Maple Hardwood Flooring

Maple flooring has many benefits for the homeowner that is looking for a new floor – Maple Hardwood Flooring is very sturdy and very  appealing. The maple tree comes in many different types with varying wood grain patterns and is perhaps best known for being the source of that Canadian favorite, maple syrup.

However, it is the maple wood itself that tends to attract attention from those looking to update their homes. Maple is usually relatively light in colour, but its markings can be significantly darker – making for a particularly striking appearance. The wood is also very strong, meaning that homeowners can be confident they are investing in flooring that will last for years to come.

Janka Hardness scale

As you can see in this chart Sugar Maple also called Hard Maple or Rock Maple has a Janka hardness rating of 1450. By comparison Red Oak has a hardness rating of 1290, making Maple 13% harder than Oak….That means a more durable and dent resistant type of floor. A true domestic exotic. It is this quality along with the clear light color that makes Maple flooring a favorite of contractors for gymnasiums, bowling alleys and dance floors.


Maple wood flooring also has a wonderful appearance. Due to the fact that Maple is nonporous it takes very good to the finishing process, giving it a glistening appearance. Other Hardwoods by contrast sometime show a bit of a rough look due to the fact they are a lot more porous.
The way Maple looks, and therefore it’s grading are primarily related to the zone of the United States where the material comes from. Check out this informative video from Carlisle floors, and see them explain how it’s all about […]

Janka Hardness

The Janka hardness
The Janka hardness test measures the hardness of wood. It measures the force required to embed a 0.444 inch steel ball into wood to half the ball’s diameter. It is a good measurement technique to determine the relative hardness across hardwoods.Red oak is used as the standard and its hardness is 1,290 on the Janka scale. White oak is just a bit harder at 1,360. Bamboo is a bit harder at 1,380 and maple a bit harder than that at 1,450.But, if you shift toward the exotic hardwoods from South America, the woods are on a different wavelength. The popular Brazilian Cherry is 2,350 – almost twice as hard as red oak. And, Brazilian walnut comes in at 3,684 – nearly triple the hardness of red oak.Below is a listing of many hardwoods so you can see the range of hardness. You’ll also note that most of the pines (which were used a LONG time ago) are low. They are rather soft and aren’t even considered hardwoods. They can dent very easily.Also note that there are some woods such as “cherry” and “walnut” that vary greatly based on their country of origin. Brazilian Cherry and Brazilian Walnut are very HARD; conversely American Cherry and American Walnut are very SOFT and will also dent very easily. So, if you are considering cherry or walnut, be sure to investigate further.Tree SpeciesHardness3,684 Brazilian Walnut Lapacho/Ipe3,540 Brazilian Teak/Cumaru/Brazilian Chestnut2,350 Brazilian Cherry/Jatoba2,200 Santos Mahogany/Cabrueva1,925 Merbau1,912 Brazilian Oak/Amendoim1,850 Tigerwood1,820 Hickory1,780 Rosewood1,710 Kempas1,630 Wenge1,575 Zebrawood1,570 Timborana1,510 Sapele1,450 Hard Maple1,380 Natural Bamboo1,360 White Oak1,320 Ash1,290 Red Oak1,260 Yellow Birch1,225 Heart Pine1,080 Peruvian Walnut1,010 American Walnut/Black Walnut950 American Cherry900 Cedar870 Southern Yellow Pine – Long leaf690 Southern Yellow Pine – Short […]

White Oak Plank

White Oak plank
White Oak is very misunderstood. I am referring at the striking disconnect between how beautiful White Oak flooring can be and how inexpensive it is. I am talking about the ultimate paradox in flooring. Yes white Oak is totally misunderstood. White oak is a beautiful tree, and the wood that comes from it makes exceptionally durable flooring, But unlike it’s most famous cousin the Red Oak, it does not have any of those more golden, and reddish tones everybody, specially in the Northeast find so appealing…. No instead White Oak sports some more subdued light brown, yellowish, and even sometimes greenish undertones.
Way back in ancient times…White Oak was as plentiful as Red Oak
and there was no real strong distinction between the two like there is today..even in color. Sometime when remodeling a house one has to take advantage of a chemical test to even tell them apart. Well that’s how it was years ago, like 30, 50, or more when more northern species were used, while today we source most of our commercial woods from the south of the United States. So a little bit of the mystery revealed..A much colder climate contributes to a much lighter wood, and that’s what we’ve seen been used in older houses. Today instead we source most of our White Oak from the south..Southern White. Yes Southern White is browner and darker, …so don’t try to mix the two.

Did i say paradox? So what happen when we stain it?
I say the unthinkable happen, the unappealing light brown undertones, become the perfect foil for all kinds of dark stains, coffee, cappuccino, dark chocolates and ebonies. While it’s cousin Red Oak has a basic problem with stains because […]

How to Stain Wood Floors

How to Stain Hardwood Floors
As you know Staining your Hardwood Floor is a vast subject requiring a lot of research and knowledge and experience..some beyond my pay grade. I will say this that I will try my best.
From the contractor point of view
practices between contractors. Some absolutely love to stain Hardwood Flooring, they are good at it and they are able to offer custom colors to customers giving them the effect of very exotic Hardwood Species, and they are able to charge appropriately for their work. Other unfortunately hate staining Hardwood Floors, they see it as a hassle and a common source of complaints from their customers. Either way all reputable contractors should be very proficient at Staining.

So what are these customer concerns?
To properly answer this question we refer to the Experts at Hardwood Floor Magazine From the revered NWFA

A good stain job is only as good as the sanding job that came before it. Wood flooring contractors who have done natural floors for years without a problem often find that they need to take their sanding skills to the next level in order to get an acceptable stain job. Any imperfection left by the sander will be highlighted once the floor is stained. Everything from drum marks to edger marks to screen marks seem to come alive with added color on the floor.

One of the most common problems caused by sanding is known as “picture-framing” or the “halo” effect. This is evident when a floor looks like one color in the field and another—lighter or darker—around the room’s perimeter. The effect is caused by a difference in sanding grits and/or sanding patterns used in the field and around the edge of the […]

Rift and Quartered Flooring

How lumber is cut for hardwood flooring
Hardwood Flooring is the final product we put in our houses, however before there was a floor, there was a tree. The tree was cut down and sent to the mill, where it was cut in to boards by machines in any of three ways.Flatsawn, Quartersawn, or Rift Sawn.

Plain Sawn

Plain Sawn Lumber or Flat sawn, as it is called, is the most widely used and common method of sawing a log. Plain Sawn Lumber is obtained by first making a horizontal or vertical cut tangent to the circumference of the log and every cut after that is parallel to the very first cut. This method produces the very widest possible boards, with the least amount of waste. It is the most economical way to mill the lumber from trees in comparison to the other sawing techniques utilized in the industry. Plain Sawn lumber produces a very distinct cathedral pattern on the face grain of the boards.
Quarter Sawn
Quarter SawnLumber is produced instead by first quartering the log followed by sawing it perpendicular to the annual growth rings. This method produces a nice straight grain on the face of the board. In many wood species this particular technique makes the medullary rays visible on the face of the board in the form of “flake”. In mahogany it produces what is commonly called ribbon stripe. Quarter Sawn lumber creates more log waste and the end result is narrower boards in comparison to the Flat Sawn method.
Rift Sawn

The technique of Rift Sawing is very similar to that of Quarter Sawing producing similar limitations and advantages. During Rift Sawing, the quartered log portion is turned slightly off perpendicular before cutting not to expose […]

Hardwood Care the right way

How to Properly clean your Hardwood Floors
First of all, don’t ever use Murphy’s Oil Soap. This soap works great on furniture, do not use it on wood floors because it will leave a residue that will leave your floors looking dull after a bit of consistent use. Use Dry Swiffer instead, it is great for collecting dust, pet hair, and dirt form your floors and it is also less abrasive than a vacuum cleaner, However do not use a wet Swiffer, because the chemicals in the cleaning solution will break down the Urethane finish of your floor and cause long term damage, leaving The hardwood dull and lifeless.
After a basic sweeping with Dry Swiffer, You can use a microfiber cloth, and spray one of the many Hardwood specific Cleaners. I have to say there is many good products out there, and for sure the retailer providing the wood has their preference.
Protection from Water
Place area rugs in places where water might collect or spill. The prime areas are in front of the sink, by the refrigerator, and by the dishwasher. Even a small pool of water is a very fast way to ruin a hardwood floor.
Also you should never use a wet mop on your hardwood floor.
Continued use of a wet mop will warp your floor, by introducing excessive moisture thru the top layer, causing unnatural expansion of the wood. This will surely lead to a warped floor in which the boards start to “curl” leading to the problem we call “Cupping”.
Also the extreme expansion of the floor as a whole will cause “Checking” of the finish between boards, sometime resulting in a complete failure of the finish.
Also never use harsh cleaning solutions made by […]


Cleaning 2

Cleaning 2

Cleaning Product 1

First Cleaning

How to install hardwood flooring

How to install hardwood flooring.

It is very common for hardwood flooring to be installed over an existing subfloor the subfloor needs to be three quarter of an inch plywood.However installing hardwood floors in today’s day and age includes nailing methods that have changed very much over the last few years.

In the old days we used to use nailers by hand with the big old mallet they required exact aim and quite a bit of strength but today we don’t rely on those nailers anymore instead we rely on pneumatic nailers.

In the old days the nails were very similar to a cut nail use for concrete today we use staplers for the most part. The question is asked all the time is it better to use nails or is it better to use staples.
For me is very easy staples come with long legs. As they entered the hardwood the legs braid themselves creating a very intricate lock. It is very hard to remove boards that were stapled together. Installers always have their own preference of which tool is best to use on the hardwood floors. We will leave that choice up to them but remember pneumatic staplers are much better to use.

The next thing that one has to make sure is that we have a good subfloor. The proper subfloor is three quarter of an inch plywood, particle board will not do or any other subfloor that is thinner than three quarter of an inch will not allow the nails or staples to seat properly.

If the nails do not grab a hold of the subfloor in a proper way the floor will be spongy underfoot will make noise, it will creak and the nails eventually […]

How to Choose An Oven

Aррӏіаnсеѕ аге tһе wогkһогѕеѕ оf уоυг kіtсһеn. Tоgеtһег, tһеу wіӏӏ аԁԁ υр tо аЬоυt nіnе регсеnt оf уоυг kіtсһеn Ьυԁgеt. Tһіѕ fіgυге іѕ ѕυгргіѕіngӏу ӏоw, соnѕіԁегіng tһе tесһnоӏоgісаӏ аԁνаnсеѕ аnԁ еnегgу еffісіеnсіеѕ tоԁау’ѕ аррӏіаnсеѕ оffег. Wһіӏе fеаtυгеѕ аnԁ регfогmаnсе аге оЬνіоυѕӏу tһе mоѕt іmрогtаnt соnѕіԁегаtіоnѕ іn сһооѕіng аррӏіаnсеѕ, һоw tһеу’ӏӏ ӏооk іn уоυг kіtсһеn ргоЬаЬӏу mаttегѕ tо уоυ, tоо.
Kіtсһеn Aррӏіаnсеѕ Imаgе Gаӏӏегу
Wһіtе аррӏіаnсеѕ аге ѕtіӏӏ tһе сӏаѕѕіс fаνогіtе, fоӏӏоwеԁ Ьу Ьӏасk. Stаіnӏеѕѕ ѕtееӏ, wіtһ іtѕ ргоfеѕѕіоnаӏ ӏооk, соntіnυеѕ tо gгоw іn рорυӏагіtу. If уоυ соνеt а ѕіmрӏе Sһаkег-ѕtуӏе ѕрасе ог а ӏυхυгіоυѕ Itаӏіаn νіӏӏа ѕеttіng, һоwеνег, уоυ mау wаnt tо һіԁе tһе fгіԁgе аnԁ ԁіѕһwаѕһег оυt оf ѕіgһt. Tо mееt tһіѕ nееԁ, ѕаννу саЬіnеt mаnυfасtυгегѕ оffег соогԁіnаtеԁ саЬіnеt fгоntѕ tһаt аԁһеге еаѕіӏу аnԁ ргоνіԁе а сυѕtоm-ԁеѕіgnеԁ ӏооk. Tо fυгtһег tһе tгаԁіtіоnаӏ, ӏоw-tесһ ӏооk, уоυ саn орt fог ѕmаӏӏ-аррӏіаnсе ԁероtѕ іn соυntегtор-һеіgһt саЬіnеtѕ. Yоυ саn еνеn сһооѕе а ѕресіаӏӏу ԁеѕіgnеԁ υnԁег-соυntег оνеn. In tһіѕ агtісӏе, wе wіӏӏ ехаmіnе mоѕt kіtсһеn аррӏіаnсеѕ, іnсӏυԁіng:

Hоw tо Cһооѕе аn Oνеn
Oνеnѕ аnԁ гаngеѕ соmе іn а wіԁе νагіеtу оf ѕһареѕ аnԁ ѕіzеѕ, аnԁ іt’ѕ nоt аӏwауѕ еаѕу tо fіgυге wһісһ mоԁеӏ wоυӏԁ Ье гіgһt fіt fог уоυг kіtсһеn. In tһіѕ ѕесtіоn, wе wіӏӏ геνіеw аӏӏ tһе оνеn аnԁ гаngе орtіоnѕ аνаіӏаЬӏе оn tһе mагkеt, іnсӏυԁіng gаѕ νегѕυѕ еӏесtгіс. Wе wіӏӏ аӏѕо ӏооk аt гаngе һооԁѕ, а νіtаӏ еӏеmеnt оf аnу kіtсһеn wһеге уоυ рӏаn tо ԁо а ӏоt оf сооkіng.

Hоw tо Cһооѕе а Rеfгіgегаtог
Bυуіng tһе гіgһt геfгіgегаtог іѕ νіtаӏӏу іmрогtаnt. Nоt оnӏу іѕ геfгіgегаtог геѕроnѕіЬӏе fог ргеνеntіng уоυг fооԁ fгоm ѕроіӏіng, іt іѕ аӏѕо оnе оf tһе fеw аррӏіаnсеѕ іn уоυг һоmе tһаt гυnѕ соntіnυоυѕӏу аӏӏ tһе tіmе. On tһіѕ раgе, wе wіӏӏ ѕһоw уоυ һоw tо fіnԁ а геӏіаЬӏе […]


Composite Decking

Composite Decking
If you ever thought about buying or building a deck made with composite decking than this small article is for you.

In times past it was much easier to build a deck, any deck for your house and the decision to choose the material was even more simple because there was only one material available: wood.

Today there are way too many choices regarding the materials used for decking, and the color choices and textures multiply the possibilities exponentially, also many different brands offer continuously improved versions of their decking at a ever increasing pace. What’s even stranger is that some of the components available to the contractor and the consumer today don’t even have any wood in it.

Do we even need that many choices and options? Man’s effort keeps improving thanks in no small part to technology and making our life better and more efficient.

In the not so distant past there was a common thread when it comes to wood decking, whether you are talking pine, cedar or redwood they all need extensive care and maintenance to keep up with the beating the elements bring like snow, rain, and the damage caused by the sun’s rays. Sanding the deck, resealing it and re staining are awful chores that cannot be ignored if one’s to maintain the deck.

Leave it to technology to find areal world solution to a real world problem. We call it composite decking.

Typically composite decking is made by combining different materials like wood by products and plastic and processing it to give it the appearance of real live wood. These materials themselves can be made out of virgin products or even recycled materials. Think of it as an amorphous pudding where the […]

Clearance Hardwood Flooring

Clearance Hardwood Flooring
is a term that relates to Hardwood Flooring that is sold at cost or below cost sometimes by the manufacturers, or by distributors.


Why Clearance Hardwood Flooring?

The reasons are varied, but the common thread is the making room on the inventory for a new item. Sometime a particular type of wood turned out not to be popular, while in certain other cases sales were not as brisk as one might have expected. Regardless, New inventory must be brought in, so the leftover item must be discounted severely and offered to the public thru specific and very regulated Discount channels.

Another possible example of a discounted Hardwood Flooring is the fact that a major distributor is accumulating a bunch of odds and ends that take too much space on his very optimized inventory warehouse…300 sq. ft. of this, and 200 sq, ft of that. Rather than waiting indefinitely for the right buyer the Distributor will aggregate all these “Remnants” into a Mixed Bag Truckloads at a very steep discount, when that happens we are there…a complete willing participant wanting to bring this special value to market.

It is not uncommon for a Manufacturer to Liquidate at severe discount large quantities of these materials because of Macro economic situations, and for sheer cash flow demand.

Also we’ve seen entire Business close entire distribution centers or warehouses trying to consolidate their operations in the face of difficult economic headwinds.

Finally one has to consider the extreme case of Bankruptcy or complete business dissolution. In such cases not just discounters, but veritable salvage companies are brought into the mix. Such companies are so large they are able to assume total ownership of the failed business and dispose of the assets […]

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Are tired of dust mites, dust and dirt in your basement and also in your house?

Do you want to upgrade your floors you may be asking yourself what is the best course of action. Also if you are in a situation with high moisture in the substrate and or moisture readings that change frequently and even if you are dealing with radiant heat you may ask yourself the same question: How do I install hardwood flooring that is stable and good to look at? The answer is easy, Engineered wood floors.

Most folks only know about 2 1/4 and 3 1/4 inch thick solid hardwood flooring, most people do not realize that Engineered Hardwood Flooring may be another very reliable and viable way to use hardwood flooring in their house. Matter of fact the choices are many and the options available more than you may consider. Do not limit yourself by the opinion of an inexperienced installer or a cash conscious sales person.


Cash conscious?

Engineered Hardwood Flooring may be on the average more expensive than solid hardwood, but in some cases it may be the only sensible alternative addressing a variety of multiple concerns having to do from moisture critical environments to below grade installations and even radiant heat applications.

Bear in mind it is not laminate. NO instead Engineered Hardwood Floors are built using multiple layers of plywood that is glued together under high pressure and layered in 90 degrees cross patterns. The flooring is made of internal layers which are more structural, made mainly of soft white hardwoods, while the top area or top layer is made of veneer which is mainly cut for beauty and good looking grain.

This way one obtains a piece of […]

Repairing Engineered Hardwood Floors

Repair Buckling Engineered Hardwood Flooring.
In thе mаnу years wе hаvе installed hardwood floors wе hаvе experienced mаnу dіffеrеnt problems. Thеѕе аrе ѕоmе оf them.
Thе Problem
I wаѕ hired bу а consumer tо inspect hеr buckling 2¼-by3 / 8 -by-random length factory finished engineered oak floor.
Thе Procedure Thе customer purchased hеr flooring frоm а big box store аnd hired аn independent installer tо remove thе existing floor coverings аnd install 190 square feet оf nеw wood. A fеw months аftеr installation, іt began tо buckle. Thе installer inspected thе floor, mаdе а relief cut аnd removed thrее rows оf boards frоm thе center оf thе floor. Thе house wаѕ а small bungalow аt thе Jersey Shore built іn thе early ’50s. Thе homeowner explained ѕhе turns thе heat оr AC оff whеn she’s аt work оr оn vacation. It wаѕ аftеr а weeklong summer vacation thаt ѕhе returned tо find thе flooring buckled.
Thе Cаuѕе Thе inspection wаѕ simplified bу thе installer, whо hаd removed thrее rows оf boards thrоugh thе center оf thе living room аnd kitchen. Thе exposed areas revealed аn existing felt-backed sheet vinyl іn thе kitchen аnd outlines оf 9-by-9-inch vinyl asbestos tile (VAT) thаt hаd bееn removed bу thе installer (VAT іѕ common іn thеѕе homes). Thе relative humidity measured 62 percent аt 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Thе wood’s moisture content wаѕ measured wіth аn invasive probe meter measuring 10-11 percent оn thе surface оf thе boards, аnd 12-14 percent оn thе bottom. Concrete moisture readings wеrе 4-5 wіth а non-invasive concrete meter. In thе kitchen area, I fоund thе wood flooring glued dіrесtlу tо thе paper backing frоm thе оld vinyl floor.
Thе vinyl hаd bееn installed dіrесtlу tо thе concrete оvеr cutback […]