We are proud of what we accomplished so far!!, but we are looking for so much more.
<p>These are some pictures from the Wentworth by the sea hotel. We did all the flooring of this project.</p>
<p>Envisioned it, created it, and installed it!</p>

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Janka Hardness

The Janka hardness
The Janka hardness test measures the hardness of wood. It measures the force required to embed a 0.444 inch steel ball into wood to half the ball’s diameter. It is a good measurement technique to determine the relative hardness across hardwoods.Red oak is used as the standard and its hardness is 1,290 on the Janka scale. White oak is just a bit harder at 1,360. Bamboo is a bit harder at 1,380 and maple a bit harder than that at 1,450.But, if you shift toward the exotic hardwoods from South America, the woods are on a different wavelength. The popular Brazilian Cherry is 2,350 – almost twice as hard as red oak. And, Brazilian walnut comes in at 3,684 – nearly triple the hardness of red oak.Below is a listing of many hardwoods so you can see the range of hardness. You’ll also note that most of the pines (which were used a LONG time ago) are low. They are rather soft and aren’t even considered hardwoods. They can dent very easily.Also note that there are some woods such as “cherry” and “walnut” that vary greatly based on their country of origin. Brazilian Cherry and Brazilian Walnut are very HARD; conversely American Cherry and American Walnut are very SOFT and will also dent very easily. So, if you are considering cherry or walnut, be sure to investigate further.Tree SpeciesHardness3,684 Brazilian Walnut Lapacho/Ipe3,540 Brazilian Teak/Cumaru/Brazilian Chestnut2,350 Brazilian Cherry/Jatoba2,200 Santos Mahogany/Cabrueva1,925 Merbau1,912 Brazilian Oak/Amendoim1,850 Tigerwood1,820 Hickory1,780 Rosewood1,710 Kempas1,630 Wenge1,575 Zebrawood1,570 Timborana1,510 Sapele1,450 Hard Maple1,380 Natural Bamboo1,360 White Oak1,320 Ash1,290 Red Oak1,260 Yellow Birch1,225 Heart Pine1,080 Peruvian Walnut1,010 American Walnut/Black Walnut950 American Cherry900 Cedar870 Southern Yellow Pine – Long leaf690 Southern Yellow Pine – Short […]

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1 4 Cork Roll

One of the biggest arguments among wine lovers is not Red vs. White, or French wine vs. California wine. One of the biggest arguments that you’ll hear among wine lovers is natural cork vs. screw caps. That’s right… whether or not wine bottles should be sealed with traditional cork stoppers, or with screw caps. Each method of sealing the wine bottle has it’s good points and it’s bad points.

Traditional corks are under attack, mostly for the reason that they could allow the wine to become “corked”. That is, the wine reacts with a substance called trichloroanisole. This substance is formed when the chlorine, which is used to sanitize the cork, reacts with a mold that grows in some cork. Trichloranisole, or TCA, causes a musty odor, and a flat, moldy flavor. An estimated 5-10% of wines on merchant shelves are “corked”.

Natural corks are also not always easy to remove from the bottle. With the old spiral corkscrew, you have to put it in the cork just right, and not screw it in too far. And even if you get the corkscrew into the cork just right, pieces of the cork do crumble into the wine.

That isn’t to say that cork stoppers are bad. They do allow the wine to breathe a bit. Their porous nature allows oxygen into the bottle, and other gases out. Some experts say that this is what allows wine to age. Others, however, claim that it is the compounds in the wine that allow aging. One of the other good things about natural corks, is the satisfying “pop” as it comes out of the bottle. A screw cap can’t compare with the drama and romance of popping a cork out […]

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12×12 Cork Squares

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to make a corkboard to put above my desk area complete with patterned fabric covered cork. How to make?…

^ here’s the inspiration. I don’t necessarily want the chalk board, peg board, and white board surfaces. I’m thinking of just getting a large sheet of cork that’s 36×48 inches (3×4 ft) and paste squares of 12×12 scrapbook paper on it in a pattern/style that matches the color scheme of my room. However, I just went on PB Teen to check out their version and it seems that they used fabric on their corkboard. I’d still like to use scrapbook paper because of the selection of patterns that are more suitable for designing a corkboard, but I’m open to using fabric as well… Whichever the case may be, what would be the best adhesive to use for this project? If I use spray-on glue with the paper, will it wrinkle? Will glue hold the fabric down nice and well? Please help me, haha! I’m open to any other suggestions as well. :D

If you have any experience in this department please give me some advice; even with no experience your input would be greatly appreciated!

You can often find those cork bulletin boards (frame included) for a few bucks at Goodwill, etc. I bought one for .50.

If you go that route, all you need to do is lay out your paper in the desired design, and adhere the paper to the cork. I would use decoupage glue (Mod Podge) because it adheres paper permanently and the paper doesn’t wrinkle.

If you chose to use fabric (I made one of these for my daughter using fabric) you’re further ahead to (as the […]

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2.25 Inch Select Red Oak Flooring

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2 1 4 Select Red Oak Flooring

Oak wood is very hard and tough commonly used in many parts of the world for doors in any home. It is quite natural that everybody who build houses always gives extra care about the main door after finishing the building. Of course the amount they invest in the construction of the building would be far greater than what one is going to spend in doors are cheaper. But it is human tendency to focus ones full attention in shaping the door by way of painting or drawing pictures and totally he wants to show his complete skill in it.

Before we go to buy oak door there is a question that why should we buy oak door because it is most suitable for all the seasons. It is very strong and firm when we compare to other woods. At the same time, you can get any size and shape as you like. If your door wants a distinct look from others then you have to buy oak door. Sometime you may think that to have oak door as something expensive and not affordable. It is also not difficult to deal with even though its market is a bigger one.

Although the market of oak doors is unimaginably a big one, you have a lot of choices to select the right prices through internet. If you study the market rates carefully, then it will be easier for you to pick up the right price for your door.

There are so many advantages when you buy oak door. First of all, as this oak wood are very hard and thick, light can not easily get in to it so there is no […]

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2 1 4 X 3 4 Red Oak Flooring

Prestige Sunnyside:

Prestige Sunnyside located off the Sarjapur – Marthahalli Ring Road, just next to CISCO campus, Bangalore. Spread over 5 acres land area, Prestige Sunnyside offers a choice of 2,3 and 4 bedroom exclusive apartments in 2 blocks ranging from 1311 sq.ft to 2439 sq.ft..

Prestige Sunnyside has 2 phases – Prestige Sunnyside Oak and Prestige Sunnyside Elm. Prestige Sunnyside oak is G+ 19 structure where in Prestige Sunnyside Elm is G +10 structures. At Prestige Sunnyside, every side is the better and the brighter one. And, what's more, situated just off the city's IT corridor, it is just a hop away from work as well.

SJR Celestia:

SJR Celestia by SJR Group offer 2/3 Bedroom Apartment located atSarjapur Road,Bangalore. This premium housing project put on the total land of 3 Acres with 216 Premium Apartments.

SJR Celestia Bangalore located exact onSarajpur Roadis at about 1 kms far from Sarjapur-ORR Junction and very near toElectronicCityand ITPL. Every Apartment of this plan is fine planned with well ventilation in line with 80% Vastu complaint and apex-of-the- line flooring, finish and fitting among best of the facilities.


Confident Leo:

Confident Leo is a prime property spread across 2.97, comprising 120 magnificent 4 Bedrooms Apartments in 15 storied towers with dedicated lifts. Each 4 bedrooms apartments comes with a separate servant room, service entrance, attached toilet & powder room. Confident Leo located on the Sarjapur Main Roadin Bangaloreit is close to Wipro Corporate Office and provides many amenities such as tennis Court, Shuttle Court, Table Tennis, Billiards, Half Basketball Courtetc.

ND Passion Elite:

ND Developers has launched a new residential project PASSION at Harlur Main Road, Bangalore. ND Passion offers 3 BHK apartments and […]

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1 4 Cork Board Sheets

Your classroom’s bulletin board is an intriguing focal point that plays an important part in educating and exciting your students. These creative ideas for fall bulletin board sets are not only simple and fun, but your students will think they’re fantastic! These ideas are also a great way to get your students involved in making colorful, educational classroom decorations.

Giant Sunflower

Late summer and early fall are the time of year when sunflowers are at their peak. Beautiful sunflowers are a source of food for humans, birds, squirrels and other animals, and their size makes them seem quite majestic, especially to small children.

A large sunflower can be constructed from yellow, orange and green construction paper and affixed to the center of the bulletin board. Then, poetry, short quotes about the season, child poetry, short stories or even fall-themed vocabulary words can be placed around the sunflower.

For the sunflower-themed border, trim it with smaller sunflowers without the stems or make a garland of dried flowers of any kind for the border. In addition, sunflower seeds can be used for decoration and as a math manipulative.

Deciduous Trees

What kinds of deciduous trees grow where you live? Make a fall bulletin board set utilizing the different types of deciduous trees and their leaves. Tree names also make great vocabulary words, so add the names of the trees to the decoration as well.

Simple tree trunks can be created by the students from brown construction paper or even newsprint to make the appearance more unique. Then, use a mixture of bright-colored construction paper leaves and real leaves of all shapes and sizes to cover the tree trunks on the bulletin board.

Leaves also make a great border for this theme. Or, you may […]

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3 1 4 Prefinished Maple Flooring

To clean your hardwood floor you can use a vacuum cleaner, soft-bristled broom, dust mop, floor buffer, and a dust cloth.

Aside from their beauty, hardwood floors have a reputation for being durable. Many older houses will still have their wood floors intact. Even though hardwood floors are durable, they are still susceptible to damage and can become very easily worn out without regular cleaning and hardwood floor refinishing Bloomfield. You should know what things you will need for cleaning your hardwood flooring.

Vacuum cleaner

Never allow dirt and dust into your room because they make the room look untidy and will damage your hardwood floors. If you notice foreign particles on your floor you must remove them immediately. Otherwise, they will become embedded onto the surface and be very difficult to remove later. Vacuum cleaners give individuals an easy way to remove dust, and other debris, from their home. Most of the vacuum cleaners are huge and upright, while others are hand held tools which can be easily maneuvered over tight spaces. Be certain to pick a vacuum model that will work with the size of your hardwood floor, plus some come with certain attachments created for cleaning a delicate hardwood floor.

A broom with soft bristles

A broom with soft bristles can do the same job as a vacuum. This tool is good for sweeping dirt and dust away from your hardwood floor surface easily. Don

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3 4 Inch Hardwood Maple Flooring

When you hear the term “hardwood plywood”, the first thing that you may think of is a flimsy board where you can see every bit of wood that was glued onto it while it starts to peel from the uppers because it was soaked for five seconds.

However, hardwood plywood is much, much, much sturdier than your everyday plywood. In fact, plywood itself is much sturdier than you may have thought originally! But the question is—where exactly does this come to mind? How do you know what plywood you should use?

First of all, you need to understand that plywood is made out of wood and glue. The process in which plywood is made, however, is a bit more complicated.

First, you start off with a log. The logs usually made into hardwood plywood are maple or oak. They are some of the hardest woods and are exclusively used in this type of plywood.

Next, the log is cut—but not in the old-fashioned way. Think of a Swiss Roll and how it is unpeeled. The log is cut in the exact same manner. Then, each of the pieces is laid flat and then glued together. Each piece is laid with the grain perpendicular the previous and next piece of wood, to make it stronger. They are then baked afterwards to harden the materials.

After that, they are shipped to your local hardware store or warehouses. The thing about hardwood plywood is that it is much harder than the flimsy board that you may have previously had in mind.

Hardwood plywood is good for a variety of things, including flooring. If you want to have good, sturdy flooring, using this type of plywood is a great idea.

However, you need to keep […]

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