Hardwood flooring radiates a warm atmosphere and brings appeal to any kind of house. It likewise works well with practically any decor. With the right installation as well as maintenance, wood flooring can easily last countless years. Most wood floors nowadays are made from red oak, white oak, cherry, maple, pecan trees, white colored ash and also from exotic hardwoods like Tigerwood, African Teak, Ipe, or Brazilian Cherry.Hardwood floor areas are elegant and also can easily last through generations depending on the variety of hardwood made use of and also precisely how well you look after your floor. In addition to being an exceptional financial investment, properly preserved hardwood floors can easily boost the price of your home by a minimum of 10 %. Below are some tips on good hardwood floor care.Dust, grit and also grime could get embeded your floors and slowly wear off its normal coating. To prevent your hardwood floor from deteriorating, vacuum or sweep it daily. Wash food and drink spots off promptly with a wet cloth or mop.Always maintain your floors dry. Water can lead to irreversible harm to wood, especially when it remains on the surface for a very long time. To safeguard your floor’s natural luster and also keep it looking like new, wipe leaks or spills off as soon as possible. If you have a leaky roof, repair it quickly to prevent water damage.Discovering scruff and scratches on your hardwood floor can be incredibly frustrating. Put non-staining casters or gliders on household furniture and appliances due to the fact that heavy and also sharp items may scratch wood.Apply hardwood floor cleaner once every week to clean your hardwood flooring of grease as well as grime. This will certainly also help bring back your flooring’s natural gleam. Make sure to dry the floor totally as soon as you have actually cleaned it.Wax your hardwood floor once a year or when needed. After a while, wax could possibly get damaged and also make your hardwood floor surface look dull. Use a small amount of wax utilizing a dry rag. In wiping, follow the direction of the wood grain and clear away additional wax as you work.Numerous hardwood floors are covered or stained with a polyurethane sealer. These coating and seals fade over time. Re-coating your flooring once every couple of years will certainly prevent hardwood damage and keep them looking impressive. Refinish your flooring only when needed but do not wait for the coating to wear down. Call a professional flooring contractor as soon as you see a wear pattern on your floor. Following these tips will keep your floors looking beautiful.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    How much would it cost to install Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Floors?
    i’m considering installing braz cherry hardwood floors throughout the whole house. it would be about 1400 square feet of flooring. i know prices very among brand, quality, etc…but generally how much would it cost to buy flooring and have it professionally installed??

    • ANSWER:
      Both the material and the labor can vary but your looking in the 10/12$ a s/f range .
      7/8$ a s/f for the Brazilian Cherry and in the ball park of 2.50/3.50 a s/f for the labor to install. But with that large amount of both wood and labor you should get a discount.
      Make sure you get a discount on the wood since this will be pallet pricing. This is installation only, no rip out of old or floor prep,etc. But you may be able to get that free or a discount since your doing that larger amount.
      If it was old carpet we sometimes did that for free as part to get the job.
      So at a minimum your looking at 14,000/16,800 $
      Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL

    Mixing red oak and brazilian cherry hardwood?
    We would like to replace the carpet in our living and dining room areas with hardwood. Right now we have a red oak that’s stained a honey color in the areas adjacent to these rooms. We looked into having the floor matched and the cost was scary. Now we’re thinking of tearing out the carpet and installing a brazilian cherry floor. Is it a design faux paux to mix hardwood style and colors?

    • ANSWER:
      If you watch all the shows that are about selling, yes. You might ask a flooring person about how the cherry wood and red oak take a darker stain and then they would both be wood and a similar color. If you were to look at old floors they used a lot of inlay. Maybe an inlay that would separate the two in case they don’t match exactly. Again ask a floor person about where you would get the inlay. Good luck!

    Cherry wood, how much would it cost?
    We live in South Florida (just in case anyone has ever installed cherry wood in this area) and I’m wondering how much it would cost to lay authentic Brazilian cherry wood flooring down? I would say it’s about 500 sq ft and this includes less than 20 steps.

    Trying to decide over real cherry wood or laminate cherry wood. I prefer real, but my bank account may not! So if anyone can compare the two in actual material cost, installation, how they look and how they last, I would appreciate it.

    We also have three cats if that factors in.

    Thanks in advance
    The area is about 500 sq feet (its a hallway upstairs) and this includes about 20 steps!

    • ANSWER:
      Expect to pay around .00 a foot installed for the real wood. Stairs run around 85 a piece for tread and riser.
      Laminate will be around .50 a foot installed, but the stairmoulding isn’t cheap and doesn’t perform well. You could do a combo and still get a nice look. Cats won’t affect either floor. Real wood adds value, laminate not really. Both are durable, but the laminate surface is more resistant to scratching. Real cherry will darken with time, lam won’t. Try national carpet brokers in fla. as a supplier they’re in Tequesta? Something like that! Yes they sell hardwood.

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