American Cherry hardwood Flooring

I want to introduce everybody to the true beauty of American Cherry being used for Hardwood Flooring. It is a little bit soft when you compare Hardwoods according to the Janka Hardness Test. However all technical considerations pale in comparison to its soothing warmth.

american cherry Hardwood Flooring

American-Cherry Select and Better FlooringAmerican-Cherry-tradition flooringamerican-cherry-rustik hardwood flooring
2 1/4"-$4.00/sf.$5.40/sf.
2 1/4"-$4.00/sf.$4.99/sf.
2 1/4"-$4.00/sf.$4.25/sf.
3 1/4"-$4.00/sf.$5.95/sf.
3 1/4"-$4.00/sf.$5.49/sf.
3 1/4"-$4.00/sf.$4.50/sf.
4 1/4"-$4.00/sf.$5.95/sf.
4 1/4"-$4.00/sf.$5.59/sf.
4 1/4"-$4.00/sf.$4.65/sf.