My sons helped me build this 6 shelf lazy susan pantry cabinet into the closet.I bought two 4 by 8 foot by 3/4 inch oak panels to a make the new shelves for the pantry. We cut each panel into four 2 by 4 foot pieces. We needed six pieces to make the six shelves. We cut these six pieces to fit inside the pantry closet from our template.We transfered the template design onto one of the 2 by 4 foot plywood pieces. We used the center point of the door as the pivot point for the router to route out a 14.375 inch radius half circle out of the plywood to make the back shelf. We then shortened the radius of the router to 13.625 inches to make the half circle 3/4 of an inch smaller so that it would easily fit into the half circle of the back shelf.We added a 1.5 by 1/4 inch oak lip around front of the back shelves and the half circle shelves so that food items would not fall off as the lazy susan is rotated.We fabricated a pivot post out of three 1 by 4 inch by 8 foot oak boards. The three boards were glued together as a 3 by 3 inch post 8 foot long. We drilled 5/8 inch hole in the bottom end 3 inches deep and fit a 4 by 5/8 inch steel rod in it and drilled a 5 inch deep hole for the top and placed a 7 by 5/8 inch steel rod in the top hole. The lazy susan pivots around these rods which are anchored in the floor at the bottom by a thrust bearing which we made and to the inside wall of the pantry closet at the top with a pillow block bearing.We then mounted three 70 inch double track standard rails to the post on three sides. These rails were used to mount three sets 11 inch double track brackets for the half circle shelves to sit on. We cut a notch into each half circle shelf so that they would fit around the 3 by 3 inch post and rails snugly.I sanded, stained and varnished all the pieces for the lazy susan shelves. We set the back shelves in the closet and then mounted the pivot post in the thrust bearing on the floor and attached it to the wall with a 5/8 inch pillow block bearing. We then assembled the pantry closet by mounting the brackets and half shelves on the rails of the pivot post.We tested the lazy susan pantry cabinet to make sure it would pivot around the center post and not hit the back shelves. It worked and it is easy to get to all of the stored items on the back shelf and all the items on the lazy susan pantry cabinet as it swings out for easy access. My wife loves it.

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    Going to make a beginning of a story, please tell me the highlights and the negative qualities of it.?
    I’m my room. I’m lying on the carpet floor, my head feeling warm. Everything is…blurry. My head is warm, blood dripping into my white hand. My white t-shirt is spattered with red dots of blood and a red ring around the neck of the shirt. I’m in my boxers, colored blue and surrounded by bruises. I lift myself up off my carpet, and look around in my room. There’s bits of glass on the ground, cracks in the wall. My bed is torn up, my dresser flipped over on it’s side. My framed picture of my mother and I lies cracked on the floor. I look over to my closet, scratches on the white door, my clothes thrown down all over the floor, my shoes tossed to the side.

    I pull myself up, using my shoulder as a balanced against the wall. I’m gritting my teeth, trying to be as quiet as I can. My head hurts and my arm is heavily bruised, purple and deep blue spots all over my shoulder. I move my hand to push myself up, but cut myself by the glass lying on the floor. I pick up a fragment of it and see small letters engraved into a label: “Katavoshka Vodka.” Tossing it gently to the side, I realize that my father is angry; even worse, he’s drunk.

    Slowly rising, I use the wall to balance myself. I step around the chunks of glass to get to my closet, only a few yards away. Suddenly, I hear footsteps heavily banging against the oak flooring outside in the hallway. My heart skips a beat, and I duck down behind the dresser, throw some sheets over me, and wait in the darkness. I leave a small peep hole so I can see what’s going on. My father walks in, wearing leather boots, work jeans, and a grey tee stained with giblets of vomit. I can smell his breath even from a few feet away. The rotten stench of vodka, vomit, and Cuban cigars fills my room.

    He urps, mutters something I couldn’t understand, and starts jabbing the mattress with a broom pole. He walks around, slowly, with a low growl towards me. My heart beats like a deer would when a shot misses him; he pokes around, a few inches near my face. I look up through the peep hole, and see his black, thick beard. His head is greasy, a slick dirty blonde with a mixture of a almost golden, brown, and black.

    He gives up, walks away on the glass out to the hallway. With each step I can hear a crunch from the glass grinding against his boots. I let out a sigh of relief, and lift myself up again, and walk over to the closet. I push all the clothes on the floor to the other side of the closet. While doing so, I hear the mattress springs under my fathers bed strain, meaning he’s crashing for the night. Heading back to my work, I move the pile shoes and shirts as well as pants to the side until I see only the border between my closet and my room-which was plank to carpet.

    I take out a head of a hammer I found while in the woods while walking home from school out of my backpack. I slide in the teeth of the head and pull up the plank, and find what I’m looking for- a tin lunchbox. I open it, and like I left it, a paper, a map, and a wad of at least six to seven 20 dollar bills rolled up and kept together by a rubber band. I open up my paper, and read it over again.

    “What to do if Dad is getting to a abusive point:

    1. Get clothes collected in the rucksack.

    2. Take as much food and water as you can in the rucksack.

    3. Take tent, sleeping bag and pad, as well as cash.

    4. Take knife.

    5. Leave no trace.

    *not end of story, it’s just I have to wrap this up because I have to sleep.*

    So tell me, how was it guys? It was going to be named Leave no Trace, a story about a abusive father who goes into fits every night over the loss of his wife…and now, the main character, Chris, is on the run. *yes, I’m not accurate right now. I wanna sleep :( *
    Urp: Urp is a term when you gag and barf a little bit. I really should edit it but I’m quite lazy for that.

    • ANSWER:
      Well, it’s amateur is all I can say. You can simply feel the amateur.

    Please help, need decorating and paint avice. Pics attached?

    Ok so the last 4 pictures are of how my condo looked before. We have now town out the carpet and we are putting medium oak floors. So now I have to paint the kitchen and I dont know if I should paint the kitchen in with that pattern on the 2nd picture posted. i am getting rid of all my red stuff. I dont want red anymore besides that with the green my house will look like X-mas all year round. I will keep some pf that stoff for my x-mas decorations. But I just am wondering what other color would be a nice color for the kitchen.

    The rest of the house as you can see has been painted green and we are putting down 3 inch baseboards. I am also painting the mill work white. How do you suuggest I decorate with these ideas?

    Do you think the color is too drastic?

    Thank you very much for your opinions.

    How would you decorate?

    maybe some tans, blues, yellows? Our couch is a very dark dark green it almost looks brown.

    • ANSWER:
      Ok I would paint the living room a light tan/grey/yellow mixed to macth the fire place then i would paint the borders black to match the fixtures of the fireplace it will set so well …then get some black drapes to swoop down the sides and midlle of the window with gold /bronze drape hooks and holders…offset the bathroom the same patterns and color….do the kitchen like a light pastel orange with black marble tile with black yuck get all green/grey/black wcerrioes to match….for the couch get like some orange and tan pillows get creative and cute at the same time the table place matts gotta go geet some diff color ones like tan with a diff designs since the table is dark oak hope this works

2 1 4 inch red oak flooring