American Walnut Flooring

The American Walnut is a tree that could easily reach 80′ ft. in height and have a trunk diameter of 40″. All and all is mostly an unknown type of hardwood, and though the name is basic and understated, Walnut Flooring is rather impressive, and has a look totally unique and unlike other wood species.
Walnut is rich with luscious rich chocolate undertones and very complicated grain patterns, in some cases it sports some auburn blush, and overall is a spectacular hardwood whether prefinished or unfinished, with or without any stain. Its beauty is prime for complex cabinetwork and home furniture making, and valued for its strength it was taken on as a primary hardwood to make gun stocks because its density/lightness ratio, as well as plane propellers in the very early days of flying: in the end is one of the most beautiful hardwoods and the most durable.

American Walnut comes mostly from the mid-west where has reached a sustainable culture and harvesting, but also from as far south as Texas all the way to Pennsylvania.

walnut flooring kitchenGeneral Characteristics

The heartwood is a rich dark brown to purplish-black while the sapwood is virtually white to tan; The texture is coarse, the pores are similar to to that of Hickory.

Janka hardness

Janka: 1010; (22 % softer than North red oak).


The difference between the white sapwood and the heartwood of American Walnut is the most striking element of this prized American Heirloom. The heartwood ranges in color from rich Chocolate browns all the means to a deep Auburn purplish black. However there is quite a variation of color within this species. The grain is straight and open, though some boards might show pattern that are burly.

Though the wood is a bit softer than American Red Oak, is really stiff, and reveals phenomenal dimensional security, and it machines rather well.

Wood flooring adds design and beauty that will match with practically any decor from modern-day to conventional. There are a number of various kinds of woods and finishes to pick from with american walnut flooring being one of the most amazingly stunning yet practical. While oak and maple floor covering are more popular, walnut floor covering is a favorite among those looking for a more distinct and dramatic and wild look.

Walnut is a good option for floor covering since of its durability. The wood is at the same time really easy to work with which is always a help while installing. It is quickly sanded and could be buffed to a stunning finish, and Many times, walnut is used for the inlays around a bigger, lighter floor.

A lot of installers will advise that you only apply Polyurethane to the wood due to the fact that it has a stunning natural color, in other words you don’t need stain. Why? because it’s so beautiful. This is clearly on of the floor greatest assets. Numerous coats of polyurethane put on the area will draw out the beauty of the grain and provide a safety covering that will hold up well for years.
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