor. Just clean the areas that need it.

      Here’s one nice thing about the Floormate, it will quickly suck up any spills like that huge glass milk all over the floor. Grab the FloorMate and click to Wet Pickup. Empty the tank of the spilled milk and then switch to clean and finish up the area. You are done in a flash and no dripping paper towels.

    How easy is it to remove a smoking smell from a home?
    We are looking at a home to purchase. Smokers lived there previously and it still has an odor. There is no furniture in it anymore, and the carpets have been cleaned. I am told by the agent that it will fade. I am told by a friend that it will not ever completely go away. Will I have to repaint every surface/replace all flooring/ etc.? Help me out please.

    • ANSWER:
      I have to agree with the others. You will need to pretty much replace the carpeting and wash the walls with bleach and then repaint them. If it is real bad you will need to use a primer or even a oil based paint to seal in any odor that is left behind from the bleach wash. Then you will have to bleach out the cupboards as well. Put it this way, you should bleach the entire house. Something else you can do, if you replace the carpet pick up some Kliz oil based primer and paint the floors. That will seal the smell out and not allow it through your new carpeting. No need to paint with oil or latex paint since carpeting will be going in. If you plan to do hardwood floors than you will have to rip out the old floor and replace it entirely. Sorry, smoke is a nasty thing to deal with. Hopefully this will all help you. Don’t forget to prime and paint the ceilings too. Remember smoke travels towards the ceilings. Wash with bleach first if you can. Also remember to open all windows and doors daily to air out as well. Good Luck! :)

    Help with wood laminate floors?
    Is there anything I can do to prevent footprints on my laminate floors? I swear I mop daily because I hate the way all the footprints and smudgies look. I usually mop with water and vinegar and they look great… for about ten minutes. What can I do?

    • ANSWER:
      I have found that Bona Swedish floor care system works great on laminate flooring. will not streak or leave foot prints because it doesn’t leave a residue…
      the initial investment might be a bit more than ”store brands” but a gallon of this will last you for over a year and that is if you wash your floors every day. you can get a start up kit that includes the mop handle, spray bottle with the cleaner in it and one washable micro fiber pad for around …I didn’t buy mine online I found it at the hardware store and it was recommended to me by a friend who owns a cleaning business and this is all she used on the floors. they have solutions for laminate floors and tile and another one strictly for hardwood.

    How do I get rid of morning allergies?
    I have the worst allergies in the morning, i.e. I sneeze more than a normal person does in a year in my daily mornings. It’s getting out of hand and claritin and nasonex (of flunase) arent working any more.. any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      you are probably allergic to your bed and bedroom. dust mites are the normal culprit.

      buy allergen free pillows and mattress pad cover. you can also buy cases for your mattress to go into as well.

      be sure to wash any dustruffles on your bed and keep your room clean.

      no stuffed animals or piles of clothes to harbor dust.

      buy an air purifier for your bedroom and i would recommend hardwood floors rather than carpet. it is easier to keep clean. still vacuum frequently. wash your bedding in hot water.

      good luck. SD

how to clean hardwood floors daily