One of the biggest arguments among wine lovers is not Red vs. White, or French wine vs. California wine. One of the biggest arguments that you’ll hear among wine lovers is natural cork vs. screw caps. That’s right… whether or not wine bottles should be sealed with traditional cork stoppers, or with screw caps. Each method of sealing the wine bottle has it’s good points and it’s bad points.

Traditional corks are under attack, mostly for the reason that they could allow the wine to become “corked”. That is, the wine reacts with a substance called trichloroanisole. This substance is formed when the chlorine, which is used to sanitize the cork, reacts with a mold that grows in some cork. Trichloranisole, or TCA, causes a musty odor, and a flat, moldy flavor. An estimated 5-10% of wines on merchant shelves are “corked”.

Natural corks are also not always easy to remove from the bottle. With the old spiral corkscrew, you have to put it in the cork just right, and not screw it in too far. And even if you get the corkscrew into the cork just right, pieces of the cork do crumble into the wine.

That isn’t to say that cork stoppers are bad. They do allow the wine to breathe a bit. Their porous nature allows oxygen into the bottle, and other gases out. Some experts say that this is what allows wine to age. Others, however, claim that it is the compounds in the wine that allow aging. One of the other good things about natural corks, is the satisfying “pop” as it comes out of the bottle. A screw cap can’t compare with the drama and romance of popping a cork out of the neck of the bottle.

You may have also seen synthetic corks in some bottles of wine. These stoppers, instead of being made from natural cork bark, are made from plastic. Synthetic corks are even harder to get out of the bottle than natural corks, and near impossible to put back into the bottle, if you need to put the bottle away after opening. Synthetic corks have also been known to allow the wine to oxidize, which causes flatness in the wine. It takes away some of the chemicals that form an important part of the wine aroma.

Screw caps, on the other hand, seem to be the perfect solution for sealing a bottle of wine. Screw caps don’t allow the wine to become “corked”, like natural corks. They’re easier to remove than both natural and synthetic corks. And they don’t allow the wine to oxidize like synthetic corks. There is some argument about whether screw caps allow the wine to age, like a natural cork does. Since aging a bottle of wine may take 5-50 years, and the screw cap is a relatively recent development, it will take some time to determine whether or not the wine will age as well.

So, screw caps make a good seal for a bottle of wine. But they do have the big drawback of not being as dramatic as a cork. Close your eyes for a moment, and imaging going to a fancy restaurant for a romantic dinner with your spouse. The waiter brings out a bottle of the most expensive wine, then unscrews a bottle cap. It just doesn’t have the flair of pulling a cork.

In the future it’s likely that you’ll see more and more wine being sealed with a screw cap than with a cork. Personally, the advantages seem to be in favor of the screw cap. But with proper storage, a good bottle of wine can liven up a party or meal, no matter whether it’s sealed with a cap or a cork.

About the author: Tim Sousa is a wine enthusiast. If you like wine as much as he does, you need to see his website, Wine Country Guide.


Frequently Asked Questions

    Does this sound like a good idea for a cork board?
    My mom and I were brainstorming ideas for a custom cork board and came up with this:

    1. Buy an antique or very detailed frame. Current color doesn’t have to be intact.
    2. Sand it a bit so the outer covering comes off. Not enough to ruin detail.
    3. Spray-paint white.
    4. Remove glass from frame and replace with rolled cork.
    5. Hang.

    Does that sound like a good idea or a really, really stupid one? Also, if anyone knows of any good places to get a pretty, 12×16 or 18×24 frame, just post or email me :)

    • ANSWER:
      i think that is a great idea, it will have an antique feel to it, but still be for everyday use, i put cork board over a whole wall in my house, it was fun and useful

    Can anybody translate this for me? (I think it’s Russian) (Not the english part lol.)?
    Ïðåäñòàâëÿþ âàøåìó âíèìàíèþ âîçìîæíî ñàìûé áîëüøîé ïàðêóð ìîä â ìèðå!

    2142(icq:475524196 ;
    SmiT(icq:560009571 ;


    1. ped.ifp êèäàéòå â ïàïêó anim
    2. parkour.ifp â gta3.img
    3. Âñå ôàéëû èç ïàïêè cleo â ïàïêó Cleo


    Ïðè ïðèçåìëåíèè ñ íåáîëüøîé âûñîòû âûïîëíÿåòñÿ äðîï
    X – ðîëë âûïîëíÿåòñÿ èç ëþáîãî ïîëîæåíèÿ
    Z – ðîëë íàçàä âûïîëíÿåòñÿ èç ëþáîãî ïîëîæåíèÿ

    1 – backflip
    2 – frontflip
    3 – sideflip è âûïîëíÿåòñÿ èç catleap
    4 – gainer
    5 – overbach
    6 – cork
    7 – down monkey wall flip
    8 – buterfly twist
    0 – backhandspring
    [ - backflip íà ìåñòå
    ] – blansh

    page down + 9 – round off open back flip
    page up + 9 – round off double back flip
    delete + 9 – round off back flip 720
    Insert + 9 – round off blansh
    9 – round off flashkick

    ? + 1 – back flip sideway
    ? + 2 – front flip sideway
    ? + 3 – dacascos
    ? + n – wallfrontflip sideways
    ? + ‘ + 3 – inward dacascos

    y – palmflip
    u – wallflip
    page up è u – wallflip 360
    o – accuracy
    p-fly roll
    g-hand accuracy
    n – wallfrontflip
    sprint + = + n – two leg wall front

    . + 1 – back pike
    . + 2 – front pike

    Àíèìàöèè êîòîðûå äåëàþòñÿ òîëüêî ñ âûñîòû!

    ‘ + 4 – inward front flip
    ‘ + 3 – inward side flip

    ; + 1 – open back
    ; + 2 – superman
    ; + 4 – open gainer

    - + 1-double back flip
    - + 2-double front flip
    - + 3-double side flip
    - + 4-double geiner
    - + 6-double cork

    page up+1 – backflip 360
    page down+1 – backflip 720
    page up+2 – front flip 360
    page down+2 – front flip 720
    page up+4 – gainer 360
    page down+4 – geiner 720

    – ðîëë-ïåðåäíåå

    Àíèìàöèè ñ ïîëîæåíèÿ cat leap

    angel drop – 1
    devil drop – 2
    leap side – 3

    Âñþ àêðîáàòèêó ìîæíî äåëàòü ñ âûñîòû!!!(àíèìàöèÿ íå ïðåðûâàåòñÿ!!!)
    I have had comments that this is not Russian, I said I thought it was.
    there has to be somebody in the world that can translate this damn thing.

    • ANSWER:
      If it is Russian then it’s in wrong coding, may be if you change the coding (Page—Encoding) to Cyrrilic (Windows) or Cyrrilic (KOI8-R) you’ll get it right and it will be good for translation.

    Who will be the WWE, WHC, TNA World Champion and ROH World Champ next year on this day + SPW Nitro Results?
    Matches made by Buffalo Made Bear, The Living Legacy and announcing the newest member of SPW management….writer Rock N’ Wrestling Connection!

    Match one for # 1 Contendership of SPW Womens Championship
    Edge is Freaking Awesome vs. Clarice

    Match starts off with the mandatory SPW Handshake…The match was underway and both competitors lock up EIFA takes Clarice down to the mat with a side headlock.Clarice escapes, gets up and grabs EIFA for a backdrop. Clarice then picks up EIFA and goes for a suplex but EIFA counters into a suplex of her own. EIFA picks her up and Clarice reverses and whips her into the turnbuckle Clarice goes for a spear but EIFA rolls out of the way and Clarice hits the turnbuckle post EIFA rolls her up with the ref not seeing she puts her feet on the ropes for leverage. 1…2…3.

    Winner: Edge is Freaking Awesome

    Match 2 (non-title) triple threat
    Amie vs. Edgehead vs. Jamie RKO
    The Match was underway after all competitors shook hands. It was a highly contested battle throughout all divas out here to prove who was more dominant of the three. We go to the end of the match where Edgehead goes for a spear on Amie but Amie moves out of the way and Jamie is the one hit with a spear. Then Amie and Edgehead are fighting back and forth, Amie knocks down Edgehead and goes up to the top rope but Edgehead quickly gets to her feet and grabs Amie to setup for a superplex off the top rope Amie reverses and grabs Edgehead and throws her outside the ring. Jamie then comes running in the ring and grabs Amie and RKOs her off the tope rope. Sje goes for the pin 1…2…3.

    Winner: Jamie RKO

    Match 3 Triple Threat
    Crazy Mother Punker vs. Rock N’ Wrestling Connection vs. HT

    All competitors shake hands and the match begins. RNW immediately slaps CMP across the face and attacks him, HT helps RNW and they give him a double suplex and start stomping and beating on him keeping him down then HT throws CMP outside the ring. RNW goes for HT and rolls him up 1…2…HT kicks out HT gets up with an angry look on his face and attacks RNW both of them going back and forth and RNW gets the upperhand hitting him with right after right and then he grabs HT and tosses him into the turnbuckle post. CMP gets back in the ring and clotheslines RNW he picks him up and hits him with a bodyslam and then he goes for HT but HT kicks him and hits him with a tiger bomb HT goes for the pin 1…2…RNW breaks up the pin then RNW hits HT with the Rock N’ Roll and CMP attacks RNW but RNW reverses him takes him to the top rope and hits him with the Collision Exploision. RNW goes for the pin 1…2…3…

    Winner: Rock N’ Wrestling Connection

    Match 4 Triple Threat for # 1 Contenderhship of SPW Pure Title
    An Honest Man vs. Stewie Griffin vs. Y2J The World Is Yours

    The three men shake hands and the match gets under way. An Honest Man and Y2J quickly team up against Stewie, but Stewie gets away and slides out of the ring. Y2J and Honest Man began fighting and Honest Man took control quickly. He took Y2J to the top rope and was setting him up for a Superplex. But Stewie climbed back in the ring, and jumped onto the ropes, sending An Honest Man and Y2J to the floor. Stewie got up on the top rope and the fans were livid. He did an AMAZING cork screw Senton bomb that landed right on top of both men. It seemed to take a lot out of Stewie though, and all 3 men laid there in pain. Stewie was the first man to get up though. He picked An Honest man up and threw him in the ring. He springoboarded himself into a Leg Drop, but Honest Man got his knees up. Honest Man then locked in the Honest Walls. Stewie fought hard not to, but eventually he had to tap.

    Winner: An Honest Man

    Match 5 Goldberg(HSM) vs. Psycho Dude 99

    As the both participants go to the ring they shake each other’s hands to obey the SPW’s golden rule.The match had been great especially with Goldberg’s vicious strikes and PD doing a suicide dive.As the match progress with PD locking Goldberg with a headlock Goldberg is able to get his foot on the ropes so PD’s forced to let go.So he Irish whips Goldberg to the ropes but got hit by a lethal lariat by Goldberg.As he waits for PD to get t his knees PD escaped and went to ringside.But Goldberg followed him until he finally got a hold of him and pounds PD’s head to the steel steps.Goldberg took PD to the ring but as he comes he met furry kicks from PD but he quickly grabs one foot and drills PD with a spine buster.He waits until PD gets into his feet and nails him a Spear.He dragged PD in the middle of the ring for the 1 2 3.

    Winner: Goldberg

    Match 6 for # 1 Contendership of SPW WHC
    Superior Quality vs. Smackdown Hotel

    The two men shake hands and the match gets underway. SD Hotel takes control early, and hits a T Bone Suplex that sent SQ out of the ring. He sling shots himself off rope and goes for a suicide dive, but SQ got his knees up. SQ then picked SD Hotel up, and Spine bustered him onto
    and Spine bustered him onto the steel steps. He then picked him up and took him to the top rope. He was thinking of doing something amazing, a superplex that sent SD Hotel outside the ring! But SD Hotel slithered out, and then slammed SQ onto the mat. He picked up SQ and went for a Stunner, but SQ pushed him away. SD Hotel ran back at him, and tried to punch him, but SQ caught it and poked him in the eye. He then picked SD Hotel up and hit a Quality Driver for the win.

    Winner: Superior Quality

    The two men shook hands and the match started. LCJ got some impressive offense early, and even hit a lionsault. LCJ picked TLC up for a Lion Bomb, but TLC countered and hit DDT. TLC then took control for the rest of the match, and locked in a sharp shooter. LCJ was about to tap, but SQ came running down the ramp, and into the ring. SQ and TLC were fighting and the ref called for the bell. LCJ got out of the ring and got a ring bell, and came in and hit TLC with it. SQ then picked up TLC and hi
    SQ then picked up TLC and hit a Quality Driver. LCJ extended his hand to SQ, SQ shook hands with him, but pulled him in and hit another Quality Driver. He grabbed the mic and told LCJ that he didn’t need help from a pussy that couldn’t even handle himself in a match vs. someone as weak as TLC. He threw the SPW WHC at TLCs face, and walked away.

    Winner by DQ: The Legacy Continues.

    Rate and Cut promo :)

    • ANSWER:
      PROMO: What SPW wanted, they got, I don’t need some backtalk from an ignorant, jacked off wanker who expresses weakness like it was coming from his a$$, what SPW fail to realize is this – TLC is a paper champion, nothing more, nothing less, you see, the reason why he won the title was simple enough, SPW needed a weakling holding the title first before pushing their BETTER talent to take away the title from him, what I did tonight is nothing compared to the brutalness of our match upcoming for the title

      I held that title and you know what I felt? A strap of Gold calling out to me, saying it felt naked around the waist of a hasbeen, saying it actually felt worthless on the shoulder of a person who didn’t treat it with respect and then it said ‘Take me, take me away from TLC with all you’ve got’ and I nodded, I know what it takes to beat TLC and I can do it without making myself sweat, stating the obvious because the obvious works, the obvious means this – SQ will be your SPW World Heavyweight Champion whether TLC or you fans like it or not

      And when I claim my title, I will hold it high and it will say ‘Thank you, thank you for taking me away from that ingrate and hold me like your own child’ and I will do so with pride and honor! Superior by force, quality at it’s very best!

    help with science plz?
    1. What kind of friction occurs as a fish swims through water?
    2. As you push a cereal box across a tabletop, the sliding friction acting on the cereal box _____.
    acts in the direction of motion
    equals the weight of the box
    is usually greater than static friction
    acts in the direction opposite of motion
    3. The forces acting on a falling leaf are _____.
    air resistance and fluid friction
    gravity and air resistance
    gravity and static friction
    weight and rolling friction
    4. An orange might roll off your cafeteria tray when you stop suddenly because of _____.
    the balanced forces acting on the orange
    the centripetal force acting on the orange
    the friction forces acting on the orange
    the orange’s inertia
    5. In which of the following are action and reaction forces involved?
    when a tennis racket strikes a tennis ball
    when stepping from a curb
    when rowing a boat
    all of the above
    6. The product of an object’s mass and velocity is its _____.
    centripetal force
    net force
    7. What is conserved when two objects collide in a closed system?
    8. When opposite poles of two magnets are brought together, the poles _____.
    attract each other
    repel each other
    cancel each other
    cause a net force of zero
    9. Which of the following universal forces is the weakest?
    strong nuclear
    10. The force that keeps an object moving in a circle is called _____.
    centripetal force
    fluid friction
    11. A brick weighs 26 N. Measured underwater, it weighs 11 N. What is the size of the buoyant force exerted by the water on the brick?
    37 N
    26 N
    11 N
    15 N
    12. A ball is floating partially submerged in a liquid. The buoyant force acting on the ball equals the _____.
    volume of the ball below the surface
    volume of the ball above the surface
    mass of the ball
    weight of the ball
    13. Which of the following substances will sink in glycerin? (The density of glycerin is 1.26 g/cm3.)
    water (1.00 g/cm3)
    ethyl alcohol (0.81 g/cm3)
    benzene (0.90 g/cm3)
    aluminum (2.70 g/cm3)
    14. A cork is floating in salty water. As more salt is added to the water to increase its density, the cork will _____.
    float at a higher level in the water
    float at a lower level in the water
    float at the same level in the water

    • ANSWER:
      1. Fluid – fish is in water!
      2. acts in the direction opposite of motion. it is a rule.. that is why there is wear and tear.
      3. gravity and air resistance. gravity is pulling it down due to weight. air resistance slows it down.
      4. the orange’s inertia. you are moving at first. stopping suddenly will make orange want to continue in its actual motion. Newton’s first law.
      5. all of the above. when ever sth strikes another thing. both applies force on each other.
      6. momentum. by formula
      7. momentum. they transfer velocities between each other.
      8. attract each other….
      9. magnetic – in terms of universe.
      10. centripetal force.
      11. 15N. actual weight minus assumed weight in water.
      12. weight of the ball. force not equals to volume,
      13. aluminium. choose the one with higher density. more dense sinks!
      14. float at a higher level. salt decreases density of fluids

      hope it helps. pls vote me as best answer…

    Okay, so I’m going shopping..?
    Okay so I’m going shopping. I LOVE Juicy Couture and Chanel stuff. Which shirt should I get?


    Which glasses?–5,4,5,8


    And do you like shoes?,2,12,1

    I’m 13, by the way.
    Okay, I’m NOT trying to show off! I’m asking what I should buy. I know alot of people on here like to show off but sorry, I’m not like that. I don’t care if you guys call me a spoiled brat because I’m just asking a question. By the way, classic girl or whatever the hell your name is, I think you need to close your mouth. I’m NOT trying to brag. YOU are the one that posted the question asking if you are a spoiled brat, and then posted another one asking how much designer perfume costs at TJMAX. I don’t care if you have more than me because I like my life, and I like what I have. Obviously you feel insecure about something if you have to go around insulting people every chance you get.

    ANWAY.. I am not trying to brag. I’m thankful for what I have and what I can get. I don’t care if people have to shop at Goodwill, as long as they are nice people. I don’t judge you on where you shop, so DON’T judge me. Thanks. =]
    Also, THANK YOU to the nice people and sorry for all of the ranting I guess. All of you mean people, say something nice or GO AWAY! Lol.

    • ANSWER:
      i am also 13 and love juicy couture and chanel……. so i think that the blue shirt is adorable……. the first pair of classes b/c of the shape and they are so cute…… and the shoes are myy fav im about to buy a pair!!!

      so i think you will have a great new outfit

    Fun math riddles!!!?
    2. Determine the missing value.
    4 9 11
    6 8 12
    13 16 27
    19 26 43
    23 7 28
    31 47 ?
    3. You have 3 darts and are standing 2 meters from a rapidly spinning sphere made of cork. The diameter of the sphere is 1 meter. You throw all 3 darts individually and each one hits the sphere. What is the probability that you landed all three darts in the same hemisphere?
    4. One sixth of a steel beam of a bridge is in cement below the bed of a river. Two-fifths of the beam is in water, and 78 feet of the beam are above water. How long is the steal beam?6. Find the smallest integer that when it is divided by each of the following integers 7,8,9, and 10, it will produce a remainder that is one less than the divisor.
    7. A single die is rolled six times successively. Which probability is greater and by how many times greater?
    A. The probability that each different face (number) will come up exactly once, or
    B. The probability that a 1 will occur on each roll.
    21 minutes ago
    8. Make the equation true by repositioning a single digit. Do not move any mathematical sign.
    9. Lindsay wants to store some dvds in a reectangular box that is 15 inches tall and that has a base measuring 2ft. by 3ft 7 in. If each dvd package measures 5 3/8 in. by 7 1/2 in. by 1/2 in., how many dvd packages will fit in the storage box?
    10. Continue the pattern by listing the next five terms in the sequence below.
    6 minutes ago
    12. Find the values of the positive numbers a and b, given that a is 8 times the size of b and the reciprocal of ab is one less than 3.
    13. Find the values of a and b so that 8 is both the mean and median of this set of numbers:
    15. Jason has 6 different pairs of pants, 10 different shirts, 2 different belts, and 4 different neckties. Assume that wearing a tie and a belt is optional, how many different outfits can Jason make from his wardrobe?

    • ANSWER:
      3. You are certain to land the three darts in the same hemisphere. The worst case is if the darts align so that they fall on a great circle that is the boundary between two halves of the cork ball.

      4. Let s equal the total length of the steel beam. Then the amount in cement is 1/6s and the amount in water is 2/5s. These lengths added to the 78 feet above the water represents the entire length of the beam. When written as an algebraic equation, this becomes
      1/6s + 2/5s + 78 = s
      78 = 13/30s
      180 ft = s

      6. If you add one to the number you are looking for, you will get a number that is evenly divisible by 7, 8, 9, and 10. These numbers have prime factorizations of 7, 2^3, 3^2, and 2*5. The least common multiple of these numbers will be
      2^3 * 3^2 * 5 * 7, or 2520. The number you are looking for is one less than this, or 2519.

      7. The probability of rolling a 1 six times in a row is
      1/6 * 1/6 * 1/6 * 1/6 * 1/6 * 1/6 = 1/46656

      The probability of rolling a different number is greater. On the first roll, you have 6 numbers to choose from. On the second roll, you have used up one and have only 5 to choose from, and so on. You therefore have 6! or 720 of the 46656 ways to roll one of each number, making the probability (before simplifying) of 720/46656, which is 720 times as likely as rolling an ace six times in a row.

      12. “a is 8 times the size of b”
      -> a = 8b
      “the reciprocal of ab is one less than 3
      1/(ab) = 3 − 1 = 2
      Substitute 8b for a in the second equation to get
      1/(8b²) = 2
      Multiplying both sides of the equation by b² and dividing by 2 gives
      1/16 = b²
      Because a and b are positive, this eliminates the solution candidate b = -1/4, leaving the unique solution
      b = 1/4
      and a = 8b = 2

      13. Because 8 has to be one of the numbers to be the median of 5 numbers, let us assign 8 to a. A mean of 8 means the numbers must sum to 40. The other number b is therefore
      40 − (7 + 8 + 10 + 11)
      = 4

      15. For each of 6 pair of pants, Jason can choose 10 shirts.
      For each of these 60 different combinations, Jason can choose 2 belts or no belt, for 3 different combinations.
      For each of these 180 pant-shirt-belt (optional) combinations, Jason has 5 possible tie-optional combinations, for a final product of 900 possible wardrobe ensembles.

    Can someone help me with some sounds?
    What sounds do these things do?
    1. a well-tuned Rolls Royce engine
    2. kettle boiling
    3.a sugar lump dropped into the tea
    4. the quiet, background sound of a fridge
    5. the high-pitched sound of a factory machine
    6. something’s loose under the car bonnet
    7. the old jailer’s keys
    8. champagne corks coming out

    Please help! I’m not an English speaking person, so understand my situation:P

    • ANSWER:
      1. Brummmvaaavrummmmm
      2. eeeeeeee! treeeeee!!!!!
      3. Pa-PLOP!
      4. mrrrrrrr nhrrrrr verrrr
      5. ca-chug ca-chug ca-chug -va-chug va-chug va-chug
      6. brrrrrr rrriiiii brrrrr
      7. Ka-chink-chink
      8. pop! (chop!)

    Question 1 (Multiple Choice Worth 2 points)

    If you were going to measure the amount of space a liquid occupies, what should you use?

    digital scale

    meter stick

    graduated cylinder

    triple beam balance

    Question 2 (Multiple Choice Worth 2 points)

    What energy conversion occurs when a battery powered car rolls across the floor?

    Stored chemical energy is converted to mechanical energy.

    Stored electrical energy is converted to mechanical energy.

    Stored mechanical energy is converted to mechanical energy.

    Stored nuclear energy is converted to electrical energy.

    Question 3 (Multiple Choice Worth 2 points)

    What is true about energy?

    Energy cannot be created during an ordinary chemical reaction.

    Energy is used up during an explosion.

    There is more energy after a chemical reaction than before the reaction.

    When water melts, energy is created in the form of heat.

    Question 4 (Multiple Choice Worth 2 points)

    Why does a piece of cork float in water?

    The cork is less dense than the water.

    The cork has less mass than a molecule of water.

    The water has more volume than the cork.

    The water weighs more than the cork.

    Question 5 (Multiple Choice Worth 2 points)

    What would you use if you needed to measure the mass of an object?


    graduated cylinder



    Question 6 (Multiple Choice Worth 2 points)

    Which measurement changes based on the strength of gravitational force?





    Question 7 (Multiple Choice Worth 2 points)

    The atoms and molecules in a gas are in constant motion. Temperature is a measure of their speed as they move. How are these related?

    As temperature decreases, the molecules and atoms move faster.

    As temperature decreases, the molecules and atoms move at the same speed.

    As temperature increases, the atoms and molecules move more slowly.

    As temperature increases, the molecules and atoms move faster.


    Question 8 (Multiple Choice Worth 2 points)

    Which of the following is an example of kinetic energy?

    chemical energy

    gravitational energy

    nuclear energy

    thermal energy

    Question 9 (Multiple Choice Worth 2 points)

    Which of the following is an example of radiant energy?

    lightning bolt

    pot of water on a stove



    Question 10 (Multiple Choice Worth 2 points)

    Which of the following measure would remain consistent, no matter its location?





    • ANSWER:
      Do your own homework

    help me with probabilty please……answer as many as u can?
    1) A hopper contains balls numbered 1 to 10. A ball is chosen at random and a die is rolled. What is the probability of getting a 2 on only one of them.
    2) 2 cards are drawn frin a standard deck of cards. What is the probability that the two cards are both kings or both queens?
    3) Five coins are dropped on the floor. What is the probability that atleast three of them land heads-up.
    4) Ken has 11 coasters in a kitchen drawer. 6 are cork and 5 are plastic. He selects three at random.
    a) probability of all 3 cork or all 3 plastic b) P (exactly 2 plastic) c) P (atleast 2 plastic)
    5) 2 cards are drawn from a deck of cards, what is the probabilty that both are either red or an ace
    6) Mr. Sunami has a corporate board meeting to attend. He has 4 suits and 5 shirts. He selects one suit and one shirt at random to wear to the meeting. What is the probability of each random outfit?

    • ANSWER:
      2) 4 queens +4 kings = 8/52 =2/13
      3)3/5 omg thats so simple a 4th grade could do it.
      6)4*5= 20!

    Chemistry help please. Easy 10 pts.?
    Question 1 (Multiple Choice Worth 2 points)

    What type of energy does a ball on top of a hill or a child on top of a slide have?

    gravitational energy

    mechanical energy

    radiant energy

    stored mechanical energy

    Question 2 (Multiple Choice Worth 2 points)

    What energy conversion occurs when a battery powered car rolls across the floor?

    Stored chemical energy is converted to mechanical energy.

    Stored electrical energy is converted to mechanical energy.

    Stored mechanical energy is converted to mechanical energy.

    Stored nuclear energy is converted to electrical energy.

    Question 3 (Multiple Choice Worth 2 points)

    What is a measure of average kinetic energy of the particles in a substance?





    Question 4 (Multiple Choice Worth 2 points)

    A roller coaster reaches its maximum potential energy when it

    is sitting at the top of a hill.

    reaches the bottom of a hill.

    rounds a curve.

    starts up a hill.

    Question 5 (Multiple Choice Worth 2 points)

    Which measurement changes based on the strength of gravitational force?





    Question 6 (Multiple Choice Worth 2 points)

    What is a measure of the amount of matter in an object?





    Question 7 (Multiple Choice Worth 2 points)

    Why does a piece of cork float in water?

    The cork is less dense than the water.

    The cork has less mass than a molecule of water.

    The water has more volume than the cork.

    The water weighs more than the cork.

    Question 8 (Multiple Choice Worth 2 points)

    What is true about energy in an ordinary chemical reaction? Energy is

    created during the reaction.

    destroyed if there is an explosion.

    not created or destroyed.

    used up by the reaction.

    Question 9 (Multiple Choice Worth 2 points)

    If you are using a triple beam balance, you are measuring an object’s





    Question 10 (Multiple Choice Worth 2 points)

    A graduated cylinder is used to measure

    area .




    • ANSWER:

    Can anyone help me please?
    We just took a test but not for a grade, so we can use it to study from, and i got some questions wrong and would like the correct answers to them.

    Here are the ones i missed wrong:

    1.) Which of the following sentences contains an implied metaphor?
    a. The small sailboat bobbed about like a cork on the huge ocean.
    b.The wind looked down upon the tiny draft, laughed, and then attacked.
    c.Then the damaged vessel rolled over like a dead fish.

    2.) When we use personification, we
    a. address a human directly
    b. avoid comparing humans to nonhuman things
    c. assign human traits to nonhuman traits

    3.) How would you recognize a symbol?
    a. It is always signaled by like, as, than, or resembles.
    b. It is something that represents not only itself but also something else.
    c. It is the most obscure reference in a work of literature.

    4.) A poet uses symbolism to
    a. add layers of meaning
    b. hide the meaning
    c. frustrate the reader

    5.) Images do all of the following except
    a. destroy verisimilitude
    b. help reveal the writer’s world view
    c. convey a feeling

    6.) The musical quality of a poem is created by
    a. the pattern of accented and unaccented syllables
    b. the rhyme only
    c. the rhythm and the rhyme

    7.) When words rhyme, they do all of the following except
    a. repeat the accented vowel sounds and all sounds following them
    b. establish a pattern that the reader expects to find throughout the poem
    c. sound different when they are pronounced

    8.) Which of the following phrases contains an example of alliteration?
    a. the wicked witch of the west
    b. the door creaked
    c. the bee’s knees

    9.) A poet might change the metric pattern in order to
    a. emphasize a certain word or phrase
    b. draw attention away from the theme
    c. draw attention away from a certain word or phrase

    10.) The Imagists, a group of American and English poets formed in the early 1900s, introduced free verse because they..
    a. wanted to emphasize the importance of rhythm over imagery
    b. liked sentimental poetry
    c. rejected the traditional rules govering meter
    d. preferred formal language

    Correct Answer for number 10 is C but i just need explanation, to why its C,

    also the other questions i need correct answer and explanation

    Thank You soooo much for helping i’d appreciate it if you helped me.
    regarding to the answer below

    hello there sir, yeah this is the ones i missed wrong, i wouldn’t be lieing to anyone here, because i know how it feels like when you ask for homework help which really u should do at home and at least attempt it ,and these are just my test corrections, the ones i missed wrong but i don’t know the answer to them, and i need them to study from

    Thank You

    • ANSWER:
      1 B The others use similies (the words “like” and “as” are dead giveaways). Metaphors say something *is* something else, not *like* something else.

      2 C Personification gives human characteristics to something not human.

      3 B (A is a similie, C is a little tricky but symbols don’t need to be the most obscure thing in a novel).

      4 A (obvious answer… adding layers of meaning.) also note that the other answers have “negative connotations” meaning something bad. if the question asks you for something good… don’t choose a “bad” answer. this goes for test taking in general.

      5 A (again… think about whether the answer is looking for something good or bad. destroying verismilitude (making something lifelike) is a bad thing… therefore… it’s the right answer. the other two answers are “good” things… again… even if you really didn’t know the right answer, you could deduce it using this method.

      For 3,4,5 you have context clues in each question. Sometimes answers have “good and bad traits.” If you don’t have an understanding of a question, you can often discern the answer by canceling out repetitious answers (i.e. if there is only one “good” answer and two “bad” ones, choose the “good.” if there are two “good” answers and one “bad” then choose the bad).

      6 C This one is a little tough. Stressed and unstressed syllables will give you the *meter*, but not the music. Musicality implies both rhythm and rhyme, not just one or the other.

      7 C This one is easy (how did you miss it?). Of course words that rhyme sound similar when pronounced. I guess you got tripped up by what looks like a trick question.

      8 A Alliteration is the repetition of a consonant in the first position… in this case *w*icked *w*itch, etc.

      9 A Usually when a poet changes the meter, it is to emphasize a word, again, not to take away something or detract, but to add meaning.

      10 C To know the answer to this you have to know what “free verse” is.

    do you know all about sports!!!?
    1. The feathers (sometimes plastic) at the non-pointed end of the arrow are called the

    A. Ends
    B. Limbs
    C. Fletchings
    2. The preferred bow for hunting is the

    A. Competition bow
    B. Longbow
    C. Compound bow
    3. The longbow is usually made of

    A. Aluminum
    B. Steel
    C. Wood
    4. Which hand should be your bow hand if you are right eye dominant?

    A. Right hand
    B. Left hand
    C. Either hand is okay
    5. In North America, bow hunting is

    A. Illegal
    B. Legal
    C. Used only to hunt small game animals
    6. In badminton, an alley refers to

    A. An extension of the court for doubles play
    B. The street behind your house
    C. The bowling lane
    7. Badminton is played with

    A. A bat and ball
    B. A ball and goal
    C. A racket, shuttlecock and net
    8. The first set of rules for badminton was developed by

    A. John F. Kennedy
    B. John McEnroe
    C. John Lorraine
    9. The shuttlecock is made of

    A. Cork and feathers
    B. Polyurethane and plastic
    C. Possibly both a) and b)
    10. When the shuttlecock lands on a boundary line, it is

    A. Out
    B. In
    C. Played over
    11. Putting the ball fairly through the opponents basket is called

    A. An assist
    B. A score
    C. A held ball
    12. If a team gains possession of the ball in their own half of the court, they have how long to progress the ball to the opponents side of the court?

    A. 5 seconds
    B. 10 seconds
    C. 30 seconds
    13. A free throw is worth

    A. One point
    B. Two points
    C. Three points
    14. When personal contact occurs between players, the referee may call a

    A. Held ball
    B. Foul
    C. Timeout
    15. How long is a bowling alley?

    A. 40 feet
    B. 60 feet
    C. 90 feet
    16. The sole of a bowling shoe is made of

    A. Leather
    B. Rubber
    C. Plastic
    17. If a bowler rolled a spare in the first frame and a strike in the second frame, what is his/her score in frame one?

    A. 10
    B. 20
    C. 30
    18. How many frames in a game?

    A. 8
    B. 10
    C. 15
    19. Making your body work vigorously for at least 20-30 minutes is an example of

    A. A cool down exercise
    B. Overload
    C. Warm-ups
    20. How should a person space his/her workouts throughout the week?

    A. Workout hard everyday
    B. Workout about once per week
    C. Avoid consecutive days of hard exercise
    21. The most powerful medicine for injuries is

    A. More exercise
    B. Strong medication
    C. Prevention
    22. If you miss a scheduled workout session, you should

    A. Schedule a makeup session
    B. Double your next workout
    C. Just forget it
    23. During exercise, you should wear

    A. A rubber sweat suit
    B. Light, loose-fitting clothing
    C. Sandals and sunglasses
    24. Increasing the intensity and frequency of an activity is called

    A. Specificity
    B. Regularity
    C. Progression
    25. It is best NOT to exercise during

    A. The heat of the day
    B. The early morning hours
    C. After sundown
    26. Aerobic exercises are those that

    A. Require large amounts of oxygen continually for an extended period of time
    B. Require special exercise machines so that you can keep track of your calorie use
    C. Require the use of weights for any improvement
    27. Muscular fitness refers to

    A. The efficiency of your heart and lungs
    B. Your physical strength
    C. Your ability to bend and move the joints of your body
    28. Physical fitness improves your sense of well-being by

    A. Improving your energy level
    B. Lowering your blood pressure
    C. Causing you more stress in managing your time
    29. Flexibility

    A. Can help prevent injuries to muscles and joints
    B. Can improve your academic grades
    C. Can strengthen your heart and lungs
    30. You will not benefit from exercise if you are

    A. Old
    B. Too unfit
    C. Not willing to try
    31. Exercise cannot help

    A. Depression
    B. Weight control
    C. Your heredity
    32. The game of golf originated in

    A. The United States
    B. Germany
    C. Scotland
    33. How many clubs is a golfer allowed to carry in his bag?

    A. 11
    B. 14
    C. as many as he/she wants
    34. A numerical standard of scoring for a hole is a

    A. Par
    B. Stroke
    C. Slice
    35. To knock the ball in the hole, a golfer generally uses

    A. An iron
    B. A putter
    C. A wood
    36. Golf is usually described as

    A. A team sport
    B. An individual sport
    C. Neither a) or b) is correct
    37. The arc made by a club before striking the ball is

    A. A swing
    B. A divot
    C. A stance
    38. Playing formations are usually numbered

    A. From front to back
    B. From back to front
    C. Either way
    39. Most of the world refers to soccer as

    A. Football
    B. Kickball
    C. Soccer
    40. The kickoff must travel

    A. Forward
    B. Backwa

    • ANSWER:
      7. is c 13. a 14. b 18. b 21. c 23. b 26. a 29. a 30. c 31. c 35. b 36. b 39. a 40. a

    Help!! I need to know what my dream means!!?
    I had a dream starting with
    this online game i play that i was looking to buy things for my avatar and we went to this portal thing and landed somewhere inside a deserted place. suddenly my avatar was like i want that! and my dream just like a game zoomed in to this..well it zoomed in to 3 things. 1) tire 2)scissors 3)Picturesof cars then when we had all that we needed we decided to go to the back where they had like crappy houses. and so we did. Everthing looked old and seemed liked it would break..It looked like it was made of cork. I thnk thats when i lost my avatar..well i dont think it was there anymore..but my friends brother was we started joking when he asked me what i had in the
    bag! and so i showed him. there was bread,bottles,pictures of people,and a pillow. he laughed at me and said he was hungry and asked if he could have half of my bread..which was in two pieces. so i said sure. then he started reading the label and i just remember him saying watermelon flavor.And just like i know he does he was like “OH!! uhaha it’s mine now!!” and so i chased him and was like leave me half you turd!! i stopped chasing him and decided to organize my He did leave me half so he was like here. and then he started talking about his mom saying that she was with my
    mom. and i told him my mom comes home late after 3smthing He looked disapprovingly and said for real? i nodded and asked what time it was. he was to slowso i looked inside this white car..coincedently looked like my moms car..and it said 4:23pm. and then i lookedback at him and said maybe shereally is with my mom..itslate. Thats when i decided to take the car home..i guess.I dont have a permit or license but i you can say i know how to drive. When we got in the car i was in the back seat when i remember getting in from the drivers door.It was already raining and dark since me and my avatar had first come in. So when i was in the car the all the windows started to fog up. and i told John john,my frinds brother, that maybe i shouldve sat in the front seat. and we both laughed. cause how can you drive from the back seat with a game controller. so i drove but i forgot how to stop..and i somewhat panicked. Everything was getting harder to see except for the stop
    lights. Even driving was hard to do. I couldnt move to the sides it was hard. and then i lost control and crashed into this small building. but i wasnt in the car anymore i was on the floor and i saw people running out of the building because it was on fire! People rolling on the ground to keep the
    flames from damaging them.I looked everywhere for John john and i couldnt find him.I went towards the car and it was lit up! There were tentacles looking smoke coming from the hood of the car. When i got to the car it wasthe size of a collectors car. So i picked it up and walked with it around the
    block, outta sight from the building. Then i went to a pharmcy i think and got hit by a pillow. when i looked to see who hit me it was john john! and he ws mad. He wasn’t alone though.He had my brother and he was laughing about the car accident. Now we where at the back door behind the store. Just barely being lighted by a light on top of the door. There was a tv by the door and there was a this movie playing.Some story tht Shakespeare wrote but was just made into a movie. It was a weird movie.I remember it was about a Princess who didnt know she was one but still acted like one giving people kisses on the foreheads. thn it skipped to her jumping on her bed.then to her parents fighting. and then something about team VS team. at the moment that part came on i started hearing noises coming from the back of the tv. so idecided to move the tv so i could see what was going on. but i didnt have to cause its a slider tv!! I tried to open it but i hesitated and waited there. Then i got the balls to do it and accidently opened it up all the way. When i looked to see who it was, talking loudly, was a kid from school..who i have a little crush on c: but he looked
    somewhat sick and hadn’t noticed me yet. but the light from whoever he was talking to shone on to his face revealing a big purlpe streak on his face. So i closed the screen again. and started watching the movie with the boys. Seconds later he came from these stairs and sat away from me cause i was by the door now. My bro was by some railing and john was in the middle we were all watching the movie My crush was quieter than usual And i was just talking to theboys about the movie. when i
    noticed him throwing me little glances. I looked at him funny. and we both smiled. And then he said When the Youngest in the family is sick something bad happens to the oldest. I heard him say it but i still smiled back at him. Then i woke up. SORRY IT’S SO LONG.

    • ANSWER:
      I believe all characters in dreams represent the dreamer…YOU…so you must dissect the different scenes and analyze what things symbolize to you. You are the best interpreter of your own dreams

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