Anderson hardwood flooring comes in many species of wood; walnut, cherry, maple, red oak, and hickory. Most types of wood can be stained to match the interior of any home. Stain choices include; tobacco, spice, heritage, burlap, spicy cider, and Flintlock. Many people like the Virginia Vintage Flintlock Hickory boards. These are used to make very high quality wide planked flooring.These boards are all hand scraped. The choices of board widths are 3, 5, or 7 inches. These sizes can also be mixed within the same floor, to create a random width look. An average thickness for each board is one half inch. Attaching these boards together can be done with special glue, staples, or a combination of both of these. It will depend on if the floor is going to be used as a subfloor or a floating floor on top of the current subfloor.If a subfloor or floating floor is going to be made with hickory boards in the Virginia Vintage line, then the installation should be easy for anyone wanting to perform this task on their own. When it comes to attaching these same boards to a concrete floor, it is recommended that a professional be hired.The hand scraping process brings out distressed lines in the board, which are very obvious in the hickory planks seen in the Virginia Vintage line. The gray Flintlock stain really allows these lines to stand out even more.There is a 25 year warranty on the Aluminum Oxide finish on these sliced veneer log cuts. This warranty covers against warping, twisting, or buckling of any plank. It also protects the customer against separation of the plies.To purchase planks from this line of flooring, there are two basic methods. There is the option to go to a building supply store that carries the Virginia Vintage line or buy planks online. The price range will vary between each location, but the average is between 9 and 15 dollars for a square foot. The moisture barrier and PVAC glue for floating floors can be purchased at the same time.Some of the online sites will only sell to contractors, which means that the fantastic prices they are advertising are only available to people who are licensed finishers or installers. There are other sites that will provide delivery to certain areas, due to their location. Having flooring shipped right to a residential address is not a problem, since most ordering of products takes place online, nowadays. Free shipping is usually available to customers who purchase a large amount of flooring.Virginia Vintage Flintlock Hickory planks can be used to create a beautiful floor that is meant to last for many years. These withstand a lot of wear and tear, even as a type of veneer planking. Wood floors can change the entire atmosphere within a home. They tend to create a relaxed style of decorating too. People who desire the look of a home in the country side enjoy adding wooden flooring to every room in the house. These are also easy to clean than carpeted floors.

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Want to install exquisite hardwood flooring in your home or office? Virginia Vintage Flintlock Hickory is exactly what you’re looking for!


Frequently Asked Questions

    What color should i paint my room?
    my room is pretty big and i want to paint my room two different colors, like two walls one color and the other two walls another color, and i want to match my sheets which are blue, light blue, grey, white little lines and dark blue ,its got circle on one side and square on the other side. My floor is hardwood and if u go to following website it is the second picture in the very middle
    please dont say white cuz i dont think white is a good color for a 15year old boy room and i got yellow walls and hating it so what color should i paint my room

    • ANSWER:
      I would say pick the darkest blue from the sheet set and do it on opposite walls, then pick the lightest color, either another shade of blue or a grey and paint the other two walls that color. If you take the sheet set to a paint store they should be able to get you a great match. Also, if you are not opposed to orange that is the complimentary color to blue and would look great as an offset on the opposite walls, using two lighter colors would make the room seem bigger. If you use darker colors, it may make the room seem smaller.

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