Clearance Hardwood Flooring

is a term that relates to Hardwood Flooring that is sold at cost or below cost sometimes by the manufacturers, or by distributors.


Why Clearance Hardwood Flooring?

The reasons are varied, but the common thread is the making room on the inventory for a new item. Sometime a particular type of wood turned out not to be popular, while in certain other cases sales were not as brisk as one might have expected. Regardless, New inventory must be brought in, so the leftover item must be discounted severely and offered to the public thru specific and very regulated Discount channels.

Another possible example of a discounted Hardwood Flooring is the fact that a major distributor is accumulating a bunch of odds and ends that take too much space on his very optimized inventory warehouse…300 sq. ft. of this, and 200 sq, ft of that. Rather than waiting indefinitely for the right buyer the Distributor will aggregate all these “Remnants” into a Mixed Bag Truckloads at a very steep discount, when that happens we are there…a complete willing participant wanting to bring this special value to market.

It is not uncommon for a Manufacturer to Liquidate at severe discount large quantities of these materials because of Macro economic situations, and for sheer cash flow demand.

Also we’ve seen entire Business close entire distribution centers or warehouses trying to consolidate their operations in the face of difficult economic headwinds.

Finally one has to consider the extreme case of Bankruptcy or complete business dissolution. In such cases not just discounters, but veritable salvage companies are brought into the mix. Such companies are so large they are able to assume total ownership of the failed business and dispose of the assets in a very efficient way. is a healthy and willing partner in this complicated process. we acquire large quantities of many different hardwoods at a severe discount and pass those tremendous savings to you the customer.

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Benefits of Clearance Hardwood Flooring

Well the Benefits are easy to understand. Price aloneclearance hardwood flooring will justify a short trip to our Warehouse to see what Gerry has accumulated. See here is a good real example: You the customer is looking for 275 sq. ft. of a particular Hardwood Flooring…like Brazilian Cherry, but you don’t feel like paying 6.00 or 7.00 Dollars per Sq. Ft. like all the Retail Stores have suggested. But in a great stroke of luck you find all this Clearance Hardwood Flooring on our website sold for anywhere between $1.99 and @2.99 per Sq. Ft. Here is a look at a few other F.A.Q.

  • Is the Hardwood Flooring First Quality? – Absolutely. We do not purchase damage Closeouts, Flooded Stock and other non conforming Specifications. All of our Inventory is absolute first quality, within the parameters of the Grade, Color, Random Length, Thickness Specified.
  • Do you deliver? – Absolutely yes. By the box, by the pallet by the Truck load, we’ve been delivering Hardwood for 30 years to the Unites States and Canada.


Types of Clearance Hardwood Flooring.

Some of the most common types of Clearance Hardwood Flooring are the types the common retailer did not understand. When the Flooring Retailer does not understand a particular Hardwood Species or Type, he is not able to sell them. In certain situations the proper technical knowledge is absolutely essential, like, for example, flooring in a basement…installations over Radiant heat..Each and everyone of these specific applications has a specific Hardwood Flooring Types associated with it.

Prefinished Hardwood Flooring is always one of the most common types available at a deep discount. Engineered Hardwood Flooring is another type available in large quantities.

At the same time we always carry wide plank white oak at an incredible discount..


—>You can see all these amazing Discounted items at incredible discount here is proud to always offer a high level of technical knowledge designed to help the customer bring his or her project to full completion without any failure.



We suggest you e-mail Gerry with specific requests, and he will respond in a very quick manner offering all sorts of pictures and ideas on how to use best these Discounted Hardwood Flooring Items.