As the economy continues to become a concern, home building has become a daunting endeavor rather than an enjoyable experience. There are lots to consider when building your dream house. Although designs are abundant, realizing them into a tangible structure is quite hard. Your dream house can range from the conventional Old American Colonial designs to the modern architectural creations. Either way, you will need to pull off from the tight budget that you might have set early on. The present economic tide has just made the whole process of building a lot harder. To get everything that you want inside the home, you need to consider cost-effective products that are both durable and resilient to wear. This is the reason why hardwood plywood is recommended by top homebuilders. Aside from its superb quality, it has a timeless natural beauty that perfectly resembles genuine hardwoods found in the forest.

Plywood materials are highly important in the final look and feel of your dream house. These synthetically manufactured boards are made of thin sheets of wood glued together to create a singular sturdy material. Its inner grains are arranged meticulously to form a strong board, which can be used for homebuilding purposes. The best plywood manufacturers precisely handpick only the tree varieties that will provide quality hardwood plywood. Seasoned professionalshave set criteria in choosing the perfect tree for plywood making. Cherry, Walnut, Anegre, Birch Cedar, Mahogany, Oak, Cherry and Maple are some of the tree species commonly used for this purpose. These trees have a consistent grain pattern, which provides a reliable strength and beauty.

There are several ways of manufacturing hardwood plywood products. First is through the rotary cutting technique that lathes the log as it turns in the center of a circular blade cutter. This type of technique provides considerably cheaper plywood material and aptly captures the whole grain design of the wood. Quarter slicing, on the other hand, strips the wood from a ninety-degree angle thereby producing thin strips with varying patterns. Interestingly, the plywood markings do not reflect the real ring pattern. Instead, it produces distinct stripes, which are refreshing accents to the color of the wood. Another cutting technique is the rift-cut, which slices the log at seventy-five-degree angle. This cutting method provides the lowest yield thus it is considered the most costly technique. However, many homebuilders prefer rift-cut for oak species because it results in a gentle wooden tone with a nice combed effect. These plywood materials are great for interior design and home furnishings. Among all plywood manufacturing techniques, flat or plain slicing is the most desired method. Aside from its cost-effective quality, it yields in a distinct classic grain veneer that results into an eye-catching design. The log goes through a blade roll and is cut parallel to its central line, this makes sure that all parts of the wood is used and there is minimal wastage. If you are looking for budget-friendly hardwood plywood, you will most likely end up with this type of plywood.

Remember that aside from the design itself, plywood also differ in their substrate composition, meaning there are especially designed products that will suite each homebuilding purposes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    How much would it cost to install Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Floors?
    i’m considering installing braz cherry hardwood floors throughout the whole house. it would be about 1400 square feet of flooring. i know prices very among brand, quality, etc…but generally how much would it cost to buy flooring and have it professionally installed??

    • ANSWER:
      Both the material and the labor can vary but your looking in the 10/12$ a s/f range .
      7/8$ a s/f for the Brazilian Cherry and in the ball park of 2.50/3.50 a s/f for the labor to install. But with that large amount of both wood and labor you should get a discount.
      Make sure you get a discount on the wood since this will be pallet pricing. This is installation only, no rip out of old or floor prep,etc. But you may be able to get that free or a discount since your doing that larger amount.
      If it was old carpet we sometimes did that for free as part to get the job.
      So at a minimum your looking at 14,000/16,800 $
      Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL

    Is this a good price for 300 sf of installed hardwood flooring by Empire? Seems pricey to me.?
    ,000 for Brazilian Cherry hardwood 3/4 inch

    • ANSWER:
      Very pricey… The wood you ve picked is a very good hard wood and more expensive than your average wood but this is a bit to much at 13$ a s/f.
      Check around on the wood and labor cost. You had better received a written estimate and what it includes. Labor on average ( it can vary some ) is 3/ 3.5 a s/f. That leaves 10$ a s/f for wood and even for Brazilian cherry thats a bit much.
      Now if your job needs some rip out or floor prep, this may or may not be out of line..
      Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL

    Why is Brazilian Ebony hardwood flooring so expensive?
    When looking at a number of Janka hardness charts, the Brazilians seem to be at the top (Walnut, Cherry, Teak and Ebony). However, despite how close they are to one another in this respect, Brazilian Ebony seems to skyrocket in price. Why is this? I can’t seem to find much literature online (other than the fact that it’s not as common as the others). Is that the only reason?
    In response to the first answer, yes – when I was referring to the limited literature on the subject, that was literally the limited literature I found as well. However, referring to that main quote:

    “However, less logging, stricter regulations, the decking market, and a slower American economy have limited commodities and caused slightly higher prices of this product in this country.”

    How does this single out Brazilian Ebony? Seems to me this is applicable to all exotic hard woods. And this stuff isn’t just slightly higher in price than the other Brazilians, it’s typically well over twice as much. I suppose it’s simply due to rarity.

    • ANSWER:
      “There is a moderate amount of Gombera in South America, and it is not endangered. However, less logging, stricter regulations, the decking market, and a slower American economy have limited commodities and caused slightly higher prices of this product in this country. ”

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