How to Properly clean your Hardwood Floors
First of all, don’t ever use Murphy’s Oil Soap. This soap works great on furniture, do not use it on wood floors because it will leave a residue that will leave your floors looking dull after a bit of consistent use. Use Dry Swiffer instead, it is great for collecting dust, pet hair, and dirt form your floors and it is also less abrasive than a vacuum cleaner, However do not use a wet Swiffer, because the chemicals in the cleaning solution will break down the Urethane finish of your floor and cause long term damage, leaving The hardwood dull and lifeless.
After a basic sweeping with Dry Swiffer, You can use a microfiber cloth, and spray one of the many Hardwood specific Cleaners. I have to say there is many good products out there, and for sure the retailer providing the wood has their preference.
Protection from Water
Place area rugs in places where water might collect or spill. The prime areas are in front of the sink, by the refrigerator, and by the dishwasher. Even a small pool of water is a very fast way to ruin a hardwood floor.
Also you should never use a wet mop on your hardwood floor.
Continued use of a wet mop will warp your floor, by introducing excessive moisture thru the top layer, causing unnatural expansion of the wood. This will surely lead to a warped floor in which the boards start to “curl” leading to the problem we call “Cupping”.
Also the extreme expansion of the floor as a whole will cause “Checking” of the finish between boards, sometime resulting in a complete failure of the finish.
Also never use harsh cleaning solutions made by […]