Today wood flooring is making a great comeback for many years people have been replacing or covering there wood floors with carpet. Today’s choices in wood flooring have never been greater we will examine several differences between a solid wood flooring that was the staple for many years compared with the advantages and disadvantages of a laminate wood flooring.

Solid wood flooring has a few advantages over laminate. The first advantage is that it can be refinished over and over But has a floor becomes worn scratched or damage they can be sanded out stained and you have a new floor. A solid wood floor will truly last for a lifetime. A laminate floor which is constructed not of solid wood but has a fiberboard type base and a laminate covering that mimics real wood. A laminate floor will resist scratching but cannot be refinished. Although laminate flooring will last many years if it is damaged it will need to be replaced.

As a rule solid wood flooring is much more expensive than laminate flooring it is also much more expensive to install because it requires much more labor. The solid wood flooring usually comes in strips approximately 2in. wide each strip has to be laid down individually and nailed in place with a special pneumatic flooring nailer. The whereas laminate flooring can be put down in larger sections the section simply snap together and can be put down rather quickly the typical homeowner can easily lay laminate flooring down in a weekend with only basic tools.

Laminate flooring however cannot tolerate a lot of moisture what happens is that the fiberboard backing on the laminate flooring will absorptive the water And swell the swelling will cause the floor to buckle the only recourse is to replace the floor. The solid wood flooring on the other hand will tolerate much more moisture. But if you’re not sure which way you would like to go with your new flooring solid wood or laminate I would advise that you go to your local home center or better yet a dedicated flooring store If they will be able to answer any questions you might have they will be happy to show you how to install your new flooring and they can even recommend some highly qualified contractors to install you flooring if you do not want to do it yourself. Whatever type of new flooring you decide on the warm classic look of real wood will add the feeling of warmth to your home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the minimum hardness that the wood species i choose for flooring should be?
    based on the Janka hardness test( contractors/ floor specialists will know this), what is the minimum number i should get for a wood species?? i love Brazilian cherry because it is among the hardest woods you can get but way out of my price range. i was considering Hickory. it is in the top 50% of woods on the Janka hardness test and is moderatly priced. i need a week that doesn’t scratch easily..

    • ANSWER:
      The minimum would be in the 400/600 range. This includes most of the pines which some people like both the look and the way it does get dents.
      What protects wood from day to day scratches is the top coat (s) of urethane.
      Janka rating is a measure of the pressure it takes to indent a wood , not scratch it.
      So if your getting finished on site wood, check to see how many coats of actual urethane is applied . Some guys will say they are putting on 3 coats , and count the stain as a coating. This offers no protection.
      Same with pre finished woods. I ve seen manufactures advertise so many coats , but they count the stain as one. In pre finished wood , the ones that have the aluminum oxide finish are some of the best protection. This can t be applied on site though..
      Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL

    Suggestions for Pre-Finished Wood Flooring – We Have Two Beagles & A Budget of ,500?
    I like the Brazilian Cherry (2360) and The Camaru (3540) or Barzilian Teak. We want select grade and pre-finished.

    Are either of these sufficient for two 20 pound beagles? We have 330 square foot (need 360 w/ waste) and I am thinking I want to put on stair treads (5). Looked at and found decent price of .83/sq for the brazilian cherry and .35 for the Brazilian Teak. the dimensions are 3/4″x2 1/4″ pre-finished, select grade.

    Any suggestions for cheaper alternatives. Want real wood.


    • ANSWER:

    Brazilian Cherry or Santos Mahogany?

    Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions or advice on choosing Santos Mahogany or Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba) for flooring. This is going into my living room, the price for the Santos Mahogany is a little higher.

    I’m also getting the engineered wood, not solid planks. Which should I choose?

    • ANSWER:
      either one, they are both easy on the eyes and high end looking

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