Hardwood Flooring Tools

are very different today than they ever used to be. In the Old Days Hardwood was being nailed by hand,old-timer-nailing hardwood flooringusing cut nails..as described by the black and white picture on the right. I can only imagine how difficult, hard, and imprecise a job that might have been. Think how many times you would miss, and how many dents and bent nails…or sore thumbs..Ouchh!!

Nowadays we have some of the best equipment, powernailers, compressors, air hoses and lots of great choices in fasteners. In this brief article we are going to give you some simple tips and most of all explain some of the choices available to the modern contractor. When you look at the choices we list, everything is there. You can buy with confidence from Amazon.

Flooring Nail Guns

can be manual or pneumatic. They are designed to sit on the wood & drive nails into it. These tools grip the edge of wooden boards & can fire staples & cleats at high speeds into hard, soft & engineered (laminated) wood. Nailer Guns are specialized tools & there are many on offer from a variety of manufacturers.

Manual Floor Nailer

This type of nailer is similar in appearance to the pneumatic flooring nailer. The difference between the two is that the pneumatic gun is assisted by the power of a compressor. In simple terms by using a manual nailer, you will need to exert much more muscle power to drive the nails into the flooring.

Pneumatic Floor Nailer

Once connected to an air compressor this tool will install flooring planks concealing the staples & cleats by driving them at angles, producing an accurate, smooth finish. You will still need to strike a plate on the top of the nailer, the difference is the brute strength required is much reduced to that needed on a manual gun. If you only have one job to do you may consider that its best to rent one of the Flooring Nail Guns on offer at the rental shop. However we see some great choices available at greatly reduced pricing. Once you get home unless you are an expert its likely that you will need to practice for a while in order to get used. You will want to ensure that you don’t waste your expensive flooring on a trial run.
Each one of these guns is very suitable for the job, and of course some are more expensive than others. Look them up, check their reviews.


Ramsond RMM4 2-in-1 Air Hardwood Flooring Cleat Nailer and Stapler Gun


and here are some other possible choices

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Staples or Nails

flooring nailer staplesMost installers prefer staples to nails. I do too. Nails only offer one anchor point, while staples offer two. But more than that, staples have a unique ability to twist as they enter the wood, creating a locking feature between the two legs..try removing a board that was stapled, and you will see it is not that easy. And this brings me to my next point.. You really need a solid subfloor for the fastener to grab, and hold the floor in place without any squeek or movement. Here you can see some of the many choices available..

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