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    How much should I expect to pay to have brazilian cherry hardwood flooring installed in my 16×10 den?

    -live in nj
    -carpet need removal
    -need new sub-floor

    • ANSWER:
      Brazilian Cherry is a beautiful hardwood. It is also one of the more expensive hardwood species you have to choose from. If your room is 10 X 16 (160 SF) you will probably need to buy about 175 SF of hardwood. The additional wood is called the “waste factor” and generally you can expect to need 10% over what your actual square footage is. Brazilian Cherry Hardwood will range in price because like most hardwood products there are various “grades” to choose from. Even a low grade Brazilian Cherry Hardwood is usually more expensive than a domestic hardwood like Oak. In Atlanta GA the average installation labor for hardwood flooring is around per square foot. You will find Brazilian Cherry Hardwood starting around but going as high as . There are also miscellaneous cost to consider like shipping, moving furniture, removing old flooring and any trim pieces necessary to finish the job. All things considered 175 SF X per square foot = ,625 is an average cost of Brazilian Cherry Hardwood, installed with all materials.
      Oh, and your subfloor problem. Generally subfloor demo will cost around per sq ft. New subfloor installation will also be around per sq ft. of course you will also need to factor the cost of new plywood, $.75 per sq ft. let’s say your total subfloor cost will be around per sq ft X 160 = 0

    How much would it cost to install Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Floors?
    i’m considering installing braz cherry hardwood floors throughout the whole house. it would be about 1400 square feet of flooring. i know prices very among brand, quality, etc…but generally how much would it cost to buy flooring and have it professionally installed??

    • ANSWER:
      Both the material and the labor can vary but your looking in the 10/12$ a s/f range .
      7/8$ a s/f for the Brazilian Cherry and in the ball park of 2.50/3.50 a s/f for the labor to install. But with that large amount of both wood and labor you should get a discount.
      Make sure you get a discount on the wood since this will be pallet pricing. This is installation only, no rip out of old or floor prep,etc. But you may be able to get that free or a discount since your doing that larger amount.
      If it was old carpet we sometimes did that for free as part to get the job.
      So at a minimum your looking at 14,000/16,800 $
      Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL

    How do I clean Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Floors? ?
    My husband and I just bought a new home. The floors of the kitchen and dining room are Brazilian Cherry Wood. Since the home was a foreclosure, we have no information on the manufacturer of the wood, or the coating on the wood… whether it is polyurethane, oil, or wax.

    Does anyone have any suggestions about finding out the coating of the wood, and any tips on how to clean and maintain this type of wood? I’ve done some googling, but thought the minds in this forum may have some great advice! Thanks in advance!

    • ANSWER:
      Allison is right..I also strongly suggest a light mist of Bruces Dura Luster spray and a teri cloth swivel headed dust mop. One that you can wash when dirty. Dura Luster( or equal) I d put a spray mist type nozzle on it and use very little GL

    I have hardwood flooring in brazilian cherry what color should I paint my walls?
    I would like to use the same color throughout my house

    • ANSWER:
      play around with the Sherwin Williams color visualizer to find something that you like. It is the best paint visualizer on the web, imho. I like how their color palette is laid out, I like that you can search by color family & color name, the “painted” rooms look the most realistic, and it suggests coordinating color schemes. You can literally spend hours:

      Take a look at a color called “utterly beige” (# 6080). With that wall color, really any color furnishings & accents will match it.

    5/16 hardwood floors brazilian cherry to thin?
    I am putting in new floors considering 5/16 natural brazilian cherry prefinished floors. is that to thin? will it buckle as i walk on it? i dont plan on living in my condo more than 4-5yrs will it last? it has 10yr warranty.

    • ANSWER:
      It will last, but you can only re-finish it maybe once successfully. It’s more cost affective because it has less wood, but that’s why it is only warrantied for 10 years. If you bought say solid bamboo flooring it has a 30 yr warranty. For your condo that you only plan on living in for another few years, it’s a good solution! Good luck with your project!

    Can I change the color on Brazilian cherry hardwood floors to a lighter color like oak?

    • ANSWER:
      You can refinish the hardwood with a light stain. Check out these photos of cherry wood stained with a myriad of different stain colors. Perhaps the walnut might be to your liking?

    Mixing red oak and brazilian cherry hardwood?
    We would like to replace the carpet in our living and dining room areas with hardwood. Right now we have a red oak that’s stained a honey color in the areas adjacent to these rooms. We looked into having the floor matched and the cost was scary. Now we’re thinking of tearing out the carpet and installing a brazilian cherry floor. Is it a design faux paux to mix hardwood style and colors?

    • ANSWER:
      If you watch all the shows that are about selling, yes. You might ask a flooring person about how the cherry wood and red oak take a darker stain and then they would both be wood and a similar color. If you were to look at old floors they used a lot of inlay. Maybe an inlay that would separate the two in case they don’t match exactly. Again ask a floor person about where you would get the inlay. Good luck!

    Is it ok to use this in a Fireplace for burning: Brazilian cherry (unfinished real hardwood flooring)?

    • ANSWER:
      You can burn it but WHY? Sell it on Craigslist. I guarantee someone will want it.

    I brazilian cherry hardwood floor….?
    how would u reccomend cleaning it and gettings a nice shine.

    • ANSWER:
      Cleaning Hardwood Floor With Vinegar

    How do I maintain my Brazilian Hardwood Floor?
    Hello. I am new to hardwood flooring so bear with me.

    I have Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Floor laid in my room and I have a few questions about maintaining it. The wood has replaced the carpet in my room for a couple of years and I don’t really know how it originally looked like since I wasn’t there when it was first placed and only rarely come back to my old folks’ home until now.

    Anyway, I’ve seen Brazilian Cherry several times on TV and it looks a lot redder than the floors they have here. Also, the wood here is very dull and worn out looking and NOT shiny at all, like there’s no protective coating. Specifically in my room, the area under my office chair with wheels is getting gritty like sandpaper, which is concerning me.

    Is there a way to make the floor any redder or is this a different kind of flooring and my old folks got jipped? Also, why is it worn out and not shiny even though its a couple of years old? How do I get it to look better and protect it at the same time? Next, what would be the best way to smooth out the gritty floor in my room and make it so I don’t have to worry about pushing my chair around and scratching or eating away at the floor under me?

    If you can, please be a bit detailed about the methods or items used because I really have no idea what these stains and sealers and waxes do and don’t know anything about wood care beyond chopping a tree down and cutting it into a piece of furniture.


    • ANSWER:
      Wooden floor won’t stay looking good for long unless it is looked after.
      Dirt and grit are timber floor’s worst enemy! It doesn’t just hide the gleam of floor boards. Its abrasiveness actually harms floorboards too. Use dirt-trapping mats at each entrance to help prevent sand, dust and grit from being trodden getting inside.
      Small rugs, or carpet squares just inside the door can also help to remove extra dirt from shoes. Dust daily, if possible, with an electrostatic broom.

      Water can change the moisture balance within timbers and cause floorboards to ridge or buckle so it should be used sparingly and remain on the floor for the shortest time possible.

      High heel shoes, especially worn ones, will dent any hard floor surface, even concrete! Encourage your visitors to take off their high heels on arrival.

      With furniture, it is not so much their weight but movement that damages floorboards. Fit protective pads to the legs of tables and chairs so that they can be moved easily without the risk of scuffing the floor.

      Keep dirt off the floor. Dust, mop or vacuum regularly & keep doormats clean. (If using a vacuum, make sure that the vacuum doesn’t scratch the floorboards)

      Use only top quality floor mops and thoroughly wash new mops to remove any lint remaining from the manufacturing process.

      Do not wet mop a timber floor or use water-based cleaners.

      Wipe up spills promptly with a dry cloth or dry paper towel. For sticky substances, moisten the cloth slightly. For hard to remove fatty or greasy spills, use a neutral PH degreasing cleanser from specialist cleaning or floor shops.

      Sweep with a clean electrostatic sweep mop (vacuuming is fine too, as long as the vacuum cleaner doesn’t scratch the

      Wash the floor with an almost dry sponge mop using a mixture of a 1/2 cup of white vinegar or methylated spirits to a half a bucket of cold water – they help cut through floor waxes without harming the finish.

      Wipe the floor dry as you go so that water remains on the floor for as little time as possible.

    Can I use 409 on cherry hardwood floors?
    My parents and I got into an argument about whether Formula 409 spray cleaner can be used to clean a sticky hardwood floor. The kitchen floor is cherry (Brazilian cherry to be exact.)

    I swear you can use it and it won’t damage the floors. I’d like any opinions on this because even though I’m no wood expert, I’m rather certain I am right.

    • ANSWER:
      use a no waxed floor cleaner .If your floor is really hard floor and it ahd been waxed dust mop it twice and dust mops cost 19.00 and up but buy one and get a flate cloth mop to sray on wood floor cleaner on it and it will help you on daily clean-up . I am custom cleaning service and I use neutral floor cleaner that has a product for hard wood floors and other tips of floors. you may think it will cost a lot but it will keep it nice and beautiful. daily mopping big hint.

    Does anyone supply Brazilian Cherry Hardwood in australia.?
    I am putting in a hardwood floor, i am after the supply of Brazilian Cherry Hardwood. not prefinished or laminated as i want it to be sanded and sealed onsite.

    • ANSWER:
      Try looking up in South Australia, Adelaide-Lonsdale area, called Southern Timber Supply- they are a family based business that have been operating for over 30years, they should be able to help you or put you onto someone who can…..good luck

    Removing appliances before installing hardwood floors?
    We are moving into a house that has old appliances e.g. dishwasher, stand alone range, and fridge. We are going to install Brazilian Cherry hardwood flooring and wonder if this should be installed before or after we buy the new appliances?
    If we need to do install floors first, who can I call to un-install the old appliances and haul them away? THanks!

    • ANSWER:
      It is better to install the flooring first, as it is more difficult to level the stove and dishwasher if the front is on the new floor but the back is not, and much harder to get the dishwasher out should it ever need to be replaced. Its not that much extra material to just complete the floor. Also check with your appliance company, as some of them will haul away the old when delivering the new.

    Should I buy hardwood flooring from someone on craigslist?
    My husband and I found Brazilian Cherry hardwood floors for sale on craigslist…the sellers are selling it unfinished .50 per sq. ft. I asked the seller why they are able to sell it so cheap and they said they bought it at an auction… It is still in the pallets and they have 2,000 sq. ft. to sell..we only need about 900… I asked if they can assure us that the wood is in good, usable condition and they said yes… These people are contractors… What do you think????

    • ANSWER:
      do not give up any money till you see and feel the product

    What effect will hardwood plank width and color have on a lower ceiling height?
    We want to install brazilian cherry hardwood floors downstairs, but the ceiling height is 8 1/2 ft…will plank width make the room seem larger/smaller? will the cherry (or darker) floors be OK with a lower ceiling height? Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      Your ceiling height is average. The brazilian hardwood will be great. Plank width will not make a difference. Just remember, the wider the plank the greater the chance of warping..just keep the house between 30-50% humidity and you shouldn’t have any problems. Wider planks are terrific..personally I really like them. A dark floor is rich looking, but if you have animals be prepared to dust/vacuum a lot..LOL …it will show animal hair.

    How to clean Cherry floors?
    We have Brazilian Cherry hardwood floors. Nothing I do seems to remove the streaking. I have wet mopped, steam mopped, used floor products with a dry mop, but always I can see streaks in the floors. Any suggestions on how to get them shiny and streak free?

    • ANSWER:
      Try using a microfiber mop with a mixture of Apple Cider Vinegar and water. Mix the two in any ratio you want. Then mop and scrub with this mixture. Don’t over-saturate the mop…you want damp, but not dripping wet. Also, never use steam on wooden floors. It can cause the floor to warp.

      Why Apple Cider Vinegar? Apple Cider Vinegar contains tannins, which condition the wood while it cleans. It makes hardwood floors absolutely glow. Plus it’s non-toxic and can be used as often as you like.

      Once in a while you can add a couple teaspoons of Lemon Oil to the mixture for extra glow. Actually just about any Essential Oil works. If you do add oil, stir the mixture often to keep the oil mixed.

      I don’t recommend Murphy’s Oil soap. It tends to leave streaks.

      The vinegar and microfiber cloth will remove the streaks you’re experiencing. You can buy these just about anywhere…Target, Walmart, Home Depot, even Dollar General.

      Good luck.


    Is brazilian cherry a good choice for hardwood floors?

    • ANSWER:
      yes it makes a nice floor and is very hard and durable but it lacks color and character but you may like that, its a personal taste thing, it also smells bad until it has a finish on it and is expensive.

    Schon Brand Brazilian Cherry floating engineered wood flooring. Anyone familiar with the it? How’s the quality?
    We are in the process of buying hardwood flooring and wow it’s not easy! We found a beautiful Brazilian Cherry 1/16″ x 4 3/4″ but were finding through our research it gets as many good reviews as it does horrible ones. Anyone have any personal experience with this brand flooring and it’s quality? How is it as far as scratching and dents? We have a 2 year old who loves to throw things so it needs to be durable. Also do we have to worry about alot of warping with the brand? Again does anyone have any personal experience? Do you have any brands you definitely would recommend? Again it has to be floating to be put on cement flooring. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Not a good idea. The moisture coming up from the concrete will warp the wood.

    hardwood floors and scratches/dents?? HELP?
    we have Brazilian cherry hardwood floors with a piano finish, however, we have a dog and a cat and so therefore a few dents and scratches.

    my question is can we re-finish just those sections that have scratches on them or do we have to redo the whole floor? and is it expensive?


    • ANSWER:
      all solid woods can be sanded and re-finished, Brazilian cherry is extremely hard and very difficult to sand. i would not recommend sanding just one spot though. i installed the same floor in my house and i went with a satin finish and although there are scratches, they are not visible. i can’t define expensive cause people borrow hundreds of thousands of dollars to live in a home, spend thousands on tv’s, clothes, borrow more than a years salary for a car, etc…. and then say something like fixing their roof is expensive! i don’t know.

    What color wall paint works best with cherry hardwood floors?
    Hello, we just bought an apartment and it has Brazilian cherry wood floors throughout the entire place. I’d like some ideas for a nice paint color for the living and dinning room. My fiance and I are very into the soft lighting deep sultry colors and jazz….think something like a jazz lounge or zen spa. I keep thinking a merlot color but I feel it may be too much red….I’ve included some pics of our place, please help :)

    dinning room:

    living room:

    • ANSWER:
      great floors! really nice stuff! and expensivce so you want to keep it looking that way. try this:

      its a virtual room designer that can change up wall colors, celing color, trim colors, couches, area rugs, flooring options etc. in kitchens, living room, dining room, bedroom etc. its cool. try it out and see what you and your hubby like! :) have fun!

    Kitchen Cabinet Colors to match hardwood flooring?
    We are doing a new construction of a brand new home and am having trouble deciding on what color the kitchen cabinets should be to go with. We have decided on a flooring, it is Brazilian Cherry here is a sample of what it will look like (
    we decided on a granite counter that is a cinnamon spice (

    I personally think that white cabinets would look excellent with the flooring and the counter color, however my wife begs to differ. She thinks that it will get dirty easier or you could see dirt easier, more cleaning and maintenance (for her).

    We are going with Omega Dynasty Cabinets Anson (
    It would be great if someone could assist on a color for the cabinets. We are open to input, and suggestions, we are open to having the counter a different color. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Hi, actually I thought white would look awesome,then I read the rest of your question. So ,Mrs. Wife doesn’t want white. You already have allot of dark colors going into the room,so I also thought of a semi- transparent stain,much like white wash. I first again thought of a white white-wash, and thought of a blueish transparent stain that I have from Minwax called Gel stain. And if you want a solid paint color, Glidden makes a set of colors called ,”A Touch of Colors” . It’s a very,very faint color,but looks great in a kitchen. To tell you the truth, I personally would use the white-wash look in white,and have glass or something similar in the doors of the cabinets. And they make a safety glass(won’t break) in an array of color choices,patterns just for cabinets. Look at Delphi to see what I mean. Your Lucky,both of you. Bye

    Is this a good price for 300 sf of installed hardwood flooring by Empire? Seems pricey to me.?
    ,000 for Brazilian Cherry hardwood 3/4 inch

    • ANSWER:
      Very pricey… The wood you ve picked is a very good hard wood and more expensive than your average wood but this is a bit to much at 13$ a s/f.
      Check around on the wood and labor cost. You had better received a written estimate and what it includes. Labor on average ( it can vary some ) is 3/ 3.5 a s/f. That leaves 10$ a s/f for wood and even for Brazilian cherry thats a bit much.
      Now if your job needs some rip out or floor prep, this may or may not be out of line..
      Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL

    Do hardwood floors have to match upstairs and downstairs?
    We just bought a house with brazilian cherry floors upstairs and lighter, Pergo floors on the main floor? Is this ok or should they match? If this is ok, what color should the stairs be?

    Right now the stairs are stained to match the brazilian cherry hardwood upstairs. Eventually I would like to update the downstairs with brzilian cherry as well.

    • ANSWER:
      The cherry , you really don t want a laminate on the stairs. If anything a carpet or carpet runner on the stairs. Any hard surface on stairs can be slippery.And with the way laminate needs to be done on stairs its a tripping hazard with the stair nose. GL

    Kitchen help! I am doing cherry cabinets with black granite, what hardwood floor should I do?
    I was thinking natural (lighter) or Brazilian Cherry. I love how rich the two cherries look together….is it to dark though. The house has a lot of windows!

    • ANSWER:
      Go with the cherry…if the room has lots of light and you paint it a light color it will look great. I think the light wood floor will take away from the richness of the cabinets.

    Why is Brazilian Ebony hardwood flooring so expensive?
    When looking at a number of Janka hardness charts, the Brazilians seem to be at the top (Walnut, Cherry, Teak and Ebony). However, despite how close they are to one another in this respect, Brazilian Ebony seems to skyrocket in price. Why is this? I can’t seem to find much literature online (other than the fact that it’s not as common as the others). Is that the only reason?
    In response to the first answer, yes – when I was referring to the limited literature on the subject, that was literally the limited literature I found as well. However, referring to that main quote:

    “However, less logging, stricter regulations, the decking market, and a slower American economy have limited commodities and caused slightly higher prices of this product in this country.”

    How does this single out Brazilian Ebony? Seems to me this is applicable to all exotic hard woods. And this stuff isn’t just slightly higher in price than the other Brazilians, it’s typically well over twice as much. I suppose it’s simply due to rarity.

    • ANSWER:
      “There is a moderate amount of Gombera in South America, and it is not endangered. However, less logging, stricter regulations, the decking market, and a slower American economy have limited commodities and caused slightly higher prices of this product in this country. ”

    Engineered hardwood floors vs. Pergo for a townhouse?
    What is better for a townhouse we cannot do normal hardwood due to the concreet bottom so it’s between engineered hardwood (Brazilian Cherry Br111) or the wood laminate(Pergo Brazilian Cherry). What’s better?

    • ANSWER:
      I just attended a Br111 product seminar and came away with a good impression. They are a small company and make a quality product.
      Engineered hardwood is going to look the same as solid hardwood the only difference being that it is made of 3, 5, or 7 layers of real wood instead of 1. It will look and feel much better than laminate, but is obviously more expensive. If you use engineered, I strongly suggest full glue down installation. This will give a very solid look and feel making the floor indistinguishable from solid hardwood. Floating, hardwoods have proven quite problematic so far. Most Br111 engineered products can be refinished 1 time, laminate can not.
      If you use laminate, Pergo is a good way to go, having a 25, or 30 year wear/stain/fade warranty.

    I would like to finish the main floor of my house in hardwood including the kitchen.?
    What wood should I use for hardness and durability for the main floor of a house?
    I love the look of Brazilian Cherry but have been informed that it changes colour in the light. Has anyone any information or experience about using Brazilian cherry hardwood?

    • ANSWER:

    Cleaning dark stained wood floors?
    HELP! I am going insane. I have wonderful dark espresso stained brazilian cherry hardwood floors. No matter how many times I wash the floors and the numerous products Ive tried I still get food print residue and marks everywhere. It drives me insane. I spend so much time washing my floors and within a second of walking on them with socks or bare feet you can see them all over. Any products that work for dark wood floors? Ive tried almost everything.

    • ANSWER:
      I used to think vinegar and water was good for wood floors, but have been advised that NO moisture should be used at all. I have new light wood floors. So far, I’ve only vacuumed and dust mopped them. The cleaners left behind (by accident) a spray can of something they sprayed on their dust mop to do the floors before we moved in. I haven’t used it yet. Have you asked a store that sells that kind of floor?

    Hardwood floors?
    I live in Canada and am getting new hardwood floors. I really like the look of Brazilian cherry floors but I was warned that these floors, since they come from a different climate, will shrink in the winter and expand in the summer. I was told to go with North American wood to prevent shinking and expansion. Does anyone have any advice?

    • ANSWER:
      It doesn’t matter where you live or what type of timber you are using, as long as the timber is acclimatised and fitted properly.
      You were told correctly that timber will shrink in the summer and expand in the winter, but it shouldn’t be by very much, a lot of timber flooring companies advise to leave an expansion gap, normally about 3/4″ (19mm), this will leave enough room for the timber to move.
      it is also advised that the timber has a moisture content of about 8-14% when fitted, it should aclimatise for approxiamtley 120 hours (5days).

      the only problem you may encounter is actually finding somewhere that sells Brazilian Chery Flooring.

      Good Luck!!!

    Nailing pattern for luan over 3″ T&G boards?
    I am laying down 1/4″ luan over my 3″ wide T&G sub-floor. On top of this I will be nailing down Brazilian Cherry hardwood flooring in the same direction the sub-floor boards are running. I am using ring shank nails for the luan and want to know what kind of nailing pattern I should be using. Should I be trying to nail through every T&G board, every other T&G board, etc? Also, should I be concerned about making sure my luan seems center over my floor joists or is this not as critical since I am using the luan to to simply keep my sub-floor boards tight together to keep the finished floor from separating?

    I hope this makes sense. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      Check your sub-floor for squeaks first, you may have to add a few screws to tighten it up 3″ inch wide boards can work loose over time. Nailing 4″ apart is proper for 1/4″ underlayment, I would definitely recommend a 1/4″ crown flooring stapler, depending on how much you have to do. It is not necessary to use anything over 1-1/4″ long if nailing into 3/4″ boards, the extra length just sticks out the bottom. Make sure you lay down some type of paper before putting down the hardwood flooring, this eliminates the wood on wood squeaking as the floor expands and contracts, I generally use Rosin paper but some flooring manufacturers don’t recommend that type with their product. Hardwood flooring should be nailed every 5″-8″ with a “T” nail or something similar, there should be an instruction sheet in every box that will say the same things I just said, if you don’t follow their instructions, they have an easy-out on warranty issues.

    How to fix a dipping subfloor?
    We just bought a house that is a 1999 and are planning on ripping out the linoleum and install Brazilian cherry hardwood floors. Our problem is we noticed there are two pretty significant spots where the floor dips. One is right by the kitchen island and the floor joists under that spot seemed to be bad and instead of being one big joist, it is cut, patched and then has another board attached to it. I’m not sure if this is causing this or not. The other thing is we are installing granite countertops too, so this is just going to get heavier in this spot. The other dip is where a big table was sitting, but there is no issue with those joists. The dips seem to go down about a half inch over a ~3.5 ft x ~3.5 ft area. One flooring guy said we can just layer some shingles or something to even it out, but that makes me nervous. With the extra weight for granite and thousands of dollars on new floors, I would prefer not to rip them up. Any suggestions on what to do? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      what you saw with joist and board attached to it is a repair. it is called ” sistering ” like sister.
      someone tried to repair the sagging joist buy lifting it up and attaching ” sistering ” another board to it.
      it is a very common thing to do but they did not do a good job of it .

      There is only way to repair the floor and that is to do it correctly or you will end up sagging floors again.
      it really is not a big deal to do it correctly before you put down your new floor.
      You just need to hire a carpenter to come and replace the broken joist or re-sister it properly . and maybe add a couple piers under them ( made from cinder blocks ) to prevent it happening again.

      it is not rocket science.

      But dont put your expensive floor down before you repair it.

      you may need more than just a little joist repair. some of the subfloor may also need to be replaced.

      this something that i ( me ) would do myself.

      but you may need to hire some to do it for you. if you have no carpentry tools and skills.

      google ” how to sister floor joists ” and also ” cinder block piers for floor joists ” just so you can learn more about it and understand what is needed..

      but as i said , i think you might need to sister or replace or add more joists and some piers as the builder did not provide the proper support when they built it.

      this must be a modular home , or double wide etc. i guess. that is how they build them.

    Need some color matching ideas ?
    We’ve painted our living room a dark, luscious (that’s what its called) royal red. Our moldings are painted white and we have a Brazilian Cherry hardwood floor. What color should our sofas be? I wouldn’t like a leather sofa because our family is sick and tired of leather. Could you please suggest a fabric sofa? Thanks so much for your help :)

    • ANSWER:
      a brown or cream suede couch or love seat. or yellow even. suede is such a Lovely material. your room sounds very nice

    Which kind of finish should i pick in hardwood flooring for all my bedrooms.?
    I am confused between oak, tigerwood and brazilian cherry . i have kids and have heard that darker finish wood show off damage sooner n more . need guidance

    • ANSWER:
      The darker the wood (color) the more it shows dust and dirt. The oak will show the least, since it has lighter tans and reds, that a similar to the color of the dirt or dust. I really tent to think this is more critical in living rooms, or areas of high traffic. Bedrooms tend to see less dirt and abuse. So a dark color might not be so messy.
      As for showing the least abuse, tigerwood and brazilian cherry, are naturally harder woods than the oak. Therefore are less likely to dent.
      Also the amount of finish on the floor will determine how well it holds up to scratching. Usually, a good rule of thumb is, the less the warranty, the less the coats of finish were sprayed on the wood at the factory(or sometimes thinner coats).I think 15-25 yr warranty on the finish is good. I think that’s around 5-7 coats of factory finish.
      good luck

    Help with cleaning wood floors?
    I have light brazilian cherry hardwood floors throughout the whole first floor of my house. They are 6 years old. They used to be beautiful! Recently they have become very dull, streaked, smudgy and blotchy looking. Also, there are light colored “skid marks” from the soles of my son’s converse sneakers. I have tried everything to clean the floor – Bona, Pledge floor cleaner, white vinegar, dish soap, windex, mop and glow. The skid marks and the smudgy looking streaks wont come off. I once sat on the floor an repeatedly scrubbed a small section of the floor using windex and the towel was literally black. But the section of the floor still looked awful. I dont have the money to get the floor refinished. And a six year old floor shouldnt have to be refinished already. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to get this thick layer of dirt and build up off the floor?

    • ANSWER:
      Scrub the floor with Murphy’s Oil Soap and then after it dries use a product like mop n glow for wood to shine it.

      Never use windex or any other product containing ammonia on a waxed surface. Ammonia is the number 1 product for cutting and removing wax. So if you have used a bunch of ammonia based cleaners on the floor, you may need to use paste wax to get the shine back.

    I cant get my wood floors clean?
    I have light brazilian cherry hardwood floors throughout the whole first floor of my house. They are 6 years old. They used to be beautiful! Recently they have become very dull, streaked, smudgy and blotchy looking. Also, there are light colored “skid marks” from the soles of my son’s converse sneakers. I have tried everything to clean the floor – Bona, Pledge floor cleaner, white vinegar, dish soap, windex, mop and glow. The skid marks and the smudgy looking streaks wont come off. I once sat on the floor an repeatedly scrubbed a small section of the floor using windex and the towel was literally black. But the section of the floor still looked awful. I dont have the money to get the floor refinished. And a six year old floor shouldnt have to be refinished already. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to get this thick layer of dirt and build up off the floor?

    • ANSWER:
      I see you’re in NZ. Do you have a product there called Murphy’s oil soap? It really does wonders to help shine, clean and buff out small scratches and such. If you can’t find it, try searching it and seeing if you have a similar product there or if it goes by a different name.

      As for the shoe marks, have you tried taking your son’s shoe and rubbing the side of it over the marks? When we were annoying teenagers, we used to mark up the hallways at school and then “erase” the mark by rubbing the side of our soles over it. (oh the dumb things we did…) It’s worth a shot, especially if the oil soap won’t take out the marks.

    what color of back splash can i use with black pearl granite, white cab. & appliances. walls are light beige?
    .i don’t want my kitchen to be all black & white? We have Brazilian cherry hardwood on floors.

    • ANSWER:
      I love the new glass tiles.
      Pick a great color suck as red.
      Look for red and/or yellow glass tiles.
      Good luck.

    Hardwood flooring?
    Can anyone recommend good place to buy hardwood online? We are looking for some exotic verities like brazilian Cherry, Walnut , Amendoim.

    We live in N. CA and need close to 1500Sft.
    Thanks in advance

    • ANSWER:
      Have you checked ALL the lumber yards in your area?
      The cost of shipping something as heavy lumber sounds astronomical.

    Glue and screw or nail 1/4″ Birch subfloor?
    I have a vintage home with 3″ wide T&G boards for my kitchen subfloor that run the same direction I want to lay a new Brazilian Cherry hardwood floor. I have height issues with the dining room floor and I don’t want to have to pull up the original subfloor to lay 3/4 plywood. What I have now is still real solid. I got advice to lay down some 1/4″ plywood (I think they said Birch) but forgot to ask how to secure it. I already have ring shank nails. Should I use those or glue and screw the plywood instead? This is a one man (me) job and I can imagine the glue would be a PITA to do by myself.

    - So should I glue it?
    - If so, what kind of glue specifically (brand, type, etc)?
    - And is Birch the right wood to do this with?

    Thanks in advance.

    • ANSWER:
      I always use 5/8 inch ring shank nails and I use a nailer.
      This way I save my fingers and every nail is set deep.
      Oh, glue is not necessary, nail every 6 to 8 inches in a grid.
      You can use luan plywood or birch.
      After looking at this answer I realize that I made a mistake. The nails I use are more like an inch and a quater. Serves me right for not going to bed when I should have.

    Tile for the Dining Room – does it have to match the adjacent tiled room?
    Okay, so we have carpeting in the dining room now (…which is just turning into a giant litter box for my cat). So we want to rip it out and put in tile (best for…you know…cat issues, no absorbing fluids). I would put in concrete but it is on the upper level. Next to the dining room is a tiled entrance way, and also connected to the dining room through a small entrance is the kitchen, both are tiled with an 8 x 8 in ceramic tile floor. Now, can I put a different tile (possible much bigger tile even if it is the same color as the other 8 x 8 in tiles) in the dining room? By the way, pretty much the rest of the house is carpeted, the living room has a Brazilian cherry hardwood floor. My husband thinks going with a different tile will make the house look cheap and tacky. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      Hubby gets my vote. Unless you can match the tile exactly, then I would have all 3 areas retiled with the same tile. Having consistent flooring makes for a better flow to the house & keeps it feeling spacious. Too many flooring changes makes the house feel choppy & disconnected.

    Need help in selecting sectional sofa.?
    I’m refurnishing my family room and need to decide between the folowing tow sectionals in chocolate:
    1. Chateau D’Ax – Vice Versa at
    2. Chateau D’Ax – Trenton at
    I’ve high ceilings, Brazilian cherry hardwood floors with soft pumpkin colored walls.

    Thank you

    • ANSWER:
      They are both great …personally I like the tufting on the second..The tufting on leather seats can take a beating. Check the warrentees and be sure there is a craftsman in the area if you need repairs and to condition it.

    I have brazilian cherry in my home and the colors deepen over time, when does it noticebly stop changing?
    The hardwoods have been down for 3 years. I have mats and rugs I want to put on the floor and want to know if they have been seasoned long enough to keep from leaving a “shadow”.

    • ANSWER:
      I think 3 years is enough time with the assumption that you expose this wood to as much as you can.

      i don’t have cherry, but I have teak furniture, which also darkens over time. I haven’t had shadowing problems, but I also don’t keep this furniture in direct sunlight.

    I just moved into a new house with hardwood..the builder says not use any cleaners, what should I be using?
    The floor is brazilian cherry with a water base finish

    • ANSWER:
      Bona is a good cleaner if you can find it.
      DO NOT use Murphys Oil.
      you Can use 1 part vinegar or 1 part windex to
      4 parts water and damp mop the floors.
      be sure that it is VERY damp. almost dry.

      good luck.

    What color should i paint my room?
    my room is pretty big and i want to paint my room two different colors, like two walls one color and the other two walls another color, and i want to match my sheets which are blue, light blue, grey, white little lines and dark blue ,its got circle on one side and square on the other side. My floor is hardwood and if u go to following website it is the second picture in the very middle
    please dont say white cuz i dont think white is a good color for a 15year old boy room and i got yellow walls and hating it so what color should i paint my room

    • ANSWER:
      I would say pick the darkest blue from the sheet set and do it on opposite walls, then pick the lightest color, either another shade of blue or a grey and paint the other two walls that color. If you take the sheet set to a paint store they should be able to get you a great match. Also, if you are not opposed to orange that is the complimentary color to blue and would look great as an offset on the opposite walls, using two lighter colors would make the room seem bigger. If you use darker colors, it may make the room seem smaller.

    Do we need a dehumidifier for our hardwood floors?
    This past January, my husband installed BellaWood Brazilian Cherry 3/8″ thick, 2 1/4″ wide hardwood floors on our main floor. The basement and upstairs are both carpeted. Anyway, early this spring, we noticed one of the boards buckling. My husband cut it out and tried to fix it but now it doesn’t look so great. Anyway, now we are starting to notice some slight buckling in other places. We thought it could be humidity issues so we turned our air conditioning up ( We used to have it at 85 when gone and 78 when home) to 75 all the time. We purchased a thermometer when a humidity reader and during the day the humidity can fluctuate between 47 and 52%. Should we get a humidifier and try to lower the humidity to 40 or 45%? We don’t want to spend a lot of money if that isn’t going to work.

    • ANSWER:
      You may need a dehumidifier but those % sounds about right.. Caal or check w/ the place you bought it and they ll be able to give (or get) the specs from bella on what the average humidity should be kept at for any particular wood..Since you have an engineered wood , did you staple(nail) it down or glue it? You put the right amount of staples in it? You need staples every 6 inches for most eng wood and a staple w/in 3 inches of any ends..Hope this was of some help GL

    do you know and good questions on hardwood floor water damage?
    i made to district with my science project! which means i have to have a whole bunch of research……my question in my science project is “Which wood will have the worst water damage in 7 days out of Australlian cypress, Walnut, and Brazilian cherry?” so what i am doing is calling around to hardwood floor companies and interviewing them do you have any ideas of questions i could ask them? name 5 good ones that i dont have yet and get 10 points! EX – can water damage be unsafe?

    p.s. i dont need an answer just a question!

    • ANSWER:
      First, congratulations on your accomplishment! Your parents must be awfully proud of you. I have two houses, and both have hardwoods. Here are some ideas for you, based on my experience.

      How long must water stand on the floor before damage occurs?

      How much water does it take to cause damage?

      Is damage worse if the water comes through an area rug that is on top of the hardwoods?

      What is the best way to remove water that has accumulated so as to minimize the chance of damage?

      Why are some woods more resistant to damage than others?

      Can a less damage resistant wood be made more damage resistant by applying a coating, such as polyurethane?

      Can water damage result in airbourne mold?

      When you see water damage of hardwoods, is the damage most often aesthetic, or cosmetic only, or do you also see damage that affects the structural integrity of the floor?

      If damage affects the structural integrity of a floor, explain why (because most hardwoods are installed over a plywood or even concrete subfloor).

      What about warping? Can warping damage be repaired without replacing the floor boards?

      Good luck! I hope you kick butt at district.

    Need suggestions on paint color?
    I’m desperate. After trying about 8 different paint colors, I’m too tired to search anymore so I’d like to ask for help. I need to paint my family/living room that connects to a very open plan kitchen. My kitchen cabinets are creamy white, appliances are stainless steel and the faucet is chrome. I have hardwood (Brazilian Cherry) throughout the first floor. My trim is white. The connecting dining room, which can be seen from the family room and the kitchen has Restoration Hardware silver sage color (light moss/fernish color) which I really love. The drapery is raw silk ivory. My big problem is that my granite is a lighter brown mottled color and it’s been so hard to find a good color to coordinate with this granite color. Can anyone suggest a color that will coordinate with all these colors?? I am currently looking for a buttery yellow that’s muted and not bright. I’d like the house to be calming but sort of modern country (if that’s possible). Anyone?? Thank you!!

    • ANSWER:
      Rather than a yellow, I suggest a color called “classic sand” by sherwin williams. I think it would coordinate beautifully with the ivory, sage and brown colors that you have. Check it out:

    Hardwood floor questions/Easy 10 points?
    I want to install hardwood floors in my house.Im pretty sure every one else in my neighborhood have carpet.I want to install hardwood because I like it and if I ever want to sell my house I think it will bring value to my home. How do I know the hardwood floors will up the value of my house?If so how much value do hardwood floors usually give homes?I want to install brazilian chestnut or cherry etc colors like that but my kitchen cabinets are very light will that look awful to me and buyers in the future once its installed?Do I need to go with nice light hardwood floors to blend in with my kitchen?The only rooms I want to have hardwood floors in is living room,dinning room,hallway, except the kitchen and bathrooms because thy have tile.What do you think about that?Is it cheaper for me to buy the hardwood and pay professionals to install?or will it be the same if the professionals bring the hardwood and install?

    • ANSWER:
      Wood is pretty expensive, but worth it as it will last hundreds of years. This is assuming you mean actual wood floors, not that cheap laminate garbage.

      It most areas it will not increase the appraised value, but greatly increase the desirability of the house.

      Look into maple (what I have in my house), it is wonderfully hard and durable. (I have 3 dogs, 3 kids and no damage) The color also varies a great deal and is less trendy, more traditional. You can use many differant color schemes and they will all look great.

    What color goes with Peach and Red?
    I have a high (double) ceiling living room with a stairway and that leads to an open loft. The main color in the living room is a peach (Beachville in the Kelly Moore catalog) and the accent color is red. The wall along the stairway all the way and the loft is all the usual cream/white. I want to paint it in a good contrast / compatiable color. Would like to know your opinion on which color would look good. The floor in the entire space is brazilian cherry hardwood. Look forward to your answers.

    • ANSWER:
      The peach and red are good bright colors that serve as highlights and accents. You should consider grounding the room with neutral tones. It depends upon the room and furniture on which direction to go. However, some medium to dark brown, paired with some cream would work nicely. You could also go with a sand or taupe.

      If you were to add another bright color, the room could loose some cohesion and possibly start to look unplanned. While the addition of another bright color, such as a metal silver or gold, could be done, it would be risky. It could look fantastic or go horribly wrong.

      Generally, I think light nuetrals would be the best choice. You can always accessorize with more color with pillows, wall hangings and so on if you felt it was getting too bland.

    I just layed enginiered hard wood floring in my home, should I seal the floor to protect it?
    I layed brazilian cherry, tongue and groove, hardwood in my home. Do I need to lay a sealer or urethane to protect from liquid spillage as well as damages like; scratches, children and pets?

    • ANSWER:
      i believe i would ! that way it will protect the wood under it like the joyces. another thing if it,s not treated then you can treat the side of the wood that goes downwards and moisture from the ground won,t rot the wood. use something like creosote or paint the side that goes down.

    Is laminate flooring bad =x?
    I want to replace the flooring in my room; right now it’s really ugly hardwood. I want to get a really nice Brazilian Cherry color, but I’m not sure I can actually afford to get real hardwood.

    I looked on Home Depot’s website, and apparently it would run me around 0 to get the real hardwood version, but only 0 to get a laminate version.

    Is laminate flooring worse? I hear that it can scratch fairly easy, but I’m not really sure since I’ve never had it.

    Thanks for any info.

    • ANSWER:
      If you’ve already got hardwood you should get it re-finished. You can stain it any color you want. Might cost much less than a total new floor, too.

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