Staining Hardwood Flooring

What are some ways to stain Hardwood?
As you know Staining your Hardwood Floor is a vast subject requiring a lot of research and knowledge and experience..some beyond my paygrade. I will say this that I will try my best.

From the contractor point of view
practices between contractors. Some absolutely love to stain Hardwood Flooring, they are good at it and they are able to offer custom colors to customers giving them the effect of very exotic Hardwood Species, and they are able to charge appropriately for their work. Other unfortunately hate staining Hardwood Floors, they see it as a hassle and a common source of complaints from their customers. Either way all reputable contractors should be very proficient at Staining.

So what are these customer concerns? To properly answer this question we refer to the Experts at Hardwood Floor Magazine From the revered NWFA

A good stain job is only as good as the sanding job that came before it. Wood flooring contractors who have done natural floors for years without a problem often find that they need to take their sanding skills to the next level in order to get an acceptable stain job. Any imperfection left by the sander will be highlighted once the floor is stained. Everything from drum marks to edger marks to screen marks seem to come alive with added color on the floor.
One of the most common problems caused by sanding is known as “picture-framing” or the “halo” effect. This is evident when a floor looks like one color in the field and another—lighter or darker—around the room’s perimeter. The effect is caused by a difference in sanding grits and/or sanding patterns used in the field and around […]

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Difference between red oak and white oak hardwood flooring

What is the difference between red oak and white oak hardwood?
Oak flooring is the most popular species of hardwood here in New England, and in most of the United States for that matter. Oak is a very practical hardwood flooring, is readily available (grown and made in the US), very affordable and very easy to stain, to give you the color effect you prefer. Many consumers don’t realize that there are 2 species of oak – red oak and white oak flooring.

If you are installing new hardwood flooring everywhere, either red oak hardwood or white oak hardwood will work, and your choice will probably be dependent on which look/color seems more appealing to you.

If you already have oak flooring, and are adding more material, you will want to match what you already have…that way, you will have a consistent look and wood will absorb the stain colors the same way. I’ve seen it happen too often where a customer (or contractor) has mismatched the wood with red oak in some areas and white oak in others. This means that your wood will never completely match – the graining will be different and the stain color will be different.
What’s the difference between red oak flooring and white oak flooring?

Red Oak has a bit of a pinkish tint is a little bit lighter than white oak. White oak tends to be a bit browner, darker and more yellow. When you stain them, the difference between the 2 species decreases, especially the darker you go. With lighter stains, the red oak tends to have a bit of red undertone in the color.

2. Graining – Red oak has stronger graining than white oak. White oak has a bit […]

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Hardwood Nailers and Staplers

Hardwood Flooring Tools
are very different today than they ever used to be. In the Old Days Hardwood was being nailed by hand,using cut described by the black and white picture on the right. I can only imagine how difficult, hard, and imprecise a job that might have been. Think how many times you would miss, and how many dents and bent nails…or sore thumbs..Ouchh!!

Nowadays we have some of the best equipment, powernailers, compressors, air hoses and lots of great choices in fasteners. In this brief article we are going to give you some simple tips and most of all explain some of the choices available to the modern contractor. When you look at the choices we list, everything is there. You can buy with confidence from Amazon.
Flooring Nail Guns
can be manual or pneumatic. They are designed to sit on the wood & drive nails into it. These tools grip the edge of wooden boards & can fire staples & cleats at high speeds into hard, soft & engineered (laminated) wood. Nailer Guns are specialized tools & there are many on offer from a variety of manufacturers.

Manual Floor Nailer
This type of nailer is similar in appearance to the pneumatic flooring nailer. The difference between the two is that the pneumatic gun is assisted by the power of a compressor. In simple terms by using a manual nailer, you will need to exert much more muscle power to drive the nails into the flooring.

Pneumatic Floor Nailer
Once connected to an air compressor this tool will install flooring planks concealing the staples & cleats by driving them at angles, producing an accurate, smooth finish. You will still need to strike a plate on the top of the […]

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Brazilian Cherry care

If you thought that installing that awe inspiring and exotic Brazilian hardwood flooring in your house was all that was there to be done then think again. Although hardwood flooring is considered the best (though somewhat expensive) flooring option available it requires proper care and maintenance for it to really prove its worth. However, there is no need for worry, as taking care of your Brazilian hardwood is simple and easy; all it needs is regularity and diligence on your part, a bucket of water, some mild cleaning agent (generally recommended by the manufacturer) and a towel.As a first, you should know all about the details of the species of Brazilian hardwood that you have installed in your house and the different chemicals that were used in giving its finishing. The care and maintenance regimen varies greatly from species too species and the type of finishing used. Next, you should contact the manufacturer for details on the type of cleaning procedure that has to be used for your floor. The company should ideally provide you with a detailed cleaning protocol, along with a list of reagents that are suitable for your Brazilian hardwood floor, and a list of reagents that are not. Once you have in your hand the complete list of Dos and Donts you have to ensure that you follow them strictly if you dont then you have no right to complain later about the loss of shine of your floor or other defects that may crop up.A typical cleaning procedure should go something like this: take water in a bucket, add X amount of reagent Y to this, put in a clean towel, wring it dry, and mop the floor with […]

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Red Oak-refinish-1

With the recent developments in the field of hardwood floor installation, you need not require professional help from carpenters for installing hardwood floors. The task of installing hardwood floors can be easily performed by anyone now. This has been possible with the availability of pre-finished flooring, where the wood is factory-finished and saves the labor of sanding and finishing it manually.

Other than the ever-popular red oak, there are many varieties of hardwood which are available in several colors and textures to add a touch of class to your home. Selection of the type of material you want to use in installing hardwood floors can become easier if you do a search on the Internet or make a preliminary visit to a hardware shop.

Pre-finished flooring can be bought online or from a merchant you trust. After you get the wood home, you should stack the wood in the room it will be installed in for a few day to let it adjust to the normal humidity level. This is important to do because moisture makes wood expand. Leave a half inch between the floor and the wall when installing your flooring. This space could be covered with a baseboard or molding strip later.

For the actual installation of the floors, follow the instructions given by the supplier. These are usually the things you have to do step-by-step to get a custom finish on the floor. The wood comes already micro-beveled to allow for expansion of wood during the summer.

If your flooring is very old and looks it, you can also refinish it to make it look like new. Before the job starts, remove furniture, rugs, drapes and all articles on the floor. Refinished flooring takes about […]

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Engineered hardwood floors

How many of us have the hope to have hardwood floors in our house instead of the awful looking carpet that we have had to endure for ages? This is a dream of many – but so few discover it because they are scared to pay the high price for it. The better substitute to the real thing is to buy something that appears and similar to it – but is not as costly.

Engineered hardwood floors are a an exceptional alternative to anybody who desires to save money when buying different flooring. This type of flooring is accessible in unique tones and is constructed to be more tough and stable then the proper thing. It might not be waterproof – but it can hold up against heat and moisture easier than many floors thanks to its several core layers.

As with any kind of flooring that you have put in in your house you need to understand how to maintain it and keep it looking brand new every day. Cleaning engineered hardwood floors can be difficult and should be done cautiously. Numerous individuals will handle them like they are the real thing and will employ the standard hardwood cleaners on them.

Many of these wood cleansers should not be used because they have particular ingredients that will get rid of the finish from the surface of the floors. This finish is rather critical because it will screen the floor and keep its glow from fading. You will only have the ability to refinish these kinds of floors a few times before replacing them.

The simplest solution you are able to use is warm water blended with a few drops of household cleansers. This is gentle to utilise […]

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Maple Hardwood Flooring

Maple flooring has many benefits for the homeowner that is looking for a new floor – Maple Hardwood Flooring is very sturdy and very  appealing. The maple tree comes in many different types with varying wood grain patterns and is perhaps best known for being the source of that Canadian favorite, maple syrup.

However, it is the maple wood itself that tends to attract attention from those looking to update their homes. Maple is usually relatively light in colour, but its markings can be significantly darker – making for a particularly striking appearance. The wood is also very strong, meaning that homeowners can be confident they are investing in flooring that will last for years to come.

Janka Hardness scale

As you can see in this chart Sugar Maple also called Hard Maple or Rock Maple has a Janka hardness rating of 1450. By comparison Red Oak has a hardness rating of 1290, making Maple 13% harder than Oak….That means a more durable and dent resistant type of floor. A true domestic exotic. It is this quality along with the clear light color that makes Maple flooring a favorite of contractors for gymnasiums, bowling alleys and dance floors.


Maple wood flooring also has a wonderful appearance. Due to the fact that Maple is nonporous it takes very good to the finishing process, giving it a glistening appearance. Other Hardwoods by contrast sometime show a bit of a rough look due to the fact they are a lot more porous.
The way Maple looks, and therefore it’s grading are primarily related to the zone of the United States where the material comes from. Check out this informative video from Carlisle floors, and see them explain how it’s all about […]

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