Frequently Asked Questions

    I have some 12″X12″ painted thin metal tiles that I want to attach to a new textured wall. How do I do this?
    I am wanting to use 16 tiles, 8 that are 12X12 cork that I will hot glue fabric to and the other 8 are the thin metal which are magnetic and dry erase. I would love to attach them in a way that will not damage the textured wall and also allow my daughter to switch them into different patterns for a 4X4 section on her wall. There is nothing on the back to hang them with. How can I attach them to the wall?

    • ANSWER:
      you want to allow your daughter to move them so I would use velcro attached to the backs of each panel and to the wall itself

      the textured wall may require a little extra adhesive on the velcro strip though to hold it firmly in place

      after your done with that you can lightly sand off the adhesive on the wall, prime and then paint

12×12 cork tiles