Your classroom’s bulletin board is an intriguing focal point that plays an important part in educating and exciting your students. These creative ideas for fall bulletin board sets are not only simple and fun, but your students will think they’re fantastic! These ideas are also a great way to get your students involved in making colorful, educational classroom decorations.

Giant Sunflower

Late summer and early fall are the time of year when sunflowers are at their peak. Beautiful sunflowers are a source of food for humans, birds, squirrels and other animals, and their size makes them seem quite majestic, especially to small children.

A large sunflower can be constructed from yellow, orange and green construction paper and affixed to the center of the bulletin board. Then, poetry, short quotes about the season, child poetry, short stories or even fall-themed vocabulary words can be placed around the sunflower.

For the sunflower-themed border, trim it with smaller sunflowers without the stems or make a garland of dried flowers of any kind for the border. In addition, sunflower seeds can be used for decoration and as a math manipulative.

Deciduous Trees

What kinds of deciduous trees grow where you live? Make a fall bulletin board set utilizing the different types of deciduous trees and their leaves. Tree names also make great vocabulary words, so add the names of the trees to the decoration as well.

Simple tree trunks can be created by the students from brown construction paper or even newsprint to make the appearance more unique. Then, use a mixture of bright-colored construction paper leaves and real leaves of all shapes and sizes to cover the tree trunks on the bulletin board.

Leaves also make a great border for this theme. Or, you may want to make a seed-themed border to show the different seed casings for each deciduous tree. Acorns and other strange seed pods are easy to find lying under the trees in early fall. Take a walk around the campus with your students to see how many different types you can find to add to your decoration.

Cheerful Cornucopia

Fall’s harvest symbolizes a time for celebrating nature’s bounty. Great a giant cornucopia as a bulletin board set. Then, invite your students to fill it with as many different autumn objects as they can find. These can include both real and created versions of squash, pumpkins, corn, gourds, leaves, pine cones and seeds.

Encourage your students to help make the decorations dynamic! Ask them to get creative and add other natural items to the cornucopia that you might not normally consider. You can also use a selection of items from the cornucopia as spelling words for older students, placing these words on the bulletin board around the cornucopia or creating a bulletin board border out of words chosen by your students about what fall means to them.

These bulletin board ideas for classroom decorations will help to make your classroom fall-fabulous!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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    new room decorating ideas?
    mum just bought a new house. we’re still putting up stuff here and there. since i’m the only child, i want it to be special! not like evryone elses. my style is rather exotic, perky, childish, sexy yet girly and vibrant. i’m a big fan of colour. i need tips. i’ll be putting up some posters anyway. and my room is kinda small. but good enuf 4 me. so here are a few questioable ideas.
    #1- shud i paint it pink, purple or blue?
    #2- bed sheet colour? i like dark colours.
    #3- shud i put up a cork board? so i paste photos and memorable items?
    #4- shud i place a small mat? or shoul i carpet the floor?
    #5- book shelve? how do i arrange them into catagories? the book shelf has 6 parts. and its big.
    #6- i wanna wrap my study table. the brown colour doesnt really get me interested.

    if i”m missing something about my room, pls do tell me. and if u have out of this world ideas, do voice out. also, tell me bout curtains. and all that. i wanna hang ornaments and coloured lights. like a small club looking room. somewhere i can spend time alone and something my friends would be thrilled about. thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Choose a light cool shade of purple or blue for your walls.

      Place your bookshelf where it doesn’t block a window with your books on the bottom shelves according to color.
      Peel and stick mirrors in a cool pattern on the back of the shelves and place candles, colored glass vases and blown glass figurines in front of them. On other shelves, small photos in decorative frames, lava lamps, waterglobes…|24|||0|||||||heart%20mirrors&cm_src=SCH

      A mat next to your bed.

      Set up a small lounge area with hanging colored lights.

      Rug to define the space.|24|||0|||||||round%20rug&cm_src=SCH

      You have a great idea using fabric, here are some more ideas.;_ylt=Aja8QG_gNojNSxpy_oau8cnty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090427044940AAhA5l1&show=7#profile-info-gGyyzGXOaa

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